New apps to try this week - yWeather, Magic 8-Ball, Sims 3 Supernatural

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By Adam Zeis on 5 Nov 2012 11:28 am EST

Well, I'm still suffering through nearly a week straight of no power now. My house is sitting at about 47 degrees, my fridge is empty and I've waited a total of nearly three hours in line for gas so far. Luckily I have a few family members that do have power, so my family and I have been moving around in search of heat, power and a place to sleep where we won't freeze our a$$ off. Since I'm so dedicated, I have a few hours to spare this morning and didn't want to leave everyone in the dust, so I've found another handful of apps to check out this week. Keep reading to see what I found.

New Apps to Try This Week



If you're in the market for a new weather app, yWeather is a great pick. The simple UI gives you what you need to know including wind, humidity, temperature, 10 day forecast and more. You can set the weather info as your wallpaper and share over email, Twitter and SMS. You can grab yWeather for $0.99. 

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The Magic 8-Ball

Magic 8 Ball 

Who doesn't love a Magic 8-Ball? I used to have one of these on my desk and I'd always ask it whatever pressing question was at hand. Now you can have quick Magic 8-Ball action on your BlackBerry PlayBook whenever you need it. It's got a bunch of languages so you can get answers in English, French, Spanish and more. Free in BlackBerry App World.

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The Sims 3 Supernatural

Sims 3  

If you're a Sims fan there is a new installment for your gaming pleasure. The Sims 3 Supernatural gives you a "life of magic, mystery, mischief, and mayhem". It's got all the Simmy goodness you've come to know and love with some "spooky surprises" mixed in. Grab it now for $3.99.

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New apps to try this week - yWeather, Magic 8-Ball, Sims 3 Supernatural


Now that is dedication Adam! Hold on, I am trying to figure out how to send a nice hot home cooked meal and supplies thru BBM LOL. Seriously, I hope relief comes soon. I can't imagine what this is like, and so glad you have family to help you thru this.

Sorry to hear about your situation Adam. If you didn't live so far away I'd be more than happy to let you have a generator. If there's any way you can get down to MD, it's yours.

Hope your power comes back soon, Adam! Appreciate the dedication to get this post up despite your living situation.

Good luck on getting power back. We're still waiting for LIPA to make any headway out here on Long Island. I have family in Long Beach that had 4 feet of water in the house and 2 cars waterlogged so if it's only power that anyone's dealing with, it's far better than water damage to boot. Now we can get ready for a Nor'easter Wednesday :(. Maybe the 3 hour gas lines will disappear sometime soon.

Good luck Adam and the same to anyone out there effected by this. This may be against the forum rules but if anyone wants to help, in the US you can text REDCROSS (all caps and no spaces) to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross or via the web anywhere in/out of the US at Thank you in advance to everyone.