New BBM update rolling out through BlackBerry World brings new ways to add contacts

By Bla1ze on 12 Aug 2014 05:43 pm EDT

To go along with the iOS update to BBM from earlier today, BlackBerry has also pushed out an update for BlackBerry 10 users, For some folks, it's not going to be a new release as it it appears this version might have came with 10.2.2 if you loaded that. However, most folks should be seeing v10.3.43.9 provided you're running 10.2.1 and not some other leaked or developer build. Long story short, if you're running a stock device, you should be seeing an update. If you're not running stock, you may already have it.

As for the changes, well it's all the things that were in the previous BlackBerry Beta Zone build such as the new add contact screen, where you can choose PIN, Email, Barcode, SMS and even invite folks from your address book to download BBM. On top of that, there's also additional support for BBM Protected and the usual 'bug fixes and improvements'.

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New BBM update rolling out through BlackBerry World brings new ways to add contacts


I am just happy that they fixed the damn invite scan screen!It was really annoying trying to find the means to scan someone's barcode (yes, I live and work surrounded by Blackberry users!). I am very happy to see the split screen scan and PIN info below it.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Seems to look the same on Q10 with 10.2.1. Z10 with 10.3 the icon is different and the UI is different, delivery confirmation are circles instead of square and the bbm video icon is white instead of green.

Good point. Surprised it's not more like the "flat" icon we got in the latest BlackBerry World update.

Frosty white Q10/

If this ís the new 10.3 icon, it looks nothing like BBWorld anymore. That is a bit weird.

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Icon looks the same Q10SQN100-2/ to me. I hate the flat BlackBerry World icon, hope all icon don't get that look. Please bring back original icons without the grey box. Actually I don't care about the grey box because I use a black wallpaper.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

It must suck that can't take advantage of your countrymen trying to move so much money out of the country.

Not too bad, running a leaked OS and received the update. The icon is now more rectangular

Caribbean Z30

still no way to uninstall stickers?!?!?
also, if you wipe your device, and dont have a new backup w/ recently purchased stickers, you lose those stickers...

c'mon blackberry.. simple simple things... need to be no brainers!!!

The fact that you still cannot go in landscape mode while not in the hub is also annoying. Many of my android/ios friends have also complained that they cannot rotate the keyboard while using bbm. Come on guys, simple things first ! We should not give people any excuse not to use bbm!

Why are we getting this AFTER ios and Android???

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Same day update, across the globe.

Me thinks you bit ch too much about trivial nonsense.

Whine about iOs/Droids not getting video. Because that is definitely NOT trivial.


No, not the same day. My wife got it on her iphone yesterday and I get it today. Not a big issue but I do believe BlackBerry should be looking after it's own first. It was even reported here on CrackBerry for ios/android before BlackBerry.
Just sayin'.

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Time delay? Different time zone down under?

Some people get updates early, some get them later, and they're in the same town on the same network. Go figure.

Oz, mate, I wouldn't be too worried about it. Let the iOS crowd have it first, we know we still have the better user experience...


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Hi Prem, as you said, same network, same town and about 12 hours difference. Not to worry but I hate it when my apple loving family get one up on me, lol. Still trying to convince them all that BlackBerry OS is far superior. Let them have their itoys, I know that I have the best...... BlackBerry of course!!!!
Now bring on the video chat cross platform! Please???

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From your Z10, tap and hold on my comment then click share, as say, a text message. When it opens, tap and hold on the "bees" and select copy, then paste it into your signature!

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Just received it on Koodo (Telus) in Canada.

I absolutely cannot wait for iOS and Android users to get video capability!

Agreed! I know these small updates are necessary but there are other bigger things they need to work on and Video chat on Android and iOS is one of them. Also file sharing in Groups! And how about giving Windows phone users an update! Ok, I know I'm asking for too much! Sigh...

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Would be crazy for BlackBerry to release Video chatting if it is not working properly I guess there is a reason why it hasn't come yet

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They really need to update channels and add new features.
People aren't using it because it's hard to invite people, while yes it may help, if they offer something the competition doesn't or give more reason to download then more people come.

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Cross platform BBM™ voice has bugs....need multiple attempts to connect...hope that's fixed too...

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BBM won't catch on because it's too restrictive in how you add contacts. Sorry to say this, but WhatsApp got it right. And if you don't like to give out your number, then maybe those contacts shouldn't be contacts.

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The problem with a phone number is that they get reused. Once reinstated it shows up in your Whatsapp list again. As well, it is much safer to share a PIN number then your phone number. To many ways for people to get your address with your phone number. Hopefully this update will be more for your likings as they are trying to make it easier to invite folks.

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In 2013 I thought everyone would use BBM because its safe and you don't have to share your number but everyday proves for me that everyone doesn't care about sharing their numbers.

Now if they could just fix the shared group pictures issue that the Q devices have.

Also, let's get whomever did the new BBM icon to re-do the BlackBerry World one.

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Could Blackberry not somehow have BBM preinstalled on iPohnes, Androids and Microsoft phones like it already is on BB phones? Instead of an app to install from Blackberry world just have it baked in, make it the go to app for messaging across the globe.

Haven't gotten it but when I do i'll update for sure.

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I've noticed the Emoticons size difference from previous version, Stickers size reduction, and BBM feels loads faster!

Anyone notice the same?

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Ummm restore purchases nice update. If you ever bought any stickers with another device you can now install it back

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I hope it fixes my battery drain issue. My Z30 battery will drain super fast sometimes. When I look at the diagnostics, it is BBM that is using my battery.

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i love new icon...but still no bbm video n call!? im in, hw about u guys?

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10.2.2 also receive update via BlackBerry World. I'm received it 8 hours ago. 10.2.2 is not leaked OS.

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Just updated.
Can't see any changes so maybe I had it already with the last OS update except I can now no longer replace my profile picture.
Click on the relevant icon ( sample picture works ok) and it fades as if to load and then nothing .

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Just got the spark.

Telstra / Australia, approx. 6pm

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Still no recommended contact based on your phone number? When is this going to come? This is the thing that makes WhatsApp, Line & Wechat more popular than BBM.

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Contact's display pictures seems buggy, some of my contacts now have no display pics.

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Got it last night here in Florida... like the new add contacts tab, much more user friendly to add people. Two thumbs up


Is the search function for channels not working for anybody else? Search running? Or Football for example and nothing.

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Just download the new BBM version and my Z30 constantly reboots. Will only stay on when connected to a power source. Anyone else getting this issue?

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Another day, another BBM Protected news, another "in a very short time release" but still no idea on how to buy it and use it yet.

Sick of it...