New Batch of Verizon BlackBerry Storm Vids!

New BlackBerry Storm Videos!
By James Falconer on 20 Oct 2008 12:23 pm EDT

If you can't get enough of the BlackBerry Storm vids that have been appearing over the last little while, we have a whole whack-load for you today. Engadget has posted 6 new videos for your Storm-loving needs. If you weren't drooling before, you will be now. Grab a bib and check them out after the jump >

Surfing the internet

Back of the Storm

Dude with a Storm

VZ Navigator

Placing a call


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New Batch of Verizon BlackBerry Storm Vids!


Need more then a video to impress me with a touchscreen, put it in my hands and gimme a day with it, then maybe I'd be singing it's praises....but will those praises still prove true after many months of usage, will the touchscreen go to hell like the iPhone and every other touchscreen phone on the market or will it hold up like no other has before it?

What kind of person have you been talking to about the iPhone?

Or do you own one yourself?

I'm pretty sure the iPhone didn't go to Shit after months of usage... maybe some technical problems here and there, but doesn't every cell phone have those problems?

And before you jump all over me, i am getting this phone the first day it available.

But, you need to realize that the iPhone isn't a phone that's going to just Shit out....

I agree with Achronas. I don't think any touchscreen on any phone whether an iphone or storm will crap out. I think the technology is good enough to allow touchscreen to be durable.

Love the clicking sounds you get from the video about making calls and emails. CANNOT wait for this thing to come out. I'm on the call back list and the email list. I'm doing everything in my power to get one soon.

And with the info that it will be available some time between November 14-16 that at least gives me something to look forward to. Keep up the good work.

Def get the Storm - AT&T SUCKS!!!! I had the iPhone for 2 days and couldn't keep a single call. Ironic thing is I live next door to the Nashville AT&T headquarters.

Verizon has the best service, hands down.

lol i kept my iphone for 2 days and then just recently had th iphone 3g for 3 dayas and went back to verizon. :)

I had 3 iPhone 3g's. All went back. Dropped calls, and right into voicemail. I don't think I ever heard the phone ring. I will not switch to another carrier ever again for a phone.

Don’t do it!

I have the 3G iPhone and it’s great. The major problem, besides it locking up 3 times a day, an overly sensitive screen, no pix messaging, is that the cellular reception is the absolute worse I have ever experienced. In 1986 I had a “Car Phone” and a Motorola Brick. I have had Nextel (6 of the Motorola phones) Verizon LG’s (4 of them). All these devices worked ten times better that the combination of the iPhone & AT&T. The iPhone has so far by far the best display I have found. It’s going to be a shame to give up the picture quality, but why do you need a cell phone? That’s to communicate and nothing has ever been worse for me than the great iPhone and AT&T.

Question: When in portrait mode, the keyboard seems to be 2 letters to a button, is this correct? Is this the case for all modes of operation - address book, email, navigation, etc - only a full qwerty keyboard when in landscape mode?

Once this thing finally drops, its gonna be a good day for RIM, hopefully this phone holds up well on the network as well..

I gotta say, i have been waiting for this thing to come out for close to a year. Love touch screens, but i type way too much for them. This looks like it could be the answer.
I do want to point out this ClickThrough mystery though. If you watch in either the Email vid, or Web-Surfing one, watch the screen glair when its touched...You can seen that the screen actually bends/dips in spots of the frame when depressed. I just hope it doesn’t feel cheap like the Voyager's squishy screen.

Saw the same thing. This worries me. Oh well, if anything this will just hold me over until the iPhone comes to Verizon.

Glad someone else caught that. Also, in the web browsing vid (video 1) when he clicks on the Google Search bar to enter text there's a discoloration on the left side of the screen, kinda like if you press on an LCD screen (it rainbow ripples). Lame!!!! WTF RIM!?!?!?!?

actually if you look at it, it is not a glair the key actually gets highlighted in blue once you press the key. you can see it in some of the still shots online.

Watching the email video it seems like the predictive text is only working in the suretype (portrait) mode & not in landscape. Does anyone know if this is an option to turn on?

Great videos! Cool phone.

However, having just replaced the body on an extra Curve that had suffered some abuse at the hands of my oldest offspring, I was amazed at how cheap, easy, and effective the replacement was (and I have ordered a new case for my 8800... just before the Bold launch. DOH!). The phone looks brand new. I am concerned that the Storm/Storm 3G wears vital parts of its skeleton (touch screen) on the outside, and therefore will be very prone to catasropic (read: expensive) failure. That is one of the reasons that I did not give in to the iPhone/iPhone 3G frenzy. I pucture, in slow motion, offpring heaping abuse on it until, shortly after its purchase, it has a broken screen.

However, I am all for Blackberry goodness, and if the iPhone worked with BES, I would have been be all over it. So, I'll probably get a Storm, too, when they make one for AT&T (which, according to several sites today, is already in the works).

I love my Curve, for sure - but I think I could commit to this latest BlackBerry pretty quickly!
I'd have to agree with the comments of a couple others, I REALLY want to check out the overall feel & quality on one of these myself, before I go all Gahh-Gahh...

But I like what I'm hearing & seeing SO FAR!
My only gripe, is that Verizon will probably release these for sale 3 days after my 30-day "trial period" with this new Curve has ended - thus, forcing me to have to buy a Storm outright. Ah, well - if the thing really DOES turn out to be all that & a bag of fritos, I'll do it with a smile.
Dammit- let me hold one already, VZ!

For those of you who might be running out of days regarding your 30day trial period, I have a way around that if interested. one way is to take back your phone within that 30 days and just buy a cheap one off of ebay or borrow an old phone from a friend and activate it. As long as you return the new phone within the 30days and not take advantage of the initial customer discount you are fine and eligible down the line to purchase a new phone at new customer pricing. There is no time limit given to a new customer to purchase a new phone, but once you do you re locked in afer the 30 days. Trust me this works, I called verizon themselves and they even put notes on my account stating that I was returning the phone and activating an old phone my wife gave me so I could get the storm when it comes out!.....whenever that is!! lol

I wish i would have thought of this earlier. I had wreck on my motorcycle and totalled my curve. when I went to at&t to get a new phone they told me that I was eligable to renew my contract on OCT 7, and that the Bold was comming out on OCT 3, so i was forced to put a cim card in my partially broken blackberry 7290 untill the Bold was released. I've been checking online every couple of days for a release date for the Bold since it did't come out on the 3rd. I hate going back to the 7290 after having the curve, plus my 7290 half works so i keep missing and droping calls. I didn't want to get another curve and the bold's release date ended up getting pushed back so far that I would get stuck with the curve right before the Bold was released.

I hope that this phone does not freeze up like the Voyager did!! I was excited about the Voyager being a touch phone but I was really disappointed. I pray that the kinks have been worked out of the Storm!!

The lag on the accelerometer seems to be gone. That was the one thing that really bothered me about other videos. can't wait to try one!

I am with ATT and do not like to nor can change company and was wondering if this phone might be available Unlock or if there be the possibility of purchasing unlocking codes online?

WHY.... anyone would want a high-end touchscreen phone on AT&T with no WiFi is beyond me.

The HSDPA 3G network in America is a joke- so you're not going to get ANY kind of satisfaction out of the device, even if you can find one unlocked.

Good luck!

The subject speaks for itself. I just wish they would release this thing, so I won't obsess about it all bloody day

This looks really nice but i have noticed that there is no transition from portrait to landscape and vise versa.
Will there be?

Looks pretty nice but, I wonder how easy it will be to text having to click the screen in.... instead of just gliding across??

Don't get me wrong, I love Blackberry (currently very happy with my Bold) and I can't wait to get my hands on a Storm, but can these video's be any more boring??? Just to be clear: I'm not saying the Storm is boring, just the vids!!

how the hell are you people so impressed with this phone? its a wanna-be iphone with iphone -like features... nothing impressive we havent seen already, sliding keyboard as you turn the phone, turning screen as you move it also... same old thing, nothing impressive or new here. wi-fi... old news, 3g... old news, sorry RIM still not impressed

You must not be a blackberry user. The impressive thing is that its got more capabilites then the iphone.

You should visit the forums and read up some on the device. It has some features the iPhone doesn't. Also when you type it feels like you are hitting a real key.

So does the Storm have wifi or not?

I have seen it going both ways..some say it does..s
Some say it doesn't have it..

Which one is it?

i didnt like it at first because i thought the "clicking" was bad''

but im mad that i just got my curve a month earlier than this will come out

;[ suoer sad face

Does anyone know if the Storm will receive and display html email with fonts, colors, and pictures - like a web browser? Or will it still be just text?

I can't remember where I read it, but it does. I think it's mentioned in the video by the track-ball hater (a very recent post)


Jump on into the 9500 forums and read up. Hell Look down 2 articles and read the dang Verizon Employee training book. You will find your answer and then some.

I wonder if it supports Flash media

(iPhone doesn't of course)

I will search around

I though this was going to be WiFi for us in the UK - perhaps not..

Whats needed is 3G reception maps OF THE WORLD!

Street by street!

man or man, i hope to win this phone and have and hold use and learn more of it.
it seem to be one of the revolutionary phones to every by made, if it can look up Pda flie and do all office work then i should have if. when does it come out. i need to have this phone/device

hope u choose me to win it.

In the video of the back of the phone the guy pops in the memory card, then he pops in another card, then the battery. what is that second card? Verizon going SIM? Anyone know?