New apps to try this week - FEMA, Thanksgiving Games, Pacman and

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By Adam Zeis on 29 Oct 2012 01:20 pm EDT

Hurricane Sandy is set to hit here in NJ in the next few hours, so I'm about to hunker down and hope for the best. If you're in the path like I am, hopefully you're fully prepared. I've gathered up a few apps to help you make it through, so if you do lose power, hopefully you'll still have your phone and PlayBook charged up to help you out. As always, if you have any suggestions of news apps/games be sure to leave them in the comments. To everyone in the way of Sandy -- be safe!!

New Apps to Try This Week



While this one isn't new, it does top my list this week due to the hurricane. The FEMA app is available for both phones and tablets and can be a huge help in an emergency. The app features an emergency checklist, emergency location planning, and more. It's better to have it than not, plus it's free.

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If you're a user, their new app for BlackBerry is pretty handy. You can view over 150,000 hotels, access last minute deals, access your reservations and much more. The app is free and if you're a big traveler and book your own hotels, it can be a real lifesaver.

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Pacman? Yes, Pacman. There have been quite a few incarnations of this old-school game on BlackBerry and this is the latest. There isn't really much to say here - if you've played it before then you know how it works. It's free, it's Pacman. Go get it.

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Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving Games 

If you need to keep your kids occupied on Thanksgiving (or any time really) then this is for you. Thanksgiving Games is a 5-in-1 app that features a jigsaw puzzle, shape puzzle, connect the dot, memory game and scratch game. The games help children learn shapes, numbers and more. Free in BlackBerry App World.

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New apps to try this week - FEMA, Thanksgiving Games, Pacman and


Be safe Adam. I'm just south of you in Baltimore and we are all ready for this beast Sandy. It's getting pretty ugly right now. I expect power outage soon and I have the fema app just in case we have to flee to a shelter. Good luck everyone be safe as possible!

Hey, stay safe Adam! Prayers going out to you and any of the CB family in harm's way. Send up a bubble as soon as you can to let us know you survived the storm.

PLEASE show if they're for the smartphones or the Playbook and STOP using the catch all Blackberry. It's misleading and lazy.

Yeah, I tried to load Pacman on my 9900 and Playbook, and it isn't available for either. You can see the available models at the linked appworld page.

I have been using a version of Pacman by Benny Chow on all my BB's since and including 8330, right up to and including my 9900, and it has always worked like a charm, correctly, full screen, on all my devices. This is an old app, pre OS5! If Benny can make an app work like this how come so many other modern apps have so many model incompatibilities? And Benny's isn't in appworld, you can find it online though.