New Beta Application Blurts Coming Soon - Seeking Beta Testers At This Time

By Bla1ze on 1 Oct 2009 11:37 am EDT
New Beta Application Blurts Coming Soon Seeking Testers

This is a sweet concept from MLH Software. A bluetooth device and desktop solution geared towards assisting you get call ID for your BlackBerry Smartphone on your PC. As spotted by my good friend Mauricio over at BlackBerryRocks the details goes like this:

If you are like us, you sit in front of a PC most of the day with a BlackBerry in your pocket. Every time it rings you have to dig it out just to see who is calling, and you think to yourself, wouldn’t it be nice if the caller ID just popped up on my computer screen so I could see who is calling before going through the trouble to dig it out of my pocket?

Well that is exactly what Blurts is designed to do. A desktop app and a BlackBerry app talk via Bluetooth to display caller ID info and more.

While the application is not yet available for download or purchase, MLH software does have it posted on their site that they are indeed looking for beta testers. So who better than the CrackBerry community to flood their inboxes and show em some love, right?  Keep in mind in order for this to work you have to have a PC or laptop with either Bluetooth built into it or a Bluetooth dongle ready to be connected. MLH has it listed as working for all devices running 4.2 OS + at this time but further beta testing is need so feel free to reach out to them if you want to help out.

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New Beta Application Blurts Coming Soon - Seeking Beta Testers At This Time


This is a pretty sweet concept. I signed up for the beta after seeing that there's Storm support so this will be pretty cool when I'm at work!

This is a nice app. It is perfect for what i am looking for.

I currently however, use Viadock to control my BB on my desktop. It alerts me to incoming calls as well. But not everyone needs all the functionality that comes with viadock. this seems like a much better solution for those users. As long as it is pretty affordable. Viadock is 39.95.

I'd be willing to beta test for them, but my solution for this is to have my BB sitting next to me because, yes, I am at the 'puter all f'n day.

It's right next to my keyboard and I always know who's calling.

Now, a Mac version for home would be nice, and I could leave my BB in one location (charging, maybe) while I'm moving about the house with the laptop.

I have been testing this for a few days now. All I can say is I absoulty love it! Not only does it show my caller id but it also displays email's and txt...Excellent program!

I would love to try this out. I could definitely use this at work, especially since I have my phone on silent mode at work.

Battery drain anyone?... if you have an 8900 wifi/uma maybe turned on then to add bluetooth on top of that. I signed up to test just to see if there will be a drain or not. Usually when i'm at my desk I take my BB out only cause i'm constantly checking emails, and inputing things into my Task list and text messaging

because I'm proud to be the Blackberry owner.
So why should I hide the Blackberry in my pocket? I place it on the table, even when I am in Cafe, just to show people off that I have a Blackberry.

Just FYI this link will not get you what you are looking for, but we like to see people are looking for our latest application.

MLH Software

We are glad to see all the excitement for our latest application. Our inbox has been busy.

For all those that have emailed us to be beta testers, we are review ALL the requests and will respond to everyone in the next couple of days.

MLH Software

We have notified everyone that was selected for the first round of beta. We will extend the beta to more users in a couple of days once we get feedback from the first group.

You still could be selected as a beta tester so please be patient.

MLH Software
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