New Beta: 123Spoof Lets You Spoof your Caller ID

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2009 11:57 am EST

Spoof for BlackBerry Beta

** Be sure to read through the site's FAQ before you use this. Keep in mind you're calling through their servers so while the service is free you'll want to watch out for any potential long distance charges. As always with anything we blog, try and use at your own risk. **

Ohhh boy. This one is going to cause a stir in the BlackBerry community. I feel even more guilty blogging about this than I do Slydial. No blaming me for any trouble caused. And I haven't given this a go yet (keep in mind it's a beta so only try if you're comfortable with betas), so be sure to report back in the comments with your findings... The Beta for 123Spoof for BlackBerry is going to become 'official' tomorrow, but we got the inside word about it and you can download it and give it a go right now. Here's the company verbage on 123Spoof for BlackBerry:

123SPOOF Mobile is a revolutionary Blackberry application that gives you COMPLETE control over your phone calls, empowering you to change Caller ID, disguise your voice, record your calls, and more! All this is combined with seamless BlackBerry integration.

Best of all, 123SPOOF Mobile now lets you make unlimited calls for FREE. You don't even have to sign up or enter any personal information to take advantage of this amazing offer! What's the catch? When making free calls, 123SPOOF Mobile requires that you listen to a short, nine second advertisement. Users who want to take full advantage of 123SPOOF Mobile without ads can sign up for an account online or inside the app.

Here are a few of the major features that you will not find anywhere else or all in one place:

  • Go straight to someone's Voicemail. Don't feel like talking to some people? Just leave em' a message! Their phone never rings, but still shows a missed call from your spoofed Caller ID!
  • Record your calls and replay them straight from your phone. 123SPOOF Mobile also integrates with your address book
  • Spoof internationally
  • Local access numbers in 40+ countries
  • Spoof DIRECTLY from the app! No call-back needed!
  • Best real-time Voice Changer

For more information and to download, visit

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New Beta: 123Spoof Lets You Spoof your Caller ID


This program is going to put the world in a frenzy. I'm sure its too good to be true. I'm dowloading it regardless. The government is going to have this program branned illegal within a week.

Just what I always wanted - my calls routed through a 3rd party's system. As if it wasn't bad enough having the gov't listening to all my calls. Jeez. *rolls eyes*

I went to download. But its saying in order to get a pin, i have to purchase minutes. I thought it was free to use?

its riddled with ads when you call the main number (i heard radioshack) but it indeed works...i think the call recording feature would be of value

From a business standpoint, I can see where part of this service could come in handy.

I forward my business line out to my BB when out of the office. That way, I don't miss any important phone calls. The {small} problem is either I wait to call them back when I get to the office, or I cann them right away and they see my cell number on their caller ID. With a program like this, I could have my SpoofID match my business number. My clients would see my business name and number instead of my cell phone number.

You must purchase a 'pin' to use the voice changing and call record features. Just like paulmike3 said, "calls routed through a 3rd party's system" is a little too shady for me.

Not only are you plugging your info into their system, but people you call are getting their number tossed into the mix.

Its funny how there is a link on the 123Spoof page where you can sign up to avoid being 'spoofed'. Again, you must enter your e-mail and mobile phone number into the form which could take several weeks to process.

I do not trust.

I picked up on that "do not spoof" list too. That's probably what they sell to Adam Corrola and party for Crank Yankers.

I do agree with the business app potential, having your contacts believe you are calling from the office.

The recording feature is interesting, but be wary of your state laws. Here in Florida, recording without consent is illegal.

Of course, you could just answer, "This call may be recorded for training purposes or quality control."

I'm interested in any other legit uses, such as calling direct to voicemail.

Just called a few friends from their friends phone numbers. You can totally use this to catch a cheater. Call an ex from her new boys phone # Holy crap this is a dangerous program. I do like the business number idea, I hadn't thought of that, except it says calls are limited to one minute (maybe that's international).

It works.. You just need to buy a pin to take advantage of extra features but you can make a two minute call with a spoofed number for free. Spoofing caller id is nothing new by the way..

$10 for 60 mins??? I wish I could just pay 9.95 and be done with it. this would be neat if you didnt have to keep any type of supply of minutes

I just downloaded the program, it asked if i had a pin number i punched in "no" it showed a box and i quote "you are in free call mode. Voice changing nad Call recording are not available. Go to Purchase in the menu to purchase a PIN."...

what does that mean? i thought you said was free.... lol...

Two major bugs:
1) You can't place a call.. I get network communication error when used out of the box
2) When you say to use direct TCP in the setup you can't get out of it.. The only way to do so is to do a battery pull.

It can place a call. Read on to see how to set up the permissions and when you dial it needs to be in this format for your number and number to call: +1(804(whatever area code)10digitnumber. So here is the clearest example. +1(804)2129961. If your in free mode, dont select features that cost money. Also dont use long distance as it may charge you.

You need to set your Blackberry down, open the front door and wait for the feds to arrive. They know all and you're in deep this time.

I just used it. I called my wife and set the caller ID as her mother. It freaked her out. I said, "this is God's phone" and her reply was, "That's the devil's phone".

If I pay for the subsciption service and make my voice turn female, and make it appear that I'm someone else on the caller ID - I don't know which one of us is more correct: is this app divine or evil?

Either way, wicked awesome.

PS - ads ARE annoying, for $10 might be a fun app for goofs with friends, but I would NOT use this for any business calls. That whole "honesty" thing is annoying.

Below is the part of the FAQ that worries me:

Using 123SPOOF, all calls to the continental United States are 16.67 cents per minute. To calculate your rate for international calls, enter the number you wish to lookup in the below form. Using a toll-free access number or placing a call through the web will incur 2 cent per minute surcharges. Calls originating from pay-phones and prisons will incur a 99 cent surcharge per call.

Kevin, Do you have any clarification on this??? I dont want to have a GIGANTIC phone bill because of some BS

If you do the math, 16.67 cents per min adds up to 10 dollars for 60 min which is what they charge for using all of the pay features like voice changing and call recording...the free features should remain free

I reside in Canada and dont seem to be able to use this..Every number I try is rejected. Anyone from canada have any luck? If so how are you entering the number

I reside in Canada and dont seem to be able to use this..Every number I try is rejected. Anyone from canada have any luck? If so how are you entering the number

According to their website use of this service costs an additional 16.67 cents per minute on top of your normal usage charges. That kind of sucks IMHO.

just tried it, big FAIL so far lol. Hopefully they will iron it out i cant make a single call out without an error through 123spoof. keeps telling me invalid number

o ok working now, you have to include a zip code on the number you want to appear on the persons caller id.

also note, voice changing and recorded calls are NOT free only spoofing

just a warning to people who think there getting this great app for free, theres a per minute charge, or you can get free calls ( 1 min) without the features ( The voice changer, and recording features are not available), after listening to an add..

just a warning...

Great idea but its not free like it says it is.. You can make a 1 min phone call but thats it.. I want to try the voice changer etc...

Not working from Netherlands. Keeps complaining about invalid SSL certificates and invalid North American number ... duh.

"Using 123SPOOF, all calls to the continental United States are 16.67 cents per minute. To calculate your rate for international calls, enter the number you wish to lookup in the below form. Using a toll-free access number or placing a call through the web will incur 2 cent per minute surcharges. Calls originating from pay-phones and prisons will incur a 99 cent surcharge per call."

This is a cool is not entirely free however. If you want to be able to change your voice or record your conversation there is a fee that apply's and varies depending on howmany minutes you want to purchase.

Storm os .109

do we know if we call an international number from this service if it charges our phone? It looks as though we dial into a central number and then they call out from there and the entire call is routed through their servers. Any thoughts?

Do the first 30 seconds you have to listen to the sales pitch count against the two free minutes? And is it two free minutes total or per call? Seems pretty fishy...

Wow either this is an uber gay app, or my Storm just doesn't like it. I can't switch to landscape mode; can't enter letters for the PIN (why the hell does it need my PIN anyway?!); and I keep getting a gateway error.

Sounds like a major pain in the ass to use this unless you want to pay for it. Add to the fact that your calls are routed through 123Spoof...I don't think this app is the smartest thing to be using...

you sir are the only RETARDED one... the program needs to have compatibility mode disabled and everything will work great!!!

I'm with you. It won't even let me select "NO" on my storm. I don't get past that screen. I can't even figure out how to enter a phone number.

If you use it for free you do not get to use the voice changer, you cannot record calls, and most importantly, your calls can be no longer than one minute in length.


this sucks... it's doesn't work as described on my 8330. I don't hear ad's - which is good. But it doesn't go straight to the persons I call voice mail... it rings and they answer. At times I get another person number I didn't even dial or have in my contact listing. I'm removing this program and sticking with slydial. It's more reliable even though this is in the beta phase, it's not nearly ready for the public.

wow are you really that stupid? this isnt SLY DIAL where it sends it to voice mail. it is 123spoof where you spoof your called it!


Is this app optimized fully? It will not allow input of PINs. When you try to enter letters it wont switch the keyboard so that the letters show no matter what you do. Anyone find a way around this? I'm running os.109 on the Storm.

what features of this app are free if any at all? from what i read, u only get one free minute and they they charge 16 cents per minutes after that. Kevin, can you please shed some lights on that ?

Whenever I try to use it, it says "API Creation Error: Invalid Local Phone Number" and under Setup in the Advanced Settings field it says "Cannot select Access Number, Still Loading".

I am based in London, UK. Any ideas?

This was a waste of time to download. You can get it to "look" right if you disable compatibility mode on the Storm, but then you get told that voice change and call recording cost money. So, alright, what about changing the caller ID? That did seem to work but it DIDN'T go straight to voice mail per the options I selected. So, you have to listen to ads for 30 seconds just to change the caller ID...


I think you need to revise the article you posted. This is not a free service! This is a pay per minute service. I realize you have warned people to read the FAQ, but you also say it's free. Your article is very misleading.

Just installed this program on my phone and said wow this will be awsome to fake my buddy out. So i put in his number to call and used his number also to make it seem his cell was calling him. All good until he didnt pick up and i was in his voice mailbox and able to hear and delete his voice messages with full access to even change his greeting! Someone please tell these people at 123spoof about fixing this problem. Maybe they can fix this by not allowing same number dial and show on caller id. I wouldnt want anyone doing this to me.

that only works if the person you are calling doesn't have a password set when they call themselves. I did the same to my wife and it asked me for her PIN...but this could be used illegally if someone didn't set that up in their voicemail options.

i had a app like this on my g1 i had so much laughs with it i got a friend into believing her house was haunted i would call her cell phone and have the house number show up while she was at home alone

The features offered by 123SPOOF Mobile are so advanced that it is currently not possible to use them with any existing cell phone carrier. In order to offer these great features, your calls must be sent through 123SPOOF's state of the art network. 123SPOOF charges money to compensate themselves for the expenses incurred when connecting your call.


Who above said it's not like Slydial, the free part can be exactly like Slydial, and since Slydial is now charging, i have changed to this and at least that part of it is free (albeit Slydial using the same way is still free with both you have to listen to a commercial). Am curious to try a spoof to a friend from a different friends phone (if it's free)

Makes this whole app just suck. Not worth my time to use it when the call can only be two minutes long. Major fail. See, it fails so bad I had to post it twice.:D

Works perfectly. Here is what you do put in the number you want to call from your contacts or just type it in, put in the number you want to show up on caller ID (this will come thru however they have their phone setup, if i remember you have to click straight to voicemail. If you do not put a number in the caller ID it will go straight to voicemail if you put a number in caller ID it will ring on their phone, must be a glitch but that way it works fine. I am not going to do the pay to record or change voice, but if you are on a nationwide plan the call is free up to 2 minutes. By the way this is on a storm make sure you change compatibility mode

i tried this program it didnt work very well for me but i suppose it is in its beta stages i would proberly like it if it would work for UK and i did what it said too +44 then the number i just got a API error all the time so i gave in lolz arr well il wait and see if they relese one for UK

This is good for those moments when you wanna get out of doing something. I tried it, I actually called my home phone using my work number and my work number showed up on my home caller id.

until you guys see your next phone bills. Sounds neat, but I just don't know......something tells me to stay away from it

I downloaded this app today and everytime I tried to place a call it says "Tunnel Failed". What should I do?

You know, this app would really boost its revenue if it gave people a trial period to see how their voice would sound as the opposite sex, or how it records the convo. and etc...but alas not everyone thinks of these things...

OMG this is crazy. It works perfect with the storm. You could even use the same # on there phone to call there own phone so they would see there on phone on the caller ID.

I got it to work on my Storm 9530 with Verizon. Make sure and "Disable Compatibility Permission". Also, go to Options -> Security Options
-> TLS
Set TSL Default to Handheld and "Protocol" to "TSL / SSL"

Then in the settings on the handheld check the box for Direct connection.

While this may seem to be a fun program, it's still in beta and after download, the program was volatile with various screens not functioning properly, nor were they responding when it came to the set-up process. My guess would be to pass on this till they work out the kinks.

I worked for a VOIP carrier and we had this ability set up for our desk phones so we could accuratly reproduce a call issue. On the other hand it is really funny spoofing a number from Mexico and calling a friend telling them you are in jail, I lived in Ohio at the time which made it even funnier.

Just tried it out. Unfortunately, the "straight to voice mail without the person's phone ringing" option doesn't work.

It does ring, although marked as private.

Nice in concept. Not in execution.

Just wanted to give everybody a heads up. We just released a new version that offers lots of bug fixes, and better network reliability.


This thing charges extra 16 cents per minute even if you have nights and weekends free through your provider. There is nothing free about it... as soon as u connect they charge 16 cents and it goes on...BE AWARE...FUKIN BUSINESSES