New BlackBerry 10.2.1 SDK OS now available for developers

By Bla1ze on 7 Jan 2014 07:35 pm EST

If you're a BlackBerry developer and have been waiting to get some new tools to play with, BlackBerry has you covered. The BlackBerry 10.2.1 SDK OS ( is now available to download. As noted on the BlackBerry Dev blog, there is a few bug fixes and improvements with this release you'll have to test against.

This new SDK OS includes various fixes as well as our updated BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps, which we debuted in November as part of the 10.2.1 SDK OS beta. Also, long-running headless apps will be published in BlackBerry World for the first time once BlackBerry 10.2.1 begins rolling out in the near future to BlackBerry customers across the globe.

Additionally, the BlackBerry simulator packages have been updated as well. Keep in mind, this OS is only for developers so there is no reason anyone else should be downloading it as it not a consumer ready release. 

Grab the downloads and view the release notes

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New BlackBerry 10.2.1 SDK OS now available for developers


But it might mean the actually update is ready to roll out soon. N4BB said the rumor was that the 10.2.1 update will come out in January. Probably towards the end if the month hopefully

No it means it is months away because they need to double the number of apps in the app store. That means you have to find 6 good developers to write an app....

Don't hold your breath in the US (AT&T) Many gold sdk's have come and gone on that front

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Go download Sachesi and install 10.2 on your Verizon device safely right now.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10STL100-3/

Ummm, my dad is running 10.2 on his Q10. And if I'm not mistaken my mom's Z10 we bought her in November could download it ad well. But it's a low version. Very low IIRC. Like 12xx

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Im thinking that the US carriers will skip 10.2 and go straight to 10.2.1 because of its more user-friendly apk installation. Maybe. Luckily im im not in the US, so i get the goodies when they are due :D

All Black all BlackBerry-thing!

im done waiting.. i have to many bug on the os im running im about to install the leak. idk if wifi calling will work or not. but im getting frustrated with my z10 ..

You will be much happier when you make the swap, I am a Tmobile customer and waited way too long now that I upgraded I don't know why I hesitated so long. The upgrade is worth the hassle

Posted by BBM#42 via Z10 ( Do not fear the leaks

thanks, i always install leaks but where i work i have no signal.. just wifi so i depend on that for me to at least know when i get a call. cause i cant even pick up.. it will drop or i cant hear them with out the call breaking out.. so i need it for txt.

If you install 1925 wifi calling will NOT work. I've had success on with the .811 radio file. If you can live with your PIN on your screen that's your only option with wifi calling

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2014 is the year blackberry will do a decent return to good standing

We as customers will need to be positive and pass the positive around to other.

This is a good karma year for BlackBerry

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

My boss who has never touched Blackberry told me yesterday he heard about "a deal which lets Blackberrys run android apps." I didnt nitpick his statement, and was happy to hear a rumor about increased functionality made its way to him.

That's what I mean,
We have to go ahead and spread the message to everyone.

This year we as blackberry loyalists have to spread the good wave.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

Problem is side loading, although a unique feature to BlackBerry and it does have its uses, is far from a solution and 10.2.1 has not released. As for those who have installed the leaks, that is all fine and dandy, but it does come at a price as mentioned about and it will only be executed by a few. I am not one of them. So to spread the word about BlackBerry running not only native apps and ported android apps to include android native apps is premature and will result in a backlash. I think we spread the word when BlackBerry can actually pull it off seamlessly. Then it will have the most stable os on the market, the best features and the most apps bar none. Then I will spread the good word. We are not quite there.

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I'm to impatient to wait on official do to the US always dragging their feet on update releases

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Can someone post the time line if time franes from previous SDK's to actual BlackBerry release dates of OS's like last time??

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Have a Verizon Z30 and am getting sick of waiting for android apps that actually work ( side loading sucks and so do the apps) only have access to a mac and don't have the room to run boot camp. Sooooo screwed for a few months lol!?!

And this is the reason that BB is going in the toilet. They cannot get anyone to develop for them, so they piggy back on an actual mobile OS that has support, but fark that up as well but making it hard.

They seem so close! The OS is awesome to use and I love a lot of things about the phone..but apps is a massive part of a smart phone experience.

Can anything be done with this SDK OS by the wonderful people of the CB community who give us leaks and tweaks?

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Since going to 1mobile website and downloading their market app, it's boom all android stuff on my phone without any side loading or jigging about. Straight in. Great leak and great apps make the z10 the greatest. IMHO

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Yeah same here, I have two screens of android apps that I downloaded through 1 mobile and they all work side loading or converting. even the GPS works.

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Tmobile needs to get it together. I'm still on 10.1 while the rest of the world is on there way to 10.2.1.xxxx. And no I'm not interested in installing any buggy @$$ leaks just to feel satisfied with a phone that's already being enjoyed around the world with 10.2.xxxx


Yay! I lost the ability to debug BB10 applications with the latest leak. Now I can finally download runtime symbols and get my app development moving again!

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Glad to hear this, 10.2.1 has been great for the most part so far and I'm sure that once official it will give BB10 the Polish it really needs. I'd really like to see Android 4.4 support by the middle of this year.

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Downloaded the leak, worked great, except when I plugged in into my computer and my phone crashed and had to get someone from Blackberry to reinstall the OS.
Other than that, this update is straight up the best one to date. Love all the new features, keep moving bb!

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Anybody know how long it was between this stage and the official release of 10.2? For an approximate release date

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Leaks are much better though if you're not patient. And the last leak that will be leaked might have the one going to be released by our carriers.

Z30STA100-2/ btw.

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I was tired of waiting for the update so I installed the leaked OS and now I can play android games and it fixed a lot of problems I was having with 1055. After backing up with black berry link I am extremely happy with my phone. Still learning about more features built-in to the OS and the phone.

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I can't wait until the official version of 10.2.1 is released for Bell so I can download it's goodness from Sachesi and install it on my Q10. Hey AT&T (and other US carriers) guys suck ass..

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Terribly disappointed with US carriers, when blackberry is back in the game (it doesn't nesseserry mean at the very top) but has a decent amount of users, which is bound to happen once 10.2.2 is here and all Android works flawlessly

Then blackberry should boycott the US abit by doing their own updates and demanding more from carriers to do their free advertising.

Payback is a bitch.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

Hey, for those that install leaks, if I were to install a leak on my Z30, is it always possible to restore to the original OS and update through your provider when the official OS releases? Dumb question I know....

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I am running with the released radio .1926 on my Z10 and it is absolutely brilliant. Apparently this is the final gold release to go out to carriers. It is fast, snappy and adds cool new features. I also installed the SNAP app which allows me to download apps from Google Play directly. Works like a charm. Have LINE, News Republic and a few other apps installed - app gap is gone. Battery life is superb - if BB can get this out and promoted properly they have a winner OS.

Surely this is good news, as it means that Developers now have a time-frame to update their apps before the new OS is officially released to Users?

I will patiently wait for the official release of BB10.2.1. I hope it comes soon.

Z10 in Nigeria

Some people are saying that leaks are bad and others are saying that is Good stable and Golden. So witch one is it people lol get it together :). maaaan I'll just wait for official release and use good ol pal sachesi, since shit ass monopoly is ruling American Providers.

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Stl100-1 is a bad unit compared to the other 3,coz like all negative issues are coming frm ppl who own this unit

lunch the official software update plz m abt to change my BlackBerry z10 its worth less for me.... fuck

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Definitely the 1925 made my Z10 full android no bugs no shit at all, me luv BlackBerry.

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