New apps to try this week - Shadowgun, Stick Runner, Mario Bros Soundboard and Screamager for BB10!

Apps To Try This Week
By Adam Zeis on 8 Oct 2012 12:22 pm EDT

Happy Turkey Day to those of you in Canada, and happy Columbus Day to my friends here in the US. If you're looking for some cool new apps to check out for the holiday, we have just what you need. I've scoured BlackBerry App World for the latest and greatest and found some apps and games that are worth checking out. Keep reading to see my picks this week, and as always if you have any to add, let us know in the comments.

Stick Runner

Stick Runner 

Stick Runner is another cool running game that will help you kill some downtime. No hard rules to follow here - just run, jump and roll for as long as you can. The more you run, the faster it gets. Pretty simple right? Insanely addicitive - I dare you to try and put it down. Grab it for $1.99 in App World.

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Mario Bros Soundboard

This soundboard for the PlayBook features all of the lovably annoying Super Mario Brothers sounds. You can 1up your way to fun with this app for just $0.99. Yes, it's just a soundboard, but who doesn't love Super Mario Brothers?? I'm a fan of apps like this (Game Show soundboard is still my favorite) and continue to find fun uses for them.

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If you haven't tried this game for the PlayBook yet, you need to ... now. It's free through October 31st so you have no excuses. Set in the future, you play a bounty hunter out to kill the leader of the mutant army. The graphics are amazing and the game play is awesomely fun. So download it. Seriously. 

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Screamager for BlackBerry 10

I had to sneak this one in for all the Dev Alpha owners. Our friend Marco has made a BB10 compatible version of his awesome app Screamager. Instead of rocking this on a PlayBook around your neck, it's more for the Dev Alpha as a belt buckle. It has the same great animations as the original, just in a slimmed down package. So if you have a Dev Alpha and want to test it out, you can grab it free in BlackBerry App World.

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New apps to try this week - Shadowgun, Stick Runner, Mario Bros Soundboard and Screamager for BB10!


I'd suggest that guitarists who want a very good tablature reader and player should look into the Android port of Guitar Pro by Arobas Music. It's $4.99 in App World It runs much better on the new Android Player in OS 2.1 than it did previously so don't let the star ratings persuade you. I bought it and I love it.

They have native ports for the iPad and Android but we on BlackBerry have to make due with the Android version on our PlayBooks. It takes a bit of time to initialize the first time but from that point on, it will start quickly. It is a very capable product and easy to loop sections of songs, slow them down, transpose them to different keys, learn songs and to just rock out. It will open Guitar Pro 4, 5 or 6 tabs.

Though I have the PC version too (which I love more because it has more realistic sounds in the soundbanks), having the portability of this app on the tablet lets me take my music to my friends to jam along with. The people I've shown this app to in my music circle fall in love with it and also the PlayBook in general. It's a perfect combination, inexpensive but powerful tablet coupled with an inexpensive but very capable application.

I'd give it a 4/5 and would upgrade that to a perfect 5/5 if it was a native BB app.

Out of curiosity.... are the Super Mario FX sounds part of the public domain now? Wouldn't something like this (if it isn't authorized by Nintendo) be tantamount to issues regarding intellectual property?

No apps for BB10 are currently available, other than the demo content pre loaded "demo"/for display only purposes content. App World for BB10 is being "relaunched" on 10/10. This was said during the keynote by Alec Saunders. And I believe others said it in passing while at Jam.

However you can see what will be available for the Dev Alpha (BB10) by filtering on the App World website (as in not the App World on the actual Dev Alpha) but they do not show on the phone yet.


Check out my BB10 Cascades Blog:

There are plenty of BB10 apps available. Any of the free BB10 apps in App World can be downloaded, you just can't purchase any of the paid apps/games yet. 

So you really aren't going to edit the post even though it is not possible download Screamager for BB10? As I said before App World for BB10 isn't launched yet.

i dont see shadowgun in my app world :(


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