New apps to try this week - Crazy Copter, Halloween Arcade, Lock for WhatsApp and Flash Light Free

Apps to Try
By Adam Zeis on 23 Oct 2012 10:00 am EDT

Sorry I'm a day late on this one. I got caught up traveling over the weekend, but still manage to squeeze in some time for some app recon. I scoured BlackBerry App World to find what I think are the best new apps and games, and here is a sampling of some good ones to try this week. I'm seeing more and more BlackBerry 10 apps in the feed as well which is really awesome. Keep reading for my picks this week and if you have any new apps of your own to suggest, hit up the comments!

New Apps to Try This Week

Crazy Copter

Crazy Copter 

This one is kind of like a running game (think Run In Crowd) and you simply have to pilot your helicopter along the route without hitting any obstacles. Tap to go up, release to go down - it's that easy. It gets hard as you go but it's fun and super addictive. Available free for the BlackBerry PlayBook. 

More information/Download Crazy Copter

Halloween Arcade

Halloween Arcade 

Just in time for Halloween you can grab eight games in one! Halloween Arcade brings you Kid-n-Zombies, Zombie Frenzy, Haunted House Shoot, Halloween Clix, Pumpkin Shoot!, Pumpkin Up, Zombie Jump and Pumpkin Pop all for just $1.99. These mini games will keep you busy for hours and get you in the Halloween spirit. 8-in-1 ... you can't lose! Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

More information/Download Halloween Arcade

Lock for WhatsApp

Lock for WhatsApp 

If you're on of the many WhatsApp users, this one is for you. Lock for WhatsApp is a free app that lets you lock WhatsApp on your BlackBerry. You choose a simple password and will be required to enter it before you can access WhatsApp on your phone. Choose a custom background and switch it on and off as you see fit. Free in BlackBerry App World.

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Flash Light Free

Flash Light Free 

Ok, so I know throwing a flashlight app in here is kind of lame, but this one saved my butt this weekend since I didn't have an actual flashlight around, so it gets and honorable mention. It does just what it says by adding a simple Flash Light item to your BlackBerry menu. Click to turn on, again to turn off. Having a flashlight app ready to go can really help you out in a pinch. Grab it free.

More information/Download Flash Light Free 



If only they have app for 'Lock for Line"
Now that is one annoying chat app.


is there an app to lock for example your media folder??


Found a nice and very responsive, native app, instrument tuner called "Chromatic Tuner". $2


I got this really cool game yesterday for 99c called Running Fred. The graphics are AWESOME and the game play is great. Lots of gore for halloween. Highly recommend. I'm not complaining but it seem worth wayyyy more then 99c.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.