New BES 5.0 SP2 IT polices get OS specific with BlackBerry 6

By IsaacKendall on 22 Jun 2010 08:46 am EDT

BB IT Policy 

Last week we reported that details of SP2 for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 leaked out. Well now we've found a RIM document with the full release notes on the upcoming BES Service Pack. What's interesting is the new IT policy rules in the release. Specifically at the number of policies that require a handheld to have OS 6 in order to enforce. Here's the quick list of policies that must have handheld OS 6:

  • Disable Feeds application 
  • Prevent BlackBerry Podcasts 
  • Prevent RSS Feeds 
  • Prevent uploading of videos to YouTube 
  • Content Protection Usage 
  • Disable Browsing of Remote Shared Folders 
  • Force IT Policy View Icon on Homescreen 

Many of these, for example "Prevent BlackBerry Podcasts", are to preserve wireless data usage which companies pay for and are concerned about. However this policy will only apply to the BlackBerry Podcast app which is currently in Beta. Apps such as PodTrapper will not be affected by this policy.

I'm intrigued by IT policies, they are a great look into the near future.  Whenever a new service pack for the BES rolls out a quick tour through IT Policies seem to be a crystal ball into the future of official BlackBerry apps. Back in the 4.0 days we saw ICQ, MSN & Yahoo! messenger IT controls show up long before RIM announced partnerships with these platforms. Currently there is no official RIM RSS program or YouTube app so it stands to reason that if there are new IT controls for these yet to exist products they are on the horizon.

If you're really in need of some good bedtime reading you can grab the full PDF of the release notes. It isn't for the faint of heart it's 66 pages long, don't forget your propeller hat.

Reader comments

New BES 5.0 SP2 IT polices get OS specific with BlackBerry 6


While I know it isn't at this point "official", why do you think RIM purchased Viigo. Just yesterday they announced that they would soon stop supporting their Windows Mobile app.

RIM got Viigo because they only want their own rss to work.... rest everyone else will be blocked... like u mentioned happened with Yahooo ICQ messengers

No IM clients are blocked by RIM.  At a corporate level if a BES admin enables the IT policies to prevent official RIM apps like ICQ etc 3rd part clients like IM+ would still work unless they disable the installing of all 3rd party apps.

The Blackberry Solution so secure. I work for Unisys Federal as a Blackberry Implementation Specialist. IT policies are my life blood. Its funny when I tell an IT manager about what they can secure with the correct combination of IT Policies. Enable this with that and voila user can no long use IM. Mix these three IT Policies together and now you prevent users from being able to forward confidential email from their Blackberry. I can rattle off about 60% off IT policies from memory.

Is no more. Viigo is part of the core OS now. Others will not be blocked but really there will be not much point to install another if it's already built in.

The funny thing is, the BlackBerry OS out of the box supports RSS feed, it's just not a rich UI and it's not very functional. It's always been there just poorly implemented.

Sadly, Bla1ze is right.  Why load 3rd party apps when it duplicates features included with the BlackBerry.  Like Twitter for BlackBerry - why load SocialScope or TweeGenuis when the berry comes with a Twitter client?

It's kind of SOP these days, Apple, BlackBerry & Android wait for the developer world to plug holes with cools apps and than big brother swoops in with their own app to take over.

I found this entry in Known Issues for the Attachment very interesting.

BlackBerry device users cannot open .pdf files on their devices. (DT 538050)

Depending on how widespread that is, that would be a showstopper for me.

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