New BlackBerry 6 device simulators now available for the Bold 9650 and Curve 3G 9330

By Bla1ze on 5 Dec 2010 08:58 pm EST
New BlackBerry 6 device simulators now available for the Bold 9650 and Curve 3G 9330

While it may not mean much to many folks in terms of usefulness, BlackBerry developers out there can now download the new BlackBerry 6 device simulators for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330. One could speculate that with their release, a BlackBerry 6 OS release for the same devices cannot be that far off but we don't really want to create any false hope for anyone. Though, deep down we really do hope that's exactly what it means. If you're a developer or just want to poke around in the device simulators you can grab them now from the developers resource page.

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Source: BerryReview



This may mean that Sprint will be releasing officially OS 6 for the 9650? I hope. That would be a good xmas gift from them.... since I pay my phone already.


where is that for 9700 ???


What da holdup?I want da hookup sprint,holla if you hear me!!!!!!


Both these phones have pretty decent OS6 leaks out there....


i installed the leak, but I think it wasn't enough. It lags a little. Official should be flawless.


LMAO!! You're new, right? You are correct that official should be flawless, but in my experience it rarely is. Ask any Storm and most Tour users/refugees. We can always hope for good one though.


I installed the simulator for the Bold 9650 running OS 6. The build on the sim was .317 if I recall correctly.

Anyhow, obviously it's running on my computer, not the wimpy hardware on the phone, but my god I would be in love with my phone so much more if it ran that fast. No lag in the sim whatsoever, and the browser renders pages beautifully fast. I'm running the .333 leak on my bold, but I'm hoping for a much improved official build, but I don't have high hopes considering how weak the hardware really is. It's sad to think we've been running on ancient Bold 9000 hardware essentially but with more RAM. I look forward to the future more so for better hardware than software. I really think its the guts that hold back OS6.


I agree 100%..while I'm hoping that later builds can make the phone (namely web browsing speeds) smoother, the CPU is definitely a bottleneck.


It sure we be nice to have an updated Theme Builder Ver 6 release to include these OS6 compatible devices as well!


What I could definitely go for is a PlayBook simulator.

Of course unless I've missed that post and one is already out..


You did miss it. Its out.


Thanks. Latest update on that is Dec. 3. I'll run it and see what it looks like.


Has anyone else noticed that on the website RIM doesn't call the 9630 a Tour but rather names it "Bold 6930".