New BBM update arrives in the Beta Zone, brings new way to add contacts

New BBM Beta Zone update brings new way to add contracts
By DJ Reyes on 22 Jul 2014 05:54 pm EDT

BlackBerry has been busy working on BBM. We've just seen an update to the BBM beta on Windows Phone but it seems a beta update has landed for BlackBerry 10 users too. There isn't much to this update but it does bring about a new way to add BBM contacts. There is a new Add Contact screen where you can seemingly add contacts from a suggested list or send an invite to a contact to their e-mail address. Even the scan barcode screen has been tweaked too.

There are some known issues with this beta update

  • Glympse sent during out of coverage is received as expired after User turns on Wifi
  • Classic - After selecting a tab, User cant precisely and easily move up and down to highlight items using trackpad
  • Classic - User is unable to scroll through the Voice chat toolbar in the Voice chat UI using the trackpad
  • Classic - User can't easily scroll using trackpad in the chat history area containing a long message history, sometimes automatic scrolling happens even without the use of trackpad

You'll see mention of the BlackBerry Classic in that list of issues. A device not yet released or heard much of since it was announced during the last earnings call. But they're obviously testing internally. A bit funny to see it mentioned, really.

Also, note that by updating to this latest BBM beta, you may lose your existing chats. We're not sure if this is a limited beta as previous beta versions have been. If you don't have a Beta Zone account you can sign up for one for free. To update just open up the Beta Zone app to check for a BBM beta update.

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New BBM update arrives in the Beta Zone, brings new way to add contacts


But bad to see how many issues they're already having with it in their core app. Wonder how many issues the hardware will have in other non-BB apps? I'm sure they'll sort it all out but it sounds like they've made a LOT more work for themselves.

Agreed, but they still have a lot of time before the classic is out. The passport is coming out first most likely because of the lack of trackpad integration. Both phones seem finalized from a hard wear perspective

Posted via CB10

Ya the track pad issue probably stems from working things out in the BB10 OS since the OS probably was never designed to accommodate at track pad.

Posted via CB10

Where is the BBM Video for cross platform it supposed to be out last year
Another missed deadline.

Posted via CB10

I've been saying that they should roll out the z3 first before cross platform BBM video chat because then the z3 has a key selling point vs cheap android phones (i.e. Full BBM). Maybe it's a strategic decision....

Posted via CB10

Every software, os and hardware goes through this iterative development and they will release only when they deem the product to be fit for mass reliability. This is not unusual.

Oh look, another annoying poster who thinks it's clever to say first in a post...

Hope your gf or wife gets to be first most times...

Posted via my ZED10

First off, let me say that it was not my intention to be first. But I guess that first point that quick mention was spot on. It was really the first time that I was first, and the first time quick saw me as first. In sure it's not the first time this first issues has happened. First first first.

Posted via CB10

Look at that FIRSTER comment!It doesn't make any sense!I support Quicksilver all the way!

 Incurable Q10  Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

Having someone cry and make it X comments longer trying to be a police over the internet... That's going to work...

As do i, i really don't see why people get their jollies being 1st. As if there was some kind of prize for doing so...i've had opportunities to be 1st and i bypass it cause i think it gives the impression that you spend hrs refreshing the page for a new article...if i do get a chance to be 1st again I'll just say "bite me" for the 2nd person who will obviously be bitter that they were not 1st.

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@Prem...Yeah,me too!!! I guess Kevin posting his first comments ,has got Quick do a re-evaluation ,anyway he deserves a vacation and I'm pretty sure everyone loves him.

Not seeing anything in Beta Zone App just yet.
Hmm.. Quite a bit of Classic trackpad issues.
Can't wait to see BBM on the Passport.

Posted via Z30STA100-6/

Me either. Probably a limited beta again...

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers but has Frenchie pics :) [/URL]

I see it here just deciding if I want to loose my chats just yet. Seems to happen each time I get a beta. Maybe tomorrow

Reg Q10SQN100-1/

New way to add contacts... Sending BlackBerry enforcers to your contact's home address? :)

"Hello, we strongly suggest you install BBM. Accidents happen more often to people who haven't installed BBM"

I don't have a 6-7 OS BlackBerry near me but could they be referring to them instead of the yet-released Classic handset? I would imagine Classic, being a keyboard ed device would behave similarly to Q10. And if they meant 10.3 devices, I would expect them to have noted that.

Posted via CB10

Wouldn't they just call those Legacy? Anyway, seems like a limited Beta again as usual, wonder if someone will be able to extract it.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

I highly doubt that BBOS devices would have trouble navigating BBM with their trackpad.

Plus the notes refer to the specific build, which is not for BBOS devices.

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What about the Channels notifications? Do they still keep counting endlessly or do they finally reset to '1' after reading?

BlackBerry 10 signed.

I know, but I try to follow a lot of Channels so that becomes a chore. And it makes it hard to quickly see how many actual new entries there are if you forget to delete them regularly.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

my beta zone just spins/loading... doesnt go in ?!?!??!?!

nevermind.. deleted, reinstalled.. all good. upgrading BBM now.

It's arrives and my bbm is still frozen. I have a blackberry z10 and my bbm does work so much for showing the features of bbm!

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If you have BBM from BlackBerry World and the beta both installed it has caused it to freeze. Delete both and just load of of the 2. Either beta or BlackBerry World certified app

Posted via CB10

Still no landscape orientation. Seriously, what does it take for them to add this to all platforms. Is it that hard to do?

Posted via CB10

Right on, I can't understand why BlackBerry is so slow to update BBM with basic features.

The one that annoys me the most is not having the "new messages" chat thread break. Everytime I leave a group chat for a few hours, I have to scroll from the bottom to see where I left off.

Differentiate or Die

How about improving ios version so it actually is a cross platform app that works?

I use bbm daily but my iPhone contacts are disappearing by the minute.

Come on bbm team let's make this app live up to its potential!

From my z30

Private beta again I am very active on Beta Zone I am even on BBM for Windows Beta and BBOS beta but never on BB 10 BBM, so angry.

Posted from my flagship Z30

Stop "adding ways to find contacts" and make the app better first, or the new contacts we "find" won't want to stick around for long!

Seems like ever since the launch of that Beta Zone app, there aren't as many people that are given the chance to be Beta testers for BlackBerry-made apps.

That's a shame. The more users the better, I would think, as I'm sure not all testers submit feedback. Back when the Beta Zone was more of a hassle, where you had to connect your device via USB cord, I could have sworn I was able to test nearly all BBM and Twitter For BlackBerry beta versions.

its limited beta and look like only available for OS 10.2 and 10.2.1
will not see it in the list even you have received notification email if you use 10.3 CMIIW

Looks like they fixed the level of Channels when you go back to the main page. The last change sent me back to the top of the page which was annoying but now it goes back to last page

Posted via CB10

Jeff Gadway confirmed Broadcast's emoticons in next beta version

Could anyone check that for me?

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I want my BBM group picture share... been waiting so long but non of the update gives picture share in BBM group!!! I tot the group picture share was announced for the previous BETA months ago?

 BB FANS via Q10 

This is what I want from BBM, which I think would bring in so much more people too:

OPTION to log off and on.
OPTION to appear offline but actually be logged in.
OPTION to add contacts via phone number.
OPTION to automatically add everyone on your BlackBerry Contacts.
OPTION to not allow people to automatically add you, which means, they'll know you have BBM.
All features universal, including multi person chat and Groups, some example of said features but not limited to, photos, videos, Glympse and stickers. All features.
More free stickers.
BBM integrated in games.

Posted via CB10

OPTION to log off/on & to remain invisible are irrelevant to BBM. BBM is "always ON, always CONNECTED." it will never be implemented i believe.

Of those I hope you agree getting uniform features between single/multi/group chats is the most important.
And of course xplatform video.

I personally can do without all the 'optional' contact adding stuff, that would make the experience much more complicated. Just when they are getting BBM to be a bit more user-friendly.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

nice move BBM team, but still, lots of new features & capabilities needed to be addressed.

looking forward to getting another NEW beta version with NEW features!

I sure hope they fix the email conversation feature. It's kinda annoying that when you choose to email a conversation, it only goes back a few days. Whatsapp does this feature very well. Why can't BBM do it? I either that, or allow a way to save or archive the conversations to a cloud service. I don't wanna lose my precious BBM conversations. It's really sad :(

Posted via CB10

You can. If you link the contact number to the BBM I'd, it then generates a compete contact list.

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

BBM shall stay at No 6th or 7th position in the world as a messing app why?

1) People from Android & IOS are waiting forever to get BBM Video. So they still prefer Viber and WeChat!
2) The user interface of BBM for IOS and Android sucks. Time has gone when people shall buy BB10 handsets for getting a better BBM user interface.
3) BBM Money is just talks and has not picked up!
4) BBM cant monetize unless they have 300 + million users

Still waiting for video and voice note sharing in group chat! We are using these features in whatsapp the rest is bbm. Come on blackberry team update your bbm!

Posted via CB10

Another update and still no real file sharing in multi-person chat or Group chat. Still no BBM Video cross platform... smh... they are not concentrating on what they should.

Posted via CB10

Forget all that they need a damm stability update!! I've lost so many ios contacts because their app just stopped working. Sheesh I have a z10 and my BBM is acting up. Sometimes old messages still show up as new no matter how many times I click on it to view.

But BlackBerry please work on improving stability PLEASE!!

Posted via CB10

BBM suck on other platforms and LINE on BB device that are converted from Android also suckkkkkk big time. WTF!!!!

Posted via CB10

One of Ya'll that got invited to this beta needs to suggest a BBM lite for those of us who just want a communicator. Just give us chats and groups. No need for any stupid feeds or channels. Give simple efficient BBM or a way to turn that crap off

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