New apps to try this week: Over 200 Levels, Hockey, Draw Pad Pro & Running Ninja

Apps To Try
By Adam Zeis on 17 Sep 2012 10:10 am EDT

Happy Monday! I took the liberty to cruising through BlackBerry App World in search of some new and exciting apps to check out this week. With all the new apps being release, It certainly is getting tough to find the best ones. I did triumph and have some good ones that should help you fill that "new app" void this week, so if you're curious to see what I've come across, keep reading to check them out. 



With NHL troubles all over, I like Hockey! to help ease the mood a bit. Hockey! is a take on the classic air hockey but adds in some cool power ups and different game modes. Best of all? This one is totally free. Grab it for your BlackBerry PlayBook from the link below.

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Running Ninja

Running Ninja 

I'm a big fan of all these running games. I know they're pretty basic, but I get painfully addicted to them. The latest to hit my BlackBerry is Running Ninja. It holds the same premise as all the others - keep running - but the graphics and gameplay make it awesome. It's $0.99 but totally worth it. Available for most devices.

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Draw Pad Pro

Draw Pad Pro 

I haven't had a chance to play around with this one too much, but it does look pretty cool. Draw Pad Pro is a simple drawing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It has multiple tools like pencil, brush and spray as well as undo and redo. There are a ton of colors and other options so yo'll be able to draw all day long. $1.99 in App World.

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Over 200 Levels

Over 200 Levels 

Strange title aside, this one is pretty cool. It's definitely a break from your average shooter game. As the title says, there are over 200 levels to shoot through each getting harder as you go. Make sure you read the how-to before you get going so you don't get madly frustrated. Pick it up for $0.99.

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Checking out running ninja right now...

Kevin Michaluk

I love this feature on CrackBerry. Nice work Adam!

Adam Zeis

Thanks fearless leader.


agreed! Showcasing apps will likely lead to more downloads which eventually will lead to a more robust app ecosystem.


agreed! Showcasing apps will likely lead to more downloads which eventually will lead to a more robust app ecosystem.


Just got Draw Pad Pro, and it's pretty good. Worth the money, thanks.


Air hockey is quite amusing. I haven't been gaming much. Maybe I'll be using that just the same as pewpew. :)


I wish there was a multitrack recorder on the PlayBook. Tascam has iOS software and Apple has GarageBand. The PlayBook needs some real kick-@ss killa apps that will define it. Apple started with tools like GarageBand but they're moving to more corporate apps. RIM needs to look for these defining apps -- work with developers to build those. The recent Pacemaker DJ app is one of those as it has that kind of potential, although I'm not a DJ. Common apps like Skype will help too :)


Running Ninja is awesome!