New BlackBerry Messenger Commercial... the BBM Flirt!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Feb 2011 10:55 pm EST

RIM pushed BlackBerry Messenger hard in 2010 and it's looking like the trend is going to continue in 2011 and I'm glad to see that be the case. Afterall, BBM does rock and after years of almost no-advertising from RIM, it'll take a while still before I get bored of seeing them pump out commercials.

This time around it's all about the BlackBerry Flirt (Flirt almost sounds like a name RIM would give to a phone... perhaps a good followup to the BlackBerry Style?). You can catch the 60 second version above and the shorter 30 second version below. It's pretty edgy for conservative 'ole RIM. Good to see. But after watching this commercial instead of thinking about getting girls' PINs all I can really think about is getting my hands on a BlackBerry Bold Touch rocking BlackBerry 6.1 and BlackBerry Messenger 6. Yowza!

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New BlackBerry Messenger Commercial... the BBM Flirt!


Gawddammit Kevin - I love your posts. Especially the funny words/phrases you subtly sneak in there....yowza!

that's funny. one of these days i should go back through every post i've written and make a list of all the kevinisms.  could be fun.

I'm drinking Drinking the kool-aid like Kev. Ha but good to see these ads still coming. Solid campaign for RIM

so true.. this post was some Vintage CrackBerry Kevin... but maybe it's more like I'm serving up the kool-aid rather than drinking it though, don't ya think? or maybe it's both.  :)

Wanna get laid? Go get a Blackberry! Seriously a lot of iphone boys need a blackberry instead!

lmao "studies have shown that people with iphone get laid the most"
thats bull...i know for sure from expirence if a chick see you with a berry there is a strong urge in her just to get your pin.
no wonder most of my iphone friends keep asking to see the chicks i have on my bbm then they all of a sudden thinks playing angry bird and fruit ninja is immature then they wanna switch to blackberry

Hahaha.. Angry bird n fruit ninja.. Lmao.. True that!!
As a matter of fact, we'd get the same urge when seeing a pretty girl flaunting her bberry now ain't tht true!! =P

LED flashing, BBM coming in, your heart starts racing, hoping it's that hottie you just met answering back.... Nope! Just another ANNOYING broadcast message chain letter! FML!

haha that girl is such a PIN slut =D

sorry couldnt resist. but yah BBM is definitely a system that is going great and yet has so much more potential. im glad RIM is taking such a proactive approach nowadays. they've been so mainly behind the scenes till last year. show the world your Peacock! (Katy Perry reference hah)

hey can you stop reading my mind and stop posting what im about to post before me.
but i hope the bold touch is sexy,not sure how i will adapt to touch screen typing yet.

RIM would make the BBM even better if they integrated a local search option that would allow you to find people around you with a BB. Maybe they can have a pic up there or a small bio section so the BBM community can really get a jump off! If it happen just remember who told it to you first ;-D


I can't say I've ever used it to flirt and I'm just glad to see these comments on here haven't turned into some sleezy Add me pin is blah blah blah like on some app world applications.

Anyways, I can totally agree on BBM helping to continue on friendships and relationships and the read and delivered helps immensely - It's just more personal than texting and that you can send pictures and sound files etc :)

And apparently, you need to have the Torch to be cool enough to flirt with BBM. C'mon, I BBM round the clock on my Tour.

EXCELLENT RIM !!!!!! I will only say that, via BBM you can do some heavy flirting and exchange all kinds of things... Yes texting is good, but not as fast as BBM. Nothing like seeing that the other end read your message and is typing back....

That's a great commercial because it can actually start a trend here. If that happens, BB's popularity will shoot through the roof.

Haha, I can see it now. Your at a bar or something and your chatting it up with someone. The night is going great and you want to continue the conversation. "hey, I really enjoyed our small time together and I was wondering if I could get your pin and hit you up sometime". She then anxiously starts to fumble through her purse and whips out a pen. "oh, no...HAHA, I'm sorry. I meant your BB pin". "My what"? "Your pin so I can talk to you on messenger". "Oh, I'm sorry...I.....I don't....". She then foolishly whips out her iPhone. "You can still text me. My number is 281-561-17........hey! Wait, where are you going"?! Its too walk away in disgust.

lmao funny thing is true story this chick on the bus told his guy if he dont have a bbm he is not getting her number then i look at them and took my bold out but i just did that to rub it in yeah im an asshole funny thing is he had a iphone 4..thought he was cool.....NOT!!

The shock is it has taken them so long to realise their apps real potential and market for it!

Great angle for RIM to take. I hope they play this up in the future: "Sit at home alone playing games versus getting out there and communicating with the world" BB is the THE communication device.

They really need to play up the "you don't have to give out your phone number to chat" angle. It's way easier to boot someone off your BBM than it is to change your phone number when someone won't take a hint. They should market it as a security feature and really push the secure platform mantra Blackberry is known for. Now, even flirting is secure!

RIM needs to spend more money in R&D for their phones not for commercials to push BBM that runs on age old hardware!

How about taking Kevin nuts out of you guys mouth. Bbm is so plaaaaaaaaaaaaayed out. There's no difference than using SMS besides you can only bbm other bb owners. Sound pretty gay to me to join a bbm club and show your contacts off. FYI, nobody gets laid because of a phone you morons

Hehe, you sound bitter.

Maybe you should start using BBM a bit more and see if you can't get some action? Might lift that negative moood of yours :)

Omg did he just say bbm is played out .. And tht its similar to sms n shiaaaatttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He certainly has no clue of east or west or north or south (tht's where u headed or where the crow fly backwards)
Sorry state, still hovered around BBM forum n venting some dung outta the closet.. Bless you!!!!!!!!

Oh shit he just typed omg, that's gay where I'm from. Did you put ur hand over ur mouth and say it. LMFAO! BBM isplayed out like bell bottoms. You can't bbm other phones so now u r stuck texting other bb owners. SMS can hit any phone up. Correct me if I'm wrong little fanboy

Not bitter just not caught up in look everybody I have bbm. It's sad when kids ask u for your pin so they can have a lot of bbm contacts. From the post don't look like to many people use bbm. Again, it's the same as SMS u just message ur little buddies that r stuck with a bb. LMFAO. Try getting friends outside the circle and nobody gets laid becaus of bbm

U can't back up ur talks cuz u have no friggin' idea of what u're talkin abt!!!!!!!!
Kids, what are u, like 1950 born or sumthin!!!?????????
Get facts right and ascertained, self straightened up n make a questionnaire abt the "laid" bit...... U're definitely wrong!!!

The only thing I can agree with u here is about getting out there n see a real world rather than a virtual one.. But then again, behind a virtual glass, there sits another entity that is real.. All in all, its a reality.. Didn't it hit u by now !?

Kkunal you sound like this bitch I know. Always cryin when someone talk abou what you have. Do you work for rim or own some stock or are u just some fanboy that gets offended when someone talk about ur best friend