New batch of OS leaks turn up for the BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 10 May 2013 11:51 am EDT

Friday fun day? I'd say so. A shiny new batch of OS leaks has turned up in the forums thanks to the ever popular lbfe.

This time we come in with a few different versions depending on your device model. The good news is that these come down the line for all devices - STL100-1, 2, 3 & 4.

Just like every other time - be sure to read over the instructions before you get going. You'll need a Windows PC to run the autoloader and you'll want to perform a full backup of your device first. If anything goes bad - don't blame us. Remember you can always reload your Z10 OS if something gets borked. 

Grab the OS for your device at the link below then head into the forums for more help and discussion.

Download OS for the STL100-1
Download OS for the STL100-2 / STL100-3
Download OS for the STL100-4

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New batch of OS leaks turn up for the BlackBerry Z10



Does your boss know you're slacking off at work to be on CB and comment on this post first? =)

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Don't need to ask, he and I were at lunch together ;) maybe it's not lunch time where you're at?

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yeah you can always reload our os but not once you have gone to 10.1. if you try to go back to 10.0 the back up you just did will not load onto the old 10.0 OS.

Reloading the OS and reloading a backup are different things. You will always be able to reload you OS. If you do, you'll go back to whatever version your carrier has as current.

Backups are usually version dependent, so they may or may not be backwards compatible (and usually aren't in such cases).

i have trouble with my phone and losing its data connection. After trying the last leaked OS and still having a problem, i called ATT, they were no help and sent me to blackberry. When it happened they asked me to send in logs from the help screen. They said the trouble is due to not have my carries OS and i should reinstall it. I tried the other night and after getting the 10.0 installed the backup would not take.

This is confirmed. You cannot restore a backup from a newer os to an older one.
It sometimes won't work from newer builds of 10.1 to older ones. I had that happen when I put the developer 10.1 build on my z10 then grabbed the slighly older first full leak. Luckily I had my previous weeks 10.0 backup still so wasn't missing much at all except for some progress in a game.

I've done this with the last two leaks.

If you back up 10.0, load the leaked 10.1, you can restore your 10.0 data to 10.1

If you decide you don't like it and revert back to OS 10.0, you can load your 10.0 backup.

If you perform a 10.1 data back up, and revert back to 10.0, you will not be able to restore 10.1 back up to 10.0.

I hope this clarifies.

I was one of the waiters. It's running great. I don't know if it's just me but even the keyboard feel a more solid. I don't know how that's possible.

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Since this is the third leak before the Official 10.1 rollout by the carriers, I think I might try and give this one a try

Posted via me on my Z10

The cool thing about being at work while these leaks come out is that we get to read the forum comments to see how the OS is acting before we download and install it ourselves. Haha

I hate being a testing guinea pig . Let's see what others faced as issues first and if it doesn't bother me I'll follow

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That was a complete guess. No one knows when it will be released. It depends on your carrier but I would suspect an announcement on the 14th at BlackBerry Live in Orlando.

Not a guess. Will be available on the BlackBerry servers on that day! After that it's all up to the Carriers!

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You are joking! I just restored backup after installing leaked for stl100-2!!!

The last one was fine. Took about two hours before the phone went back to normal after the load. I'm wondering what the "changelog" is to this one.

Apple has the market share to demand whatever it wants from the carriers. Years ago when blackberry was on top it could demand carriers use and pay for BIS service not any more now blackberry had to drop BIS to have as wide a carrier release as possible.

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Years ago, AAPL had a much smaller share than BBRY and AAPL has always updated directly and bypassed the carriers.

That is because the carriers, starting with AT&T for the exclusive first year ... HAD NO CHOICE! Apple, now with more business clout and demand for iPhone will not go with a carrier that wants adds, bannered apps that ship with iPhone or their logo emblazened (which never made andy f***king sense because the device doesn't belong to them).

This alone without proof that it betters the model that other manufacturers follow actually increases sales, revenue or profits for any company.

PS: what the F*** is up with Mega (download site) forcing me to use chrome to download, stating I'm using an out of date browser - Safari. annoying.

Yes and some of the Iphone upgrades have been brutal...maybe could have used some carrier intervention. I can remember having an Iphone 3g and getting the new OS after the Iphone 4 came out. It basically made my 3g operate so slowly it rendered it useless to me...maybe Apples way to get us to upgrade our phones. But I fooled them. I went to Android. After much hassle with the 3g I was able to get the original OS installed back on the phone so I could sell it.

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When Apple first started, they were dealing only with AT&T (in the US, not sure about other locales) so I'm sure that was part of the initial deal. Once they took the market by storm they were in the position to pretty much demand what they wanted from any of the other carriers that may have not initially been receptive. It's a shame that RIM/Blackberry didn't get those types of concessions when they were the top dog. Missed opportunities ...

I think that leaks is actually the way to go for BlackBerry to offer OS updates directly!

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Probably. I've not tried one yet. If the update isn't out by BlackBerry Live, I'm loading the leak.

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Heard some countries in Asia is already getting the official 10.1. Might as well wait for the official one from the carrier.

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Where's the one for STL100-5? BlackBerry always treats us with -5 as second class citizens and forget about us. Oh wait, there is no such thing as -5.

Great! But all i need is the official and final release from blackberry... when is it going to happen?

Thanks for informing anyway, this news still helped.

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Is it really that hard to give us an official release date for 10.1 even if it is in June. At least we'd know, BlackBerry always have us in the dark. It better be flawless!! GIVE US A DATE!!!

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Cab someone zip this file and post the link so I could download it via my PlayBook and install it to my computer, it's because my pc don't have Internet connection..I'm used to download bar files on my PlayBook move it to my pc then Load it to my Z10 like Skype and please anyone??

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I don't know how or why but I once downloaded the 1st leaked os via my PlayBook on Google. I don't remember the site but it worked. Now I just can't to find it or a way to do it.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I got an old pc, windows xp.. and the pc got an hardware problem and can't seem with neither wife or wired.. I'm not financially ready to buy a new one.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Gotcha about the finances. I don't want to start troubleshooting but a certain component change may rectify the connection issue. It would be cheaper than purchasing a new computer.

It's super simple to install the leak. But your phone will look like it's brand new unless you backup everything.

I'm thinking about installing the leaked version but if this official one is slightly different would you install that over the leaked one? That's what's holding me back.

Mines working fine, just redownloading everything now all seems to be okay. Not sure what the Change log is though ?

I downloaded it and installed it back. Backed up my device before I did the install. Restored after install and everything went smooth. As far as changed it is to early to tell.

Is this another leak that requires Chrome to download like the others hosted with Mr. Dot Com? Props to the leaker for getting these leaks out for us, but I wish someone would upload to another hosting service. I refuse to load Chrome on my computer.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I don't get it. Link won't backup my phone and the download doesn't open for me. What am I ding wrong?

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55

Any chance you have the PC Recipe Box app on your phone? A while back I found that was preventing Link from completing a backup for me.

Just give us the godamn official I'm really regretting supporting BlackBerry as after they rook u into buying they forget to support the phone u purchased

Posted via Z10

Look at this idiot. Regretting the z10 just cause the 10.1 update isn't out to his timely schedule. Switch to iphone. U don't deserve a z10.

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What has changed since the last leak? Don't want to wipe the device again without a reason...

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So this has happened to me for the AND on my Verizon STL100-4 phone. Every time I update the OS it does a "checking for carrier updates" and installs them, then I check my Version in Settings and it shows as Can anyone let me know if I am doing something wrong or is this the actual Verizon 10.1 update?

That's your "software " version. On the top there should be a tab you can tap on. Click "OS" and you should see what you're looking for.

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Some users from around the world has had the 10.1 Os Officially released to them, not quite sure why it is taking so long for us to get it.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Carriers, Blackberry updates have to be tested and approved by your carrier. They need to stop giving so much control to the Carriers and push updates out themselves.

BBRY does not have the market share to press carriers to do anything. As a matter of fact, BBRY has had to make concessions because of this fact.

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That doesn't make sense. Android has a huge market share but their upgrade roll outs are very slow.

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actually no, it makes perfect sense. look at a nexus device, which are the only devices that are pushed through by google. they get them as soon as they are available, an android update comes available from google, then goes to the manufactures such as samsung lg, etc then it goes to the carriers and then to the phone, it is alot longer of a process that what people are complaining about with blackberry

Seems it's styill uploading to dropbox :-( :-( will let you know when they are there seems to be slower then my mega link

Halle-freaking-lluah! I can finally assign different alert tones to different email accounts! Oh, and this leak is the best one yet. Fantastic. Let's just see if it helps my reboot issue at all.

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Can't wait to get the official! I'm too scared to download a leaked version. Did it on my 9860 and the phone was already a piece of crap and the leaked Os made it worse :(. Gonna have to wait this out

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The last leak really ate my juice per second.. which is tragic.. so I went back to Z10STL100-1/ how's the batt life for this? any issues at all? Please. . Let me know... thanks lots!!!!

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One issue I'm having with this leak is that it keeps telling me I be a whatsapp messgae when I don't. Happened 3 times now. Not a big deal.

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I'm tempted to install this one. But I don't want my text to go crazy after I do a restore. I had to start clean to be able to fix my text messages

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If you battery was let's say at 72% before it would round it to 70%. Now it shows exactly what your percentage is. It would show 72%.

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Wait! How do you get the battery percentage to show? Have downloaded every leak on STL-4 and didn't know this was an option?

2 ways download an app, I use battery lover pro and it can tell you but it needs to be open. 2nd one you can go to settings and go to about in categories choose hardware and there you can get the battery percentage.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

If I backup prior to installing this OS leak, and then restoring using that same backup, will all of my BBM and SIM contacts survive, or will it all be wiped?


Hello guys, i updated to OS for the STL100-1 but now I have connectivity issues, my data only work over WiFi, any assistance with this will be appreciated. My carrier is bmobile Trinidad and Tobago

Downloaded, installed and restored and everything seems fine at the moment. Just had to update my email accounts with the passwords and good to go.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I wish you didn't lose all of your side loaded apps. Anyone have a solution for this besides resideloading?

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Bigaone ur gonna have to wait on the official. We were having the same problems with the previous leak. Bmobile is testing or so they say. So just patience needed

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Hey rajbir01, to be 100% honest, I have never fully understood how to install a leaked OS onto the Z10. I am aware of how to sideload, but that is as far as I go..... Any assistance would be appreciated. I am looking forward to the official release.

You cant install the leak through a virtual machine... I tried and the installer refused to run in a virtual machine

how do i do a fresh install? Am I suppose to do a security wipe on the device before connecting my z10 to my PC to install the leaked OS????

2 hours + in and everything is smooth. Nothing earth shattering however. Everything working so far. Was quick and easy. For the record I am US AT&T 100-3. Restore was flawless less the sideloads which took all of about 2 minutes to reload. Text swipe does seem more precise I must say. The text selector working well also. Nice upgrade overall.

As other posters have mentioned I also think these leaks are BBRY's way of getting a new OS out directly to the market while protecting carriers of any culpability. We test and report and they correct any bugs bugs before carrier deployment. Pretty smart of them if this theory is true.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I agree with that 100 % will me total, instead just all in one and then having

Posted via CB10

I hit post by mistake before finishing. But like what I was saying I agree 100 % , it will make sense if that's what bbry is doing by dropping leaks to work out the bugs before dropping the complete update and then have people whining on how many bugs the update has.

Posted via CB10

I have a job email and setup no problem. It is an old pop3 protocol. I also have 3 personal emails as well. The restore redeployed all the emails, but I did have to revalidate all passwords.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I have q10 but just bought a z10 to have both....yah im back to the bb world. now i need my 10.1. I think i'll just grab one of these and try an install.

Question - I am hooked up to my company's Outlook via active sync. If I load the leaked OS is it like starting from scratch or will it remember my settings? My IT dept would have to do that for me.

Posted via CB10

I did a clean install and did not do a restore from my backup. I can not get any sound from Pandora when music plays. The sound works on the commercials though. Any ideas? I am on T-Mobile with a 100-3

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Downloaded the file. Since rumors are official release is near so as for now i'll prefer to wait for a few days, preferrably till 14th may. If no official release then my phone gonna get the leak :D

Told you Ibfe is BBRY agent.. he leaks then troll the forum for complains, fixed the bugs then release another leak then troll the forum again.. he did this several times when the bugs is virtually non existent, then BBRY release the official OS. =)) =)) =))
Btw, it is confirmed that the official 10.1 was released in the Philippines a few days ago.. I am sure you guys already know that..

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I don't have BBM notifications in the Hub with this and the previous leaked OS. Does anybody have the same problem? Hope it will be fixed with the official release.

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Hey, I guess that as a Mac user I don't receive any love from BB and need to find a friend who actually uses a Windows based machine, correct?

Heck why can't they fix this issue for Mac users? It's not all about Windows.....

What I am still trying to find out is this....

Where is this version in relation to what is officially on the Q10? This is 1762, what is the exact version on the Q10?

Hey guys, im a newbie here just bought z10 for a living in indonesia and using STL100-1..but just had a problem with my device, it went muted all the sounds & notification except led. Has anyone encounter the same problem? Is it a bugg issue or hardware? Coz i want to upgrade my os now into e latest release leaked 10.1 if this could fix the problem. Thanks guys

Posted via CB10

Did you try to un mute it? If so then I'm afraid is a hardware problem. I don't think leaked OS would help

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I have not use mute or change the phone profile, ya i think its a hardware problem. I've been searching for anyone having the same problem through the internet and its a surprise how so many having the same problem out there. Most of them change for new device because there is no solution for this and it might be hardware issue as well.

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Do i load this the same way on my z10 then i did on my 9900?

Sorry guys, second day that i am a z10 owner. And i can't find a topic about it!

No, extract the file and run the .exe file on your Windows machine. The program will automatically load the OS onto your phone. Ensure you have backed up your data as this will wipe everything. Remember, this is at your own risk. Enjoy

Thanx man, i appreciate it!

I know the risk that can come along, thanx also for the heads up.

Now BBlink won't connect with My BB ID. its going to be a long day!

Just finished downloading and upgrading mine. Had issues restoring backup but a reboot of both phone and computer fixed things

Also the backup didn't restore my side loaded android apps and wallpaper. I had to do that manually.

There was serious lag but pulling out the battery for like 2-3 minutes fixed that instantly.

So far so good, it's running smoothly :)

Posted via the BlackBerry Z10

got the latest os for z10 installed. everything seems to be working great except for the hub. i don't get the usual notification signs in the hub...does anyone have issues such as mine? how did you resolve it?

So I downloaded the -4 for verizon, and the only issue I have seen with this leak is, I put the phone on silent and I even checked the settings to make sure all volumes were off. My friend sent me a text from WhatsApp and the message alert sounded off regardless, dont know if this is the app or the leaked OS can anyone else confirm please?

Posted via CB10

Bit the bullet & download to my Z10. Loaded in the new OS in less than 5 mins (was expecting longer). Had done a backup via BB Link just before & reloaded that in after OK. Only issue was I had to delete my Twitter & GMail account & then reset it up to work OK. Looks good so far. Only annoying thing I have seen is that when you leave settings you get a prompt bar come up saying "Email and messages are to the left" with a circle swiping from left to right. Is there anyway to disable this at all? I know it disappears fully when you close setting fully, but just wondering. Other than that it looks nice and smooth.

EDIT: That message bar seems to not come up anymore after using it for a while.

can anyone please tell me what benefit there is to restoring app data? does it reload game scores or stats or anything or is it strictly a back up of the actual app its self? I did the install and have already re downloaded the apps i wanted through blackberry world, so is there any point in me doing this, btw my app restore data is 5.7 gb so the only reason i ask is because i know it will take like 2-3 hours to do it, and it usually stalls at some point

also wanted to point out that i had noticed some people had noticed an issue with composing a message from whatsapp through the hub, i have not had this problem. whatsapp is working fine in app form or through the hub

Ugh! So much for this 10.1 bologna fixing my reboot issue. Running this leak and rebooted twice this morning. Seriously, my Legacy never gave me this many problems.

Posted Securely Via My BlackBerry Z10

I'm on my freaking 3rd. Getting really tired of this bull.

Posted Securely Via My BlackBerry Z10

Most things seems smoother and faster. However, none of the Android apps work. Even Waze and Kindle don't start and just crash. Sideloads are all DOA as well. Be careful of using this release.

Posted via CB10

So I've deleted all of my android apps and reinstalled. It looks like this seems to have flushed out something that was causing the runtime to crash everything. Most apps work again; will report back if I determine the root cause.

24 hour update. Still smooth with no issues. File Vault app seems to have an issue as all of my work files show up in native docs folder when issued. I'm sure the dev will address that.

The biggest improvement I have seen is voice command. It actually recognizes my commands and the artificial intelligence built in learns my common directions. Dictation of email/text remarkably accurate.

I did have to reconfig visual voice mail, so if you haven't checked on that you may want to. It was working but the greeting was absent.

Very pleased thus far.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

So far so good. The issue I has with me not receiving or sending text is resolved. Definitely the best leak so far.

Posted via CB10

The general consensus seems to be that it's best you delete the yahoo accounts (if you had restored them from backup) and setup from scratch.

I know these are leaks, but for the ones that have installed these on their devices have you noticed any major changes ? Device working better?

Posted via CB10

Seems to be working better for me. But, I had no issues before. Everything worked as planned including BlackBerry Link restore. I have never had any problems with leaks, of any consequence, even with legacy devices. And I never do a security wipe in advance either. These autoloaders wipe it anyway.

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I face a contacts problems.
My friends Facebook of 2700 which transfer into my contacts phone show blank picture and is slow in transferring.

Posted via CB10

Got the notification icon back. I removed the battery and had a reboot. I the hub experience has been seamless so far. I haven't tried the new adjustments so far.

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