New: Berry Wars for the BlackBerry Storm

Berry Wars for the BlackBerry Storm
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 May 2009 10:40 am EDT

One trend in smartphone gaming is to either license and mobilize classic old school games (think Pirates!, Monopoly, etc.) or to simply develop new berry-ized versions of them (Sea Battle, BBtris, etc.). 

Over the weekend, a new berry-ized remake of the Dope Wars and Drug Wars games popped up in the CrackBerry App Store called Berry Wars. If you're not familiar with the premise of this type of game, you'll want to visit the Berry Wars product page or Berry Wars forum thread for full details. Developed by Epic Applications, Berry Wars is built from the ground up for the BlackBerry Storm and features solid graphics and has a ton of replay value. It's also a ton of fun if you're into these kinds of role-playing drug dealer type games.

Berry Wars sells for $2.99, but you can grab it until May 12th for $1.99 from the CrackBerry App Store (no coupon required). A free trial is available. If you give it a go, be sure to drop your thoughts in the comments! 

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New: Berry Wars for the BlackBerry Storm


This game is awesome and very addicting. I downloaded it last night and planned on playing a cople rounds before bed but it ended p being about an hour and a half!!! LOL hope everyone enjoys this.

With the comments written, I'm afraid of my kid's request for this stuff. I worry about his discipline in playing the games. Anyone who has a good idea of putting control for my kid in playing the games?

I'm not being cocky or anything at all, but when I was a child, my parents let me watch bloodfest movies and play violent games like GTA on my PS2. Now, I am 20, and I attend a private university where I am currently on the Dean's List. I cannot say that I think this game will ruin a child's life (I used to play Dope Wars in my middle school's computer labs when the teachers weren't around--we all did).

worth the 2 bones imo...awesome look and feel - customized for the storm. easy to navigate, quick learning curve if you are new to rpg's. great replay value! try it out!

very cool app, played it for 2 hours last night instead of sleeping LOL. Now I have something to do on the subway to work! A++

This is a horrible game. Drugs and Dope and mafia gangs should not be glorified in some hand held game. People are killed everyday as innocent victims of this immature mindset. We expect better Crackberry.

I think this game is intended for people who understand entertainment is not reality, adults that know the difference between right and wrong. You may be taking this a little too serious. I respect your opinion of the game, but you have no right to judge an entire company because they promoted an app. (They also promoted the farting app lol)They are not the catholic church, they are an entertainment site. If you don't like the game, don't buy the game, but others do and will.

citi -

Very well-said. I'm with you on that. I, for one, will definitely be buying this one today! I used to play this in high school on my calculator during math class, haha. Glad to see it's been revamped!

I loved Dope Wars and still play it regularly, but this app allows FAR too many shakedowns from cops, the mob, etc. What used to happen maybe 3 times a game now takes place seemingly every third move! Ridiculous.

Thanks for your feedback that there are too many attacks. All it takes for me to change this is a single number in one file. When you buy weapons and new coats, you are less likely to run into these attacks, so the point is to force you to buy the accessories. Thanks again!

Why do some people like to take something that is Open Source/Public Domain, but a few graphics in and then try to make a buck like it is his original idea?

Get it free here for most BB's

For the Storm Free. Delta_foxtrot2 made a few tweaks. Install 2 files on the Storm and works great. i have been using this version for a while. Not as pretty (text only), but just as addictive.

What I offer is an app designed ground up for the Storm. Sure, if the $1.99 is that much to you, you can play around with figuring out how to install the library and mess with it. Or you can download the trial of mine for free! If you like it, its $1.99 so support my work.

I've been a HUGE fan of Drug Wars since it came out many years ago and when I saw this I HAD to get it especially for $1.99 It runs SMOOTH as ICE, is visually pleasing and plays just like the original game and is TONS of FUN ! IMO this is one of the BEST games out for the STORM right now, so if your a fan of the original game or want to try something seriously entertaining you MUST get this App !!! Hands down my Favorite, Thanks for Berry Wars, I'm now a very happy camper !