New App: REXconnect for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Oct 2008 11:55 am EDT

I just received an email from REXwireless letting me know about their newest application for BlackBerry Smartphones, REXconnect. REXconnect improves upon the interconnectivity of native BlackBerry Applications by offering:

  • The ability to quickly and easily send data from one BlackBerry software application to another.
  • Menu-based access to REXconnect in standard BlackBerry applications.
  • A point and click interface that minimizes keystrokes - never select, scroll, copy, navigate (navigate, navigate), and paste again.

Pretty awesome. If the above doesn't quite make sense, here are a couple of examples of how you might use REXconnect on a daily basis:

An email comes in from Henry to meet next Thursday at Houston's Restaurant for lunch.
You click on the menu, choose REXconnect, click on BlackBerry Calendar and a few seconds later, the meeting is booked (with minimal keystrokes or time spent).  

While you are on the phone with Fred Johnson, he asks you for John McDonald's contact information. Fred does not have a BlackBerry but rather, a simple cell phone.
After finding John in the BlackBerry address book, you click on REXconnect, and send the contact info via an SMS text message to Fred seconds later (with minimal keystrokes or time spent). 

It's a simple app, but features a lot of goodness, so check out REXconnect here for more details and for links to purchase. It sells for $14.95. If you give a try, be sure to report back with your comments!

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New App: REXconnect for BlackBerry Smartphones


Does it work with the Bold?

I downloaded the trial and click REXconnect from an email, appointment or text - and nothing happens...

UPDATE: turns out it you have to register the trial to activate it. Workin fine on my Bold now.

This is awesome. This was just the kind of app I was looking for and the price is right as well.

Thanks for the post!

I am very excited about this app, but it will not set up correctly on my 8330. keeps saying that it is invalid and was expecting something from the connection.

Tried the trial version. And maybe because it is the trial version, there were only 3 items you could move/forward things to (i.e. forward/send email to calendar, task, memo pad). I think you can do this w/ the regular Blackberry menu options (I can't remember if it's through this or if that's part of the BSmart email software).

The trial version is working fine on my 8330. I was kind of hoping it wouldn't work because it is one more thing for me to spend money on. It seems to be well worth the cost, though.

The REXConnect doesn't seem to be available to Canadian customers. Doesnt even show up in the free trial listing on my browser.

is there something that I am missing?

Not sure why some people are having issues.  Works great on my Bold. I did go to Options, App Permissions and mark to "allow".  Very nice package.

I've been using REXConnect for the past two weeks. It's pretty good, but there are a couple of bugs they need to resolve.

First, ToDo Matrix and Idea Matrix, two programs developed by REXWireless do not work with REXConnect. You have to wait for the new release of both programs.

Second, REXConnect does not always include the variety of applications that it will transfer information to displayed in the advertising. Sometimes it will include several apps, but rarely all of them.

Other than that, it works well when it works. I hope that helps...

I have TodoMatrix and IdeaMatrix and both show up as targets on REXconnect. I see what you mean when you say that all of the apps don't always show up - the app chooser appears to be context-sensitive, so only the apps that are valid targets for the data you are sending will show up on it.

I downloaded this to replace "Add to Calendar" when the publisher of that application apparently discontinued it. All I really need is the add email to calendar and add email to task features. The rest of the functionality is just a bonus for me. Well worth the price.

so far looks pretty good. just have to get more familiar with it. I need to see how to have it do recurring task. I do two things at work every Tuesday and Friday I need it set reminders for them if i can get that set i think i will purchase it. i carry a Franklin planner and i need to really dump that.

I get requests all the time via email for service calls or meetings - in the past, I would mark them as unread 'til I was at my desktop, then set up a new task or appointment. This fits the bill nicely for this kind of thing.

There are a couple of shortcomings:

When sending data from any application via SMS, it uses the same, verbose format as it would for an email, so anything lengthy is truncated. You can do a workaround by sending it to the memopad first, editing it and resending it, but by that point....

When sending from the browser, it sends a link to the page - this duplicates functionality that is available in the browser. It would be nice to send the text of a page, especially to the memopad.

The sender is lost when moving items from email to other applications, which is an occasional problem for me. It would be nice to have an option to add the sender (and perhaps the envelope date) to the top of the notes field when sending from email.

It would also be nice to have an option to send addresses, tasks or appointments in iCal or vCard format, but now I'm just getting picky.

That being said, however, it is the best $15 I've spent on my BlackBerry....