New apps to try this week - Where's Wally Now, Sketch Me, F1 2013 Timing App, DnD Dice

Apps to Try
By Adam Zeis on 12 Nov 2012 10:15 am EST

I'm back in action at home and ready to rock this week out! I've found some more cool apps to check out this week and I'm passing them along to you. BlackBerry 10 is only a few weeks off now (which is AWESOME) so I can't wait to see all the great stuff that will pop up in BlackBerry App World over the next few months. Bring on the apps!!  

New Apps to Try This Week

Sketch Me Free

Sketch Me Free 

Sketch Me is another very cool app that has one simple function. Using the app you can convert any image in your photo gallery to a great looking sketch with just a few clicks. There are six different effects and custom parameters so you can get the image looking just how you want it. Available for most devices.

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F1 2013 Timing App CP 

F1 2013 Timing App CP 

If you are at all into F1 then this is THE app for you. F1 2013 Timing App CP gives you anything and everything you could ever want for following F1. Access live timing and track positioning, follow your favorite drivers, view leaderboards, get notifications and much more. This app will certainly keep you in the know all season long. It's for hardcore fans only however as it will run you $19.99.

More information/Download F1 2012 Timing App CP

DnD Dice

DnD Dice 

If you're an old-school geek like me, you remember wasting away hours on role playing games at the kitchen table. My dice bag has since gone MIA, but thankfully DnD Dice is here to save the day. With this handy PlayBook app you have access to more die than you can ever imagine - d3 through d100. The app will log your rolls and save custom combinations. This will definitely bring your DnD nights to a whole new level. Free in App World.

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Where's Wally Now

Where's Wally 

This one is free for a while, so get it while you can. It's the classic Where's Wally (Where's Waldo) that we all know and love, now brought to BlackBerry. Search for Wally and his friends through various levels, unlocking bonus content as you go. It's plain and simple and just great fun. Get it. Now!

More information/Download Where's Wally Now 

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New apps to try this week - Where's Wally Now, Sketch Me, F1 2013 Timing App, DnD Dice


I'd love it if I could figure out how to fix my playbook, right now it's looking like loose wiring, but I'm stoked for this Where's Wally game. Love Wally!!

*Edit: Where's Wally is incompatible with my device: Torch 9800, :(

What's your fancy?

If any of them are incompatible with your OS 5/6/7/7.1 devices, it's designed for the playbook only.

Those having trouble with their playbooks, the warranty is there for a reason. Use it.

Why is Sketch Me Free not compatable with Playbook? That needs to be fixed, one of the coolest apps I have seen in a while, and no playbook?! Port to playbook please!

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