New BlackBerry 10 "Kopi" gets pictured for the first time

By Adam Zeis on 23 Sep 2013 10:09 am EDT

Another new BlackBerry 10 device has turned up this morning. Sporting the codename Kopi, it very much resembles the BlackBerry Q5. It's said to be a lower priced device though not many other details were given. While it doesn't have LTE bands is does look to have a removable battery and supposedly a faster processor than that of the Q5 as well. 

We don't much much at all about this little guy but it's still very intriguing. We'll send out the ninjas to do some more recon and see what we can dig up, so stay tuned for more details.

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New BlackBerry 10 "Kopi" gets pictured for the first time


To leave it on the shelves? Sales completely tanked to the ground, Q5 massively overpriced in emerging markets. They should offload the Z10 in their warehouse on those markets at a loss (for which a write down has already been taken).

We don't need a lineup of 6 BBs which step on each other's feet and cannibalize each other's sales. We need BBs getting in the hands of customers and since they already stockpiled hundreds of thousands let's clear up inventories first.

BB poorly planned stocks, working capital took a hit and now the hit got transfered on the P&L. Shame. No more new models, spend on something that adds value, not stock on the balance sheet.

Exactly, they need to get these BlackBerry 10 devices into the hands of the consumer, even if they have to take a loss. Word of mouth is the only thing that is going to sell these phones. Not enough people know how good the software really is, give the phones away for free. Talk shows are a good place to start, then head to schools.

IMO, there should be two or three models of touch only and QWERTY + touch phones. High end for both, mid end for both and low end for both. OR, high end for both and then decide how much lower ended you make your other phones. If there is a good enough market for slider like the 9810 then release those too (my favorite BTW. why settle when you can have both!)

And release them with the same or better specs than the competition and with prices that are lower than the competition.

IMO, the Q10 should be the high end QWERTY phones, the Q5 the one that follows and then this one following the Q5, BUT they need to be priced good. Personally, I don't give a rats ass about paying and wasting money on things I don't need (like everyone should) and since i don't need a high end phone I don't care about getting the Q10, I just want a QWERTY keyboard with a touch screen that does what I need. The Q5 surpassed that but it was way to expensive. Now, I'm sticking with the 9810 until I can get a BB10 QWERTY phone for a fair price OFF contract because I don't do contract crap.

Almost a billion USD$ in unsold inventory? This could not be construed by any interested observer as a good thing ...

Posted via CB10

My guess would be this is a preproduction device that could have been scrapped prior to Friday.  We will see what else the team digs up, but just guessing that this was a test model that was already internally known to not be seeing the light of day once Q10 and Q5 were launched.

BBRY doesn't scrap old devices. They are in warehouses. They can sell them to any willing carrier at any agreeable price. At the bottom of the market where no cannibalization will take place they could be safely disposed.

This looks more like a "Q3", lower price, same or lower specs than Q5, same as they had Curve 9350/60 for mid tier and Curve 9210/9220 for entry / emerging. This device likely would not be sold in US / EU, only Indonesia etc, hence the name. Cafe was cheap all touch (Z5?) and would be the bottom rung for US. Who know if either will see light of day now that they are cutting from planned 6 to 4 designs and "re-tiering" Z10. Maybe these just get shelved until they sell through what they've built.

And at only $800.00 it could of been yours.

Thankfully the product portfolio will remain at four devices now.

Agreed. Took almost 7 years for Apple to go from one to two models and last I checked (9 million in 3 days) that seemed to work alright for them even after marginal upgrades.

I never understood the darn confusion in BB's phone lineup, why don't they try to kick arse with 1-2 models and screw the 26x iterations of what is all basically the same phone? Oh wait....they just figured that now and cut down to 4.

Agree with you, thankfully the product portfolio will remain at four devices now.

You forget that Apple still maintains the previous two generations in market, so that is their "tiering" strategy. Even with 5s/c they kept 4s available for "cheap" phone.

But with BB10 they can't just say "you want cheap, use last year's model". - they could if they had kept their JVM on BB10 for legacy, but it was more important to have Air, I guess... so they needed to build the channel across all tiers.

Letz c how exciting it is when more details come out......looks fine :)

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thats q q5!!! please blackberry dont release devices looking like the same existing products!!! INOVATEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeee

caz they are premium hardware! blackberry should come up with something really revolutionary :( , i really really really really really really really want this company to succeed !! :'(

Me thinks your being a little cheeky, no? ;)
I do it all the time on my garmin gps and you know gets me to exactly where I want to be....home. that's a premium experience in my book! :)
If the result you're looking for is ultimately experienced (with little compromise - this can be widely subjective) then I'd argue its premium.

i am almost agree with you. I guess that you make fun. The button “home”.
In an iPhone it is still only the small departure. Since the first one, it stayed like that. This impression to be stuck by a sick father, stuck as a kid, that you can go out of the world which he filters for you. What a fear, because I go to the garden of the house drawn by my father! -”Make a return towards the house, if you want to do something else; then, you will go to the garden!”-. I go to the garden.
Which journey, the plastic wolf shakes the head over the quarterdeck of the car.
I guess that you make fun.
"Le Monde" September 25, 2013. "The French repression of the frauds threw recently a investigation on the Californian manufacturer. Exactly, the investigation concerns the conditions of marketing of the iPhone compulsory for mobile phone operators. The investigators would be interested more or less all the clauses dictated by Apple: " obligation to favor the iPhone with regard to the other devices, the promise to buy certain volumes, etc. Especially, the operator of telephony has to make a commitment to favor the iPhone with regard to the other terminals. In shops, " the conditions, the measures and the committees paid to the sellers have to be " identical or more favorable " for the iPhone. And the subsidy granted on an iPhone by the operator had to be " at least 20 % superior In that proposed on the other telephones "; the obligation to buy certain volume of devices fixed by Apple. More: investigate into App Store and relations with the wholesalers and the retailers."
And the good father in the steering wheel, tidies up the newspaper: -then, where go us, kids?-. -On your garden!-

But that's always the way its been in business, economics, The biggest, most powerful, most influential tends to set the standard (dare I say a double standard?).
I'm not saying its right, but to suggest that a walled garden doesn't/can't give you a premium experience is being biased and not an accurate assessment of the service being provided.
~ and this is coming from a guy who has never owned an apple device in his life......but is surrounded by 5 of them in my own house

My thought is: the use of a OS, or an other one, influences our relation to the world. The companies, the commercial thoughts which develop the most sold OS influence the society, the politics. The victories of Apple and Android is not of good omen for our liberties (thoughts and creation, off standard). In my work, I employ OS7.1, this (limited) OS respects what I make and whom I am; and it is an enormous difference compared to Apple or Android. Premium experience? Cordially.

I follow your thinking and agree concerning the powerful influences that commercially successfull businesses wield. Just don't forget that not too long ago BlackBerry (aka: RIM) was once THE juggernaut in the mobile space. I wonder what the "little guy" though of RIM back then. Are they peceived as nicer now that they're not on top?

Interesting strategy by BlackBerry to leak future device photos the past few days an attempt to distract from the negative headlines.

I think you should sen out Optimus prime and the autobots for the recon, lol.


Blackberry can't rely on long time Blackberry fans to buy their new products, if they are going to survive they need to woo iPhone and Android users. And they are not going to do it with QWERTY phones. The market has spoken, physical keyboards have no future long term.

It still surprises me how often people say they would only buy a keyboard BlackBerry. In fact, BlackBerry still has some hope with the crowd that held off the iPhone until about a year ago, and still talk about how they want to go back to a hard keyboard. If BlackBerry gets BlackBerry 10 up to speed (10.2 is good, but still needs a little bit more), those people will probably come back. Take away the compromise for having a hard keyboard, and many people will flock to it.

Posted via CB10

They clear stated they are not in stressed in wooing, as you put it, the average customers. They are getting back to catering to business and those who are interested in their products.

Posted from the most powerful smartphone,z10

There was an article on the TheVerge today that mentioned the most popular phone in the US Congress is the iPhone, not blackberrys. And these are not young hip consumers addicted to instagram, these are fossilized old farts. Even the business market is moving towards touchscreens, Blackberry needs to skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been ...

Maybe Congress should get back their Blackberries and get back to work. It's obvious that they are doing nothing with the iPhone but playing candy crush and uploading nude selfies to each other. Geesh.

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I doubt the business market is moving towards non QWERTY phones BUT if they are it's because BBRY hasn't given us the things crap iOS/iPhones/Android does that, sadly, a lot of consumers want. Give us the hype apps, good screen size, good OS and a QWERTY keyboard and everyone and their dogs will get a BBRY.

Plus, there is marketing and the media. It's good for crap iOS but bad for BBRY. BBRY needs to have that change.

I agree that more effort needs to be put into the touch screens. We already have two BlackBerry keyboard devices. Lower the price of the Q5 and get a touch with massive specs and screen. That will make the average consumer look twice.

Yes I know they don't want the ever age consumer but I firmly believe that they need them, niche will keep the company alive.

Posted via CB10

What are you talking about? Everyone prefers physical keyboard over crap screen keyboard, but there hasn't been a QWERTY phone that does what they want, generally speaking. The only reason why people have bough touch screen only phones over QWERTY keyboard phones is because not one QWERTY keyboard phone has giving general consumer what they want, on top of bad marketing/media by BBRY, good marketing/media by touch screen only corps, like Apple.

And what do general consumers want that would make them buy a phone with QWERTY keyboard? A good screen size, QWERTY, good OS and all the apps they want. BBRY still doesn't have that. With the 9810 they have good screen size, QWERTY but the OS was not for everyone and it lacked the hype apps.

Plus, like I mentioned marketing and media, they have done a great job turning everyone into sheeps when it comes to this, BBRY will need good marketing too unless word of mouth gets the job done,

It almost feels like BlackBerry is going to replace the Z10 and the Q5 at cheaper prices.
The 4 devices will not be possible if they are not replaced since newer devices are in the works.
Could the Z10 turn into a collectors item?

They need to stop which these cheap phones then put a high price tag on them. Just go big or go home!

I disagree. That means developers wouldn't be able to make as good apps if they wanted to support all devices. Look at Android, all the ACE series barely works, and as a (former) android developer that was a huge issue.

How much cheaper do you want it to get when you can get a new Z10 or Q5 for $49.99 on a two-year contract in Canada? I guess since I only change phones every two years, this seems cheap to me.

Where are you getting the faster processor thing from, the leaks you had for this model previously mentioned it was using the 8930 which is a slower one than the 8960 in the q5.

i dont know if BB intend using indonesian language (emerging market, one of the largest market share for Blackberry) but in indonesian kopi means coffee.

they have to pricing it aggressive less than $200 and if they can make it lower than $150 maybe sales for BB 10 will get high enough same strategy as Lumia 520

I am in Indonesia now and I can tell you that at $150 no contact a BB will sell like crazy. A bottom of the line Nokia is $20 with a 2mpix camera. But people want a BB for quality and BBM.

Produce a CHEAP AS HELL phone for the masses that can BBM, net, and maybe fm radio and boom, things are looking good for BB10.

Why do I have a feeling that the codename came from a developer who is or has lived in South-East Asia? lol

So I'm guessing this is 1 out of the 4 models to be released next year? Low end qwerty to replace the Q5 since it has a faster processor????

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That's a huge battery for the phone size. They should call it the Highlander because it will outlast all other phones, especially with no LTE.

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Can't believe Blackberry keeps making the same mistake. What a horrible phone, looks like a cheap version of Q5. Looking forward to see the new physical keyboard flagship. I hope they add more than just a faster processor

This is the super budget phone that's suppose to come out. Wonder what the price would have been?

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How do they intend on increasing sales with products that all look the same? People are not buying their current crop of devices and their answer is to release more that are just like them?

I honestly don't see their strategy being all that different than the one from a few years ago that landed them where they are today, but maybe that's just me....

They really need to shake things a qwerty device with a 4in screen! Build a 4in+ slider! Anything other than another q5 clone!

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With a cheaper clone? If that thing is sold 100$ it may attract some people since the Q5 wasn't that cheap ;)

What is going on..... really another phone to sit on the shelves at stores and collect dust,

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Interesting name..the guy or lady who gave the device that name must be from my part of the world. A bit trivia people... kopi is coffee in Malay...

BlackBerry needs a low end ALL touch we already have the q5 now let's have a z5 something all touch and cheap

I wish they would drop BlackBerry and just go with a logo on the back. Yes like Apple, but also like the Surface. If they are moving to prosumer they need even less need to blast the name, which let's face it, no has many negative connotations.

I can and will continue to say the name BlackBerry. I may get some jeers from some, but I am proud of what they've done in BB10 and the products out there. I can't say I'm 100% happy with the way things have been done and marketed, but that is a different story for a different time. My Z10 absolutely rocks and I am very pleased with it. I just hope that the folks at BlackBerry can get out of Wall Street - go private! That will quiet the noise a great deal! I can't wait for 10.2 :)

I second that.....i dread the say if forced to go to android or Apple.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

It's not for me and it's obviously not for you. Have you seen the designs on the cheapest Androids and Windows Phones? This is a cheap phone that does the job of a Q10. Don't knock it too much.

I need a tablet that can replace my laptop. Also- more style BB PLEASE!

Buy Canadian- support choice.

Really? No 4G?

I'm starting to get scared here... Or is this the "free on contract/$50 2 years contract" device they should have a made long time ago?

There is no 4G in many countries today. This is not a device for North America. Why put an antenna and radio for a service that is not available, especially when they're concerned about the costs?

You know what that puzzles me as well. But in my country (Philippines) legacy devices are still famous so I think they still believe BBOS has a place in the market. But this device would be great for those wanting to experience bb10 like me that can't afford even the Q5, hope it's priced right (if ever released).

My thoughts exactly!!!! +100000. What a complete waste of (engineering, development, marketing) time the 9720 was! This should have been the Q5 and there should have been a Z5 just as cheap. BB10 was their future and they should not have been looking backwards.

They should sell it for less than $200 (no contract) at launch to get folks back on the BlackBerry platform - just cover the manufacturing costs plus 10%.

I think there are a lot of us that really want a slider... but I don't think it'll happen. More's the pity. I've been holding out for one but will go with the Q10 now.

Bingo....someone sees the light!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

It would be good if the pric3 goes below 200 bucks.

A bb10 so cheap? sounds good to me. Mu onl concern is that the design looks as egneric as it can get. I love my Q10, and one of the reasons i bought the Q10 instead of the Q5, is that horrid generic design prompted me to buy the Q10, even when expensier, was much more beatiful.

What would be the target market for this? They are supposed to keep the Z30, Z10 and Q10, Q5, prosumer and budget phones, full touch and querty, that idea seemed fine to me, the one in the picture seems to sacrifice more features I can only see one accessory built in in the front (camera or light sensonr I don't know) so it will be very reduced in features and doesn't fit for me none of the market targets blackberry should aim, I can't really understand what would be the point of this device if it is actually going to go to market, so does someone with better understanding of the mobile market mayelaborate (or speculate) about the destiny of this device?

If BB this time follows the strategy like of LUMIA 520, then a lot of cash is on the way for BB.
I hope BOD of BB knows better pricing than me.

I still think they should have had a Z5 device quite a while back - released with the Q5. Because of this oversight, there was tremendous pricing pressure placed on the Z10 especially during back-to-school season. The world has shifted to mostly all-touch devices, but there is no cheap all-touch solution from BlackBerry. Remember that the Q10 was touted as the savior but it hasn't sold as well as expected.
While I welcome this "cheaper Q5", we should have been looking at a cheaper Z5.
This Kopi device is what the Q5 should have been - a cheap Q10 with most of the bells & whistles. There really is no need to have mid-tier devices. The gap between the premium and lower-tier devices is only $200 usually - $50 with a contract. Why bother wasting time trying to fill that gap? Apple sells iPhones with 64 GB for over $800 and folks still buy it! Apple still sold a staggering 9M iPhones in 3 days - the 5S and 5C.

Apple is selling an ecosystem. The iPhone can't compete with BB10 when it comes to baked in features. The ecosystem is what's selling smartphones. Instead of buying jets, I would have been buying apps.

Posted via the Super BlackBerry Z10

Look at the screen smudging! Wish they would use a more oleophobic screen on their phones.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10

Since BB10 does not do BIS, how will this sucker be a hit in the emerging markets with expensive data plans?

If the Q10 had at least a 3.5" screen (same as iPhone 4S) then i think it would have sold much better and would have gotten much more developer support (since even many loyal BlackBerry devs aren't developing for it due to the limited screen space).

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10

Coming from BGR, I don't put any faith in that until someone else really reports it.

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That will be better to know device they gone a keep and forget all the rest of the maybe device...

TH was in charge of product development before he was made CEO. This guy brought you the Storm, the Storm 2, the plastic screened 9850, the Playbook without e-mail, etc...

I seriously wonder sometimes wtf people expect.

Yes the PlayBook without email was not good, but the build quality was second to none. I have 4 units and all the batteries are strong, I have had zero hardware issues.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

My point was , that it was TH who chose, to develop and release the PB rather than a QNX handset (now BB10). This was a decision made at his level to which the prior CEOs acquiesced.

His decisions, planning, preparation and oversight of execution are considered worst in class. Hence nothing that has happened since the day he took over has been a surprise.

It seems like BlackBerry is looking to turn BB legacy costumers to new BB10 devices. If this move could make all eastern market costumers replace their old Blackberry with one able to run on BB10 it will finally be the end of schizophrenic choice BB7 cheaper out of date/ BB10 newest but expensive.
If it's not a Q5 internal device then it may be a very good news: discarding the old BB7 and all its bad reputation.

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I actually really like how this iteration looks.

BBM channels: c00121c99 for some knowledge and c00123fca for some real hip hop

What a fugly pos, I hope they didn't think they'd win market share from apple and Google with that nasty looking thing.

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At last BlackBerry give Indonesia name for the next device. Maybe it is what the prosumer mean. It will be better if Kopi is manufacturing in Indonesia too. It will bring great fanatisme from Indonesia people. Like Toyota do with Kijang.
Sell like hell

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It's Curve 9320 inspired. Haha I just hope someone comes out and confirms if this phone will get released or not.

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Personally I believe blackberry should just stick to a 2 device portfolio, one touchscreen and 1 qwerty keypad and spend more money on advertising
I'm a die hard blackberry fan never bought another type of phone and will stay with them till their on the bottom of the ocean with titanic but bringing out devices that look identical is just ridiculous

Posted via CB10

Is the inventory not full enough.. just kidding... gonna buy it for my mum! go BlackBerry !

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry niche down your phones damn! We don't need codename "kopi" (coffee) to be roaming around shelves...we need BlackBerry 10 stuff in hands not display boxes...focus on what is out there now!

Posted via CB10

This one looks better than Q5. Hell, I like it more than the Q10. And if the price is right (hope to be a budget device) I might get me one next to my Z10. :)

Posted via CB10

They should make a really cheap phone for people who can't afford phones

The Gamer's Network- C00015A3 || From my Z on .1047

Wow, even cheaper than the Q5? I'd buy it outright! Back up phone...depending on the price of the "Americano"

Posted via CB10

New hardware? Does not sound like it's coming from a dying company to me!

Sent from my sexy white hot Z10 in Sin City ;-)

Basically looks like a Q5 with a removable battery.

Posted via CB10 via the BlackBerry Q10!

Why all these different styles of phones ?? Concentrate on a what we have, a physical keyboard (Q10) a touchscreen (Z10) and the curve (Q5) and leave it that, good grief!

Cheap is good . more kopi0 i.e neat coffee .Obviously BB realised that they can't compete on the expensive smartfone market. Having said that ,i am still hoping for a mark 2 version of the Q5 with a larger more usable screen . I believe there is still a huge market for these kbed BB as long as BB realised they can put out these devices at premium initial prices. That strategy had failed miserably

I can see it now:

"BlackBerry Q5 is too expensive, I don't want it. Screw BlackBerry for not understanding how to price a phone!"

"So what phone are you going to get instead?"

"iPhone 5C."



Nice looking device. Only its price will determine whether it is successful or not.
Who does the BGR get the pic and not Crackberry...

BGR must be more credible in the eyes of BlackBerry management. Sad. Sad

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Lower price than the supposedly entry-level BlackBerry Q5 means lower technical specifications. If BlackBerry keeps releasing new devices they are heading down the same road as in the past.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I'm dumbfounded to see that at this point in time there are people cheering on BB for releasing hardware like this or hardware at all. Does almost a billion dollars in unsold inventory mean anything? Does anyone honestly see this device even remotely succeeding? The level of denial in this place is absolutely unbelievable.

Here is the unfolding story...if you connect the dots it's the only logical explanation. look at all the events over the last year. Every time BlackBerry releases something good, something you surely can build on like BB10, the z10, the Q10,

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Continued......Updates, etc, they release an event, news that absolutely destroys the good news. I wonder time and time again why do they do this......what the hell is going on? Well here is the only logical answer. They are building an awesome platform, they are building and stock piling quality devices, but at the same time, they want the stock price to plummet either for a sale/vertical partnership, or a private buyout of the shareholders. What do you need to pull this off? Dismal sales, every news media blog basically writing them off. You literally need every BlackBerry user to lose faith! Literally everyone in the world including the stockholders need to lose all faith. Then you go private like Dell just did, or you take on a vertical partnership. It's dirty but hey its big business. Then they explode out of the gates with great products in inventory, a great BB10 platform, proper advertising and boom things are on the rise.....for example if Apple bought or partnered with BlackBerry for corporate use, how drastically would that change perception. Apple now has a complete and well established enterprise system! BlackBerry shares if still public would skyrocket and Apple would have a massive comeback against android and WP if it ever got traction. I know you probably think not a chance with Apple and fine, but I make my point. It could be Cisco etc. Something big is going to happen, but it seems the share price must go lower first at all costs before the gears ate changed. The problem seems that shareholders, or a good number of them feel they might as well hang on because selling at this point is futile, or they are waiting till December where a massive sell off will take place for losses and tax right offs. I think Thor is out smarting most by looking like the dumbest CEO of all times.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Shit while I was writing this Fairfield is going to take BlackBerry private!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

" I think Thor is out smarting most by looking like the dumbest CEO of all times."
I sure hope you're right, because he's doing a pretty good job of looking like he doesn't know what he's doing. Btw I think your Apple scenario is quite interesting. Won't happen though...

Introducing, the Q5 minus.

BlackBerry 10 in a budget, uncompromisingly plastic shell.

Equipped with laser cut, PVC chiclet Qwerty keys, configured to adopt a "merge synergy" which seamlessly blurs the lines between physical Qwerty and fingerprint ridge mapping.

Be at one with the future of mobile typing.

BB Q5 minus

Too many phones.. we need a short line of phones so BlackBerry can focus on making them better universally instead of having tons of phones that only some get attention

Posted via the amazing z10

Come on BlackBerry you can do better than that!
Why oh why more and more of this same.
Please surprise us with something.

Posted via CB10

Make just one damn device!!! I'm so wth are they doing and why?!?!?! ugh!! Make a damn Z10 beyond the capacity of a sgs4..and people happy? No, because still lacking apps! Not even banking apps...this sucks. idk what im.going to do with my z10.

I can do a better design than that ugly phone.. Cmon BlackBerry stop this madness..

Posted via CB10

Pointless cheap and nasty keyboard based device, drop it and move on, produce a competitively priced touch only one...

The "saviour" of BBRY? don't think so...Why would they release another "q5", since it's obvious that in the current situation no one will buy any of their (overpriced) products.

Yup. I will never buy a phone without a removable battery. removable battery = pro consumers, great for consumers, benefits and convenience. Non removable battery = the complete opposite.

While I agree that it is not a great looking phone the cheap model usually aren't great to look at. That being said I do the the look slightly better that the Q5 and the addition of a removable battery is great. This phone might not be a home run but at least BlackBerry is going in the right direction as far as design and fuctionallity.

Sent from my Q10