New apps to try this week - Forgotten Tales RPG, Countdown for BB10, Marv The Miner 3 and Cricket Dart Scoreboard

Apps to Try
By Adam Zeis on 19 Nov 2012 10:04 am EST

It's a short week for most of us here in the US with Thanksgiving this Thursday, so I've got a few good apps to check out before you head out for the festivities. I do enjoy cruising through BlackBerry App World to see what great apps and games have arrived over the weekend and passing them along to the CrackBerry Nation. My mustache is in full swing (so far I've been called Mario, Freddie Mercury and Magnum) but that hasn't stopped me from finding the goods. Keep reading to see what I came across this week. 

New Apps to Try This Week

Countdown for BB10

Countdown for BB10 

We've blogged about this one already, but if you're serious about counting the days until BB10 (and you should be!) then you need to have this app. Countdown for BB10 is free and lets you easily scope out how many days are left until the BlackBerry 10 event in January. You can instantly check the countdown and place an icon in your banner so you can see it all day long.

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Cricket Dart Scoreboard

Cricket Dart Scoreboard 

I twilight as a bartender and love to throw some darts in my downtime. With this scoreboard app for the BlackBerry PlayBook I no longer have chalky hands to worry about. Cricket Dart Scoreboard lets you easily score Cricket games without the fuss. It lets you add and remove from your score, review your history and more. If it also had 501/301 scoring it would be even more awesomer, but it's free so I won't complain.

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Marv The Miner 3: The Way Back

Marv The Miner 3 

While this one does come in a bit on the pricey side at $4.99, it is a load of fun to play and I say it's worth it. The object is to help Marv find his way to the surface of various levels that include lava, mud and green. Along the way you'll have monsters to contend with as you climb as well as traps that will certainly get in your way. There are plenty of bonus items to help you out but it's still challenging and should keep you locked in for hours.

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Forgotten Tales RPG

Forgotten Tales RPG 

If you like old-school RPGs then this is the game for you. Forgotten Tales RPG has a great story and gives you plenty of RPG action on your PlayBook. Battle against knights, orcs, trolls and more as your explore all the levels. Improve your skills by completing quests and finding treasures. At $2.99 it's a bargain.

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