New BlackBerry 10 photos shed more light on the homescreen flow experience

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2012 02:10 pm EDT

BlackBerry 10 Homescreen
The app tray - swipe right to get back to open apps

Vivek Bhardwaj wowed us on stage at BlackBerry World when he provided our first glance of BlackBerry 10 alongside RIM CEO Thorsten Heins. Today it appears that Vivek is following up his on stage demos with some more personal press briefings, as we're seeing some new photos and BlackBerry 10 preview stories pop up on the net (CNet Crave, KnowYourMobile).

For the most part the demos appear to be the same as what we saw at BlackBerry World, showing off the flow experience and new keyboard, but looking at the stories we have gained some additional intelligence as to exactly the homescreen layout will work.

The big question that wasn't addressed at BlackBerry World was the app icon tray. The traditional homescreen view that has the dump of all the application shortcuts installed on the device. At BBWorld we saw the multitasking view, which has the "minimized" version of running apps, but we never saw a way to access the application tray.

But now we know. From the title/glance view, you only need to swipe left to enter the app icon tray, from which you can launch closed apps. Beautiful. You can grab a gander below at a couple more BB10 homescreen photos. I am especially in love with the ability to swipe into the message inbox from within any app with the hooking gesture (swipe up from the bottom right corner to get a notification preview, then over to the left to slide into messages). 

Swipe Left from this screen to get the top App Tray (top photo)

Swipe up from the bottom right corner for notifications,
then over to the left to slide into the unified messaging

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New BlackBerry 10 photos shed more light on the homescreen flow experience


Except, not. lol.

Drives me nuts knowing this can run on the BB10 Dev Alpha but RIM hasn't enabled them for devs to do so, lol.

still keeping some stuff to themselves! but i'm kinda curious on how third party apps will be able to work with the four tile preview... we haven't seen any sort of framework, have we?

These are not "live tiles" in the Microsoft Phone sense.

They are just minimized versions of the actual running apps. Much like the minimized apps on the PlayBook, except that they are arranged in a grid, rather than in a row.

There is no framework needed, and no additional work for developers to do.

So, is it like holding down your BB-Menu key to see your running apps on your current BB-Device? BTW- You guys are doing an awesome job of keeping your followers up-to-date!

Thank you!

I imagine users will be able to customize which 4 tiles they want on their home screen and that this is simply there to avoid clutter and keep your most often used apps on the ready.

Has iphone form factor, I see the windows mobile os squares... I see BlackBerry 10 combining many factors from other platforms. My question is, are they still keeping BlackBerry Notification blinking light????? Is that on the dev alpha device. Can anyone comment on this?
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The LED notification light is there. It's behind the headset speaker grill on top (on the Dev Alpha, anyway).

this isnt a final version. its merely what developers are using to make apps for bb 10... so there not really "combining" anything from other platforms they're just slapping some hardware together to give to developers...

is it just me or are the gestures a bit too much....

it doesn't look productive at all and looks like no matter which way the user swipe by accident, something will bound to happen...

there are so many gestures that it does look confusing

It's similar to the playbook, and not confusing at all. Everything is done much faster with gestures. I hate having to press the home button on my iPhone after using the PlayBook.

+1 I do that too. Whenever I need to get to the home screen on an ipad I do the gesture and then remember that I can't.

Has anyone noticed that in every BB10 screenshot we've seen up to now has not once showed the mini BB logo in the time/status bar? I'm wondering if there is some merit to the rumor of BB10 devices not using the NOC for all non wifi data?

Could this mean multiplatform BBM?
"you can add the Dev Alpha's PIN on your BBM and you'll get a popup on the Dev Alpha saying xxx wants to add you on BBM. So think about that for a second - BBM with no BIS." <-- Bla1ze's "A closer look at the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device and some of the secrets it holds" post

I am a BES admin for one of the canadian corporation, so I know well about how blackberry works. basically you will see that little blackberry logo ( we call it 4 dots at work to make it easier for our employees to understand lol)only when your blackberry device is provisioned with a blackberry data, it could be bis or bes. so if these devices are not connected to any data servers, you would not see that logo at all and these pics are legit. BB10 and mobile fusion will make my job easier . so excited.

What's maybe significant about this is that it helps put to rest the notion that BB10 copies WP8. It doesn't. There are live icons in the app tray (just as there are now on pretty much every smartphone in the universe), and that live app view with the 4 panes isn't a "tiled" view at all; they're essentially running (but minimalized) apps.

Not QUITE the same thing.

Well, WP8 hasn't been revealed, so not sure where that notion came from.

However, with WP7, based on the BB10 demo, 'looks' similar in some ways.

Looks great! Somehow going full touch seems less painful to do so. Still, I just got my 9900 on a 2 year contract.. guess I will have to sit that one out before I can upgrade my phone. But I am sure that by then there will be a new (and bold) blackberry keyboard device!

Maybe they even will keep their trade up program? Everyone coming from OS 5, 6 or 7 gets a 'loyalty' discount? :-P

I think the loyalty discount should be in credits in App World instead of cash. For example, a BB 9900 should have a trade in value of $250 to $350 in credits for Apps or if cash is desired $150 to $250. This would be expensive for RIM but this would help ensure the success of the BB10 platform. (obviously the above dollar values were pulled out of my ...)

I love the UI but wish there was more options to appealing the masses. I think there should be a hardcore Crackberry addict mode (full swipe options) and former Apple owner mode (dumbed down mode) for users who like the go to homescreen to app to homescreen to app UI.

they should create an official bb10 bluetooth slide out keyboard case! that would be amazing, kind of like the aftermarket one available on iphone, all they need to do is shrink down the playbook keyboard, atatch a case to it and BAM, even their all touchscreen phones can still get keyboard for those ppl that want it

I want there to be virtually no time you need to reboot.

I don't care if it takes 3 minutes to reboot, as long as I can go at least a month between reboots.

Based on one of the BB10Jam sessions I don't think that is the final design for the "App Tray". I think the app names will have a background rectangle behind them, like on the thumbnail view. At least I hope so.

I read somewhere that bbm is no longer on bis. If this is true could wifi playbook be getting bbm after all??

I am honestly willing to not view another leaked photo or any news about the BB10 if it means the devices are delivered on time, work they way they should and we aren't left feeling like we're using a BETA device.

Really want this, everything on the BB10 is looking good. But I don't want to be a spoiler here, and I'm stricly a BB fan boy, but I have to admit it when I see it. BB10 home screen is way too close for comfort to the Nokia N9 swipe UI:

Why is it too close for comfort? The N9 swipe OS is the best OS on market, IMO. Obviously it could never be successful since an OS isn't enough (you need apps) but I'll be happily using my N9 until BB10 comes out, then hopefully I can just as happily use that (and maybe there'll even be some apps!)

Really want this, everything on the BB10 is looking good. But I don't want to be a spoiler here, and I'm stricly a BB fan boy, but I have to admit it when I see it. BB10 home screen is way too close for comfort to the Nokia N9 swipe UI:

From the screen shot, it looks eerily similar to how Nokia's Swipe UI operates; however, I want to see a video of this functionality - if it mimicks Swipe UI (Nokia's) in the slightest, Nokia needs to nip BB in the bud!

The MeeGo OS is open source, which is what the "Swipe UI" is largely based on. I don't think Nokia would really have any patented concepts to 'nip' anyone with. "swipe" doesn't really count as a unique UI concept, every OS incorporates swiping and clearly everybody is licensing it, or nobody has the patent on it. I'd guess the latter.

I'm still on the fence weather to dive in to all touch or wait for the full keyboard version. I would like the extra realistate but fear that the keyboard, though sexy, may not be up to par with my use.

For now I would love for them to work on the sensitivity of the spacebare. Sometimes I get periods where I didn't intend them to be.

I'm not trying to be a troll. I'm a BB fan but I cant be the only one who is not overly impressed with what I've seen so far from BB10. The UI, GI not really doing it for me. Although the keyboard did impressed me. BB10 previews in general hasn't blown me away. But they're only bit and pieces so lets see.

Realize that this is just a developer alpha device right? It won't likely be the exact same as what will be coming out soon. So be patient and don't have so much high expectations, or you'll be disappointed when you don't see what you expected to be on it.

A lot of swiping/sliding/gestures on the screen.
I am hoping RIM go with "Anti-glare, Anti-reflective and most importantly, Anti-SMUDGE glass on these devices.
The PB has shown the need for this.

Whatever they do with the glass... DON'T CHANGE CURRENT GLASS MANUFACTURER. I have been notoriously clumsy with my Blackberries over the years. I use them as my alarm clock and many a morning have reached over and the phone has flown off my night table. Also, In my haste, I often miss my holster altogether resulting in my phone hitting the ground.

NOT ONCE have I done damage to the glass.

I have witnessed two of my friend's shatter their iphone glass into dangerous shards with seemingly innocent drops. Heck, I might have been lucky but I've seen the way iPhone glass can shatter quite easily. Back to my point .. keep the glass manufacturer the same pleae RIM! lol

Cool. I hope cameras dont get grainy when there isnt enough natural light.

And overall, i hope it kick the apples butt.


Looks really good & solid so far ! I don't feel as excited about the first bb10 phone tho cuz I'm a big fan of the physical keyboard. But seems like the software is totally worth it ! Looks like ill be upgrading when they come out :)

I totes love my Bold 9900 keyboard, but I'm also excited to try out the BB10 virtual keyboard. I may even be willing to freeze my fingers off typing on it if it's as awesome as it looks! xD

This is New. I didn't know that the BB10 Keyboard will already start to customize it's self to my writing B4 I even use it

"When you start to use a BB10 device, Bhardwaj said RIM's software will scan your previous history -- looking at your emails, IMs, SMSes, Twitter and so on to "understand the type of words you use". This vocabulary is then fed into its fluency word prediction engine for the best guess at what you're trying to type."

This is also a nice touch...

"Also worth noting is that your keyboard profile, with all your learned dictionary entries and adjusted sensitivity settings, can be migrated between BB10 devices."

This is so hot, My future upgrade!
RIM didn't copy anyone so shh. I don't like that BBM layout though /:)

Those pics are alright but BB10 looks so complicating. How do the expect us to find things like the weather or calendar app in that first pic.

I really excited about seeing these hit the street. However the compeditors are getting geared up to release new products in the fall....It is really going to be hard for RIM to have a good window of opportunity considering the pressure. Hopefully they can play the secretive game better than apple and out flank them in the battle.

Hmmm... Not a fan of only touch devices... BUT with that said the keyboard is pretty sick and would possibly entice me to go all touch. My contract is up in February... And getting out early is no issue... Looks like I may jump ship from physical keyboard to virtual... Will have to try it out in the store first tho!!!

1st prim Q.....How is the battery life? How do you think it will be in the official release version.

Will there be an option to NOT have all messages dumped into this "unified messaging screen" I keep hearing about?

I'd rather not have all my different message sources dumped into one list. I want to keep my office and home email and sms texts listed separately - all the time.

that type of options are in the DNA of blackberry. you will have option for sure to keep those messages seperately. even in current market blackberries you have such options

Oh, I know you can keep them separate in current BBs. That's how I've set them for years. It's just that they keep referencing this "unified messaging" thing that I know I don't want. Just making sure they are keeping the option to keep them separate (the way I feel they should be).

This is a really good point and one that I was about to comment upon. A crucial part of my current BB experience is a) seeing the notification light, b) glancing directly at my BB to see which folder the message has come into with the notification * (or which folders have new messages), c) going into one specific folder first (usually work email).

If we can't see this from the four panes on the homescreen, and would swipe to the all messages folder only, the essence of my BB experience changes with an added step to get the info I really need, adding a.2) swipe to application tray.

Given that BB is going back to the core message of being for people who like to get things done I have faith that they'll have a way around this - hopefully one that will totally blow us away and be awesome - but it does seem to be a slight concern from what we've seen so far.

Oh yes it is. Dismiss it all you want, but you won't sway anybody's decision to get it when it comes out.

Edit: Oh yes it is revolutionary and innovative, but you don't seem to "see it".

Cool! I'm all excited for it hit the markets. Hope they launch it in India at the same time as in the north American market. Can't wait. Go RIM goooooo!

This will allow RIM to put themselves back on the market and steal some of Apple's fire, besides we already got people developing apps for iphones to mimck the awesome keyboard that RIM has designed! Its pretty bad when developers are copying on another but Apple is throwong lawsuits at everyone for patent infringments, its time for RIM to retake the market, besides I get sick of seeing an Iphone everywhere I go...IMHO blackberry's keyboards are never to be beat and its to bad that nobody can create such a beautiful piece of hardware! My blaclberry bold 9900 is my favorite piece of hardware and its design is bar none the best out there.

To be honest, if and when they drop a QWERTY version and I can get at least 7.5hrs of hard use from the device, I will be back on BB. Love my galaxy note but the android battery killing has taken its toll on me. Need my hardware keyboard, notification and battery life back.

This phone will never be a big hit. It is to complicated for the ordinary user. The fanboys will love it but that's all ! Rim still can't understand ! It is all about simplicity !

I think, he has had the iPhone in his mind. And he is completely right. The iPhone is made for people, who are able to find and press the homebutton, but never will learn a few simple gestures, even when it makes them more productive. Thats the reason, why the iPhone is now the phone for the "ordinary users" (and why everyone associated the hipsters and the sheep in the last "DO" ad-video with apple users ). But do you REALY want to be part of the "ordinary users"?
I use 4 gestures with the playbook. Do you need days to learn 4 gestures? Only, if you dont want to learn, or if you are extremly dumb.
Its so easy to learn, so easy to use, so natural after a short time, that i never want something else.

The Playbook OS is one of the most natural and intuitive interfaces I have ever seen. The ability to multi-task is incredible. If BB10 can capture the muti-tasking and gesture abilities of the Playbook, then we have a truly revolutionary device to look forward to.

So you realy think they didnt sell because of the UI? There were/are a lot of reasons, but i never heard the they didnt sell because the UI was to complicated.

Web OS is widely regarded/reviewed as being one the the most intuitive OSs created. It had the same issue many great OSs fall to, no app ecosystem. Regardless of innovative new OS designs they'll never catch on, unless they can build a developer community around them.

RIM's swipe gestures are counter-intuitive. Other companies had the sense to put a "home" button on their phones because it's clear, logical and sensible. "Swipe up from the bottom to switch on the screen" is one of the main stumbling blocks of the PlayBook - consumers approach it and can't interact with it.
Sorry, but "swipe from the bottom right, then drag across to the left to open an email message" - are you KIDDING me?
My Dad had a Palm-OS phone and despite having a PlayBook I couldn't figure out how to interact with it because it's not logical to swipe.
Apple use swipe gestures to interact with things already on the screen (next page in the menu, scroll up, zoom in), NOT to call up totally unrelated items like a notifications tray.

I agree to an extent. Honestly, the first time I played with a Playbook I didn't know what I was doing lol

Apple's minimal and centralization approach with there iOS is incredible and very simplistic to where almost anyone knows how to operate it. The architecture of iOS fits well with consumers of any level of tech savy. No doubt that the Playbook carries a more complex interface compared to iOS and Android but, if understood correctly, is one of the hallmarks of the PB. Being able to read a document and play Need For Speed on the same screen in two different windows is very neat. I love the gestures because I don't have to worry about accidentally pressing a button while using the device, which is more of a concern with Android than iPad.

Having both products on the market offers variety to users of different needs and skill levels. I love the PB for its intuitiveness and multi-tasking abilities but I also love iPad for its simplicity.

I have the feeling that there will be a home button but that the swipe gestures, for those that choose to learn them will be for shortcuts. That is, elimiating the closing current application page and opening notifiaction or message window. One swipe within current open app takes you where you want to go in one step rather than 2 or 3.

The killer with swipe gestures is although being counter-intuitive (I agree to an extent on that point) they're so incredibly good at increasing productivity. It's hard to hit a balance of making something simple vs making it actually work well. Look at iOS for instance, you have to hit the button and go to the homescreen to do almost anything, that's a consistent design and intuitive/easy to learn, but slow and clumsy. Making swiping from the left or right corner automatically open messages would be more efficient and quicker, but involves a learning curve.

Cause, man, swiping is complicated stuff.

Ok, I know this is totally off-topic, but I had to write it somewhere, hoping that somebody from RIM will see it.
I'm from Romania. These days, all the major networks will launch the new Samsung Galaxy III S. I've been reading everywhere about this. I'm fed up. But when OS 7 got out, I found out only because I'm a BB fan.

People at RIM (especially marketing): BB10 phones may be the greatest yet. But they won't sell if not properly marketed. Therefore:
1. Please, flood all the media, in all the countries, with rumours/leaked versions, etc, about BB10 phones. Not only commercials, but any news. Tease the current clients and potentially new ones. People need to know that something great is coming out. Do whatever is necessary for this ("bribe" technology bloggers and journalists), CB and the CB/BB nation is not enough for this effort.
2. Work with networks all over the world, so they would actively support the marketing of BB10 phones. I want to see huge banners with "BB10 is here", not just some poor advertising.

Sorry guys, for this post. But I'm fed up with publicity for Samsung Galaxy III S. And, soon, for iPhone 5. I want to see more for BB10.

I like the new layout and look, Glad I've held off on my upgrade, can't wait to give this phone a try. When the new phones are released, will there be an update for the PB coming out too? I'd really like to have this type of layout on my PB for a quick review of messages, calendar, etc. For me, that would be very handy. Looking good RIM, keep up the good work.