New BBM Stickers: Disney Princess Collection and Play

By Bla1ze on 28 Aug 2014 06:46 pm EDT

A new batch of BBM Stickers have arrived and this time around, we get Disney Princess Collection and a new Play pack by Alex Stsiazhyn. With the princess pack, you get Snow White, Ariel, Belle Pocahontas, Jasmine and more for the typical $1.99.

As for the Play pack, it's based on simple hand drawn doodles that depict 'exciting downtime moments' such as watching movies, skating, bowling and more for $1.99. The packs should be appearing in the BBM Shop for most folks already, just fire up BBM and head to the shop and check them out.

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New BBM Stickers: Disney Princess Collection and Play


If you don't care, don't bother commenting...otherwise you do care one way or the other. ;)

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The folks here on Crackberry should run a poll on how many of us use this added feature.
I use it.

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Stickers may not be for everyone, but I enjoy sharing them with my husband and children.

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I need a Harley Davidson pack

Oh, and a hunting and fishing pack - maybe some rifles, boats / rod and reel / shotguns, dead deer, elk and antelope/ ducks / quail / turkey pheasant.

Yeah - that's what I need!

Yes please. I need a care package full of A17 Gunships, Hunter Seeker Drones, Sentry Turrets, Grenade Launchers, Atlas Mech Suits, Valkerie Rockets, Airstrikes, and Nukes.

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Naysayers should expand their focus a bit. I don't use stickers a lot, but they are suitable for injecting some light-hearted tone into both personal and business conversations when used sparingly. This is perhaps less prevalent in some cultures, but in others, it is the expected norm: in fact, vital.

Sometimes a single graphic can go a long way to convey and emotion, situation, or mood to the person on the receiving end - something that could otherwise be misinterpreted. Good communication is about being clear; that is not always conveyed with words alone, at least not unless the writer happens to be a proficient poet.

What is good for clear communication is good for Blackberry; what is good for BlackBerry is good for those who will benefit from the products and services delivered when it thrives in the long-term. All the better if a bit of revenue is generated directly through the sale of stickers.

I'm all for stickers. Some of you should loosen your collars and be a kid for a moment. The others around you will be thankful.

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Yes, when TXT'ing or BBM'ing, there is no facial expressions nor any tone in your voice, so yeah, the odd sticker certain helps..

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Well, they are GIANT emoticons. Huge.

You can't use them in a conversation, they get sent all by themselves.

When you click on one, there is no feedback of any sort. So, you end up spamming them thinking nothing happened. Also, without feed back any giant emoticon you touch gets sent.(don't touch the wrong one!)

They're kinda a "work in progress", not unlike cross platform BBM. Seems a shame we can't have vid chat with the few contacts we convince to try BBM. They try BBM, then go back to whatever they were using. "Tell me when it works" they say...

So if you buy them are the one time use or send as many times as you want? BTW, it's probably a great revenue stream for BlackBerry.

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You buy, you own. (tied to your BBid)

Send as often as you like.

They must be a perfect revenue stream, almost nothing to make and cost more than most apps.

The stickers that we have now are mostly for babies. We need more cool sticker and I know it can be done so let's go !

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Last poll I said that I would never use stickers. Turn out my nephews are using them, and now I have several stickers installed on my Z3.

I think BlackBerry should be glad that Disney is still developing things (albeit stickers) for Blackberry. I'd like to think that means BlackBerry is still a major phone maker in Disney's opinion.

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I like the new stickers but they are too expensive.

I would buy them regularly at $0.99 but $1.99 is just too much for stickers.

The cost to produce and host stickers surely can't justify a price higher than $0.99?

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I'd like to know how many folks are actually using some of these sticker packs.

Also, if a Pusheen the Cat sticker pack came out, I'd buy that right away. :)

I just don't get stickers. I'm sure that some people use them but they seem so opposite of the direction that BB is taking. They are clearly focused on businesses and the enterprise market and yet all of these things are geared at what seems to me kids. I'm not downing them, I guess I just don't understand them.

I like the Play doodles. I will purchase them. But I think the SHOP needs a way to organize these stickers now that we have quite a few displayed, and a separation of the ones I have already purchased.

Even that I don't like stickers, I really welcome the fact that the BBM team pushes constantly new updates out.