New apps to try this week: Missed Call LED, Viewer for Gtalk, Unit Converter Lite, Talking Clock

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By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2012 10:25 am EDT

Each week I start out my day by taking a spin through BlackBerry App World to see what new apps are kicking around. I decided I'd share some of the best that I come across each week. Keep in mind I may or may not have had a chance to play around with them all just yet -- and some may not be "new" and just new to me -- but I still want to share what I've found. So check out the apps below for yourself, then drop a comment letting us know what you think. If you come across any great new apps of your own, be sure to send them my way as well!

Missed Call LED

Missed Call LED

Simple app that lets you change up the color of your LED for missed calls. Sure you can achieve this with plenty of other apps as well, but if you want to only have it for missed calls, this one gets the job done. It's dead simple to use as it only serves one purpose. There are a few colors to choose from so you can find one that fits you best. Plus it's free.

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Unit Converter Lite

Unit Converter Lite 

I'm as terrible at converting as the next guy, so I unfortunately rely on apps like this to cheat for me. Unit Converter Lite gives you over 80 categories of measurements from which to choose including science, math and business. You'll never worry about having to crank numbers in your head again. Pop out this app, plug in your numbers and you're done. Free.

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Talking Clock

Just what it says ... a talking clock. Tweak up the settings and the app will announce the time, day and date at an interval of your choosing. Two voices to choose from so you won't get bored and you won't have to grab your phone to check the time. This app will shout it out for you so you'll always know what time it is. Free. 

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Viewer for Gtalk

Viewer for Gtalk 

If you use Google Talk on your BlackBerry then you want this app. Viewer for GTalk gives you a sweet popup for your messages that you can animate in 4 different ways. Customize the popup, text and font and you'll be a Google Talk champion in no time at all. The popup will show over any screen and even sports the senders name and avatar. Free

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New apps to try this week: Missed Call LED, Viewer for Gtalk, Unit Converter Lite, Talking Clock


i love to see new apps everytime im in the appworld on my playbook i happen to notice stuff here and there gotta say if it gets ramped up as expected for bb10 imma be one happy buyer

Could I have an exact link to the talking clock app, please? All I can find are old ones I already have.

Modern Combat 3 is cheaper on Playbook than it is on iPad! Sells for $2.99 on App world and is $6.99 on Apple's App Store.
Where are all those people who would complain about us paying more on Playbook?

It says above "NEW". I've already either bought or tried the older ones on here. Is this one new or isn't it? A decent description would have been nice.

Talking Clock is great. However, this app also sends spam messages to your phone daily that advertise other Pace Mobitech applications. You can't turn them off in the app, you can't email them to ask them to turn it off because I tried and their email address doesn't work.

Boy, if this is a new tactic by developers to advertise, it sucks. I ended up deleting the app.

So did deleting the app turn off the spam? I am NOT happy with this! I instantly lose all respect for anyone who uses methods like this and they lose my business.