New app for BlackBerry Server admins released

By Adam Zeis on 26 Apr 2013 10:45 am EDT

A new app simply called IT Manager has been released for BlackBerry Server administrators. The app allows admins to manage their BES on the go right from their BlackBerry devices. IT Manager can be downloaded now from BlackBerry World and supports the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Bold, Curve and Torch devices.

This is a very handy app for making changes to your BES without having to go into the office.  The app is easy to use and requires no server changes to setup.

Features include:

  • Creating & Deleting Users
  • Setting User Activation Passwords
  • Remove and Wipe Devices
  • Set Password and Lock Devices
  • Add and Remove Users from Groups
  • Set User and Group IT Policies
  • View IT Policies Rules
  • View Server and BES Instances Status
  • Support for managing BES 5.x and BES 10
  • Manage multiple BES Servers Simultaneously

The app unfortunately doesn't have some features of its iOS counterpart such as SSH, Telnet, VNC, RDP, Windows, BES, AWS and Google Apps, however these features will also be coming soon to BlackBerry 10 devices. The IT Manager app will also be on display at BlackBerry Live next month.

Head over to for more info or hit the link below to download.

More information/Download IT Manager

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New app for BlackBerry Server admins released


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It is a good idea, but you can still manage your BES environment from the BAS console itself via the Work Browser of your Z10 or Q10.
Both the BAS and BMS console are working fine for me.

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If it eventually comes with the SSH, Telnet, VNC features that will be a cool apps for IT Managers on BlackBerry platform. I will love to have that.

Thanks! I'm the creator of IT Manager. We're working on adding SSH, Telnet and VNC as we speak. I'm using SSH on my Q10 right now and it's awesome with the keyboard, it will be released in our 1.1 version in a few weeks.

Still learning the Z10 functionality here, but is there a way to move an app to the work side of BB Balance without loading it onto the server? This app will be a work app, have downloaded it....but need it to be in the work folder.

It would need to be added on the server, it's not actually loaded onto the server, but you need to point it to the app URL and assign it to a configuration. You'd then download it using the Work Blackberry World.

I love this app on my itouch can't wait till they bring in all the other features that it has to the BlackBerry.

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Great article by the way

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I've been WAITING for an application like this!

BTW, [QUOTE]To celebrate the upcoming launch of BlackBerry support, IT Manager is heading to BlackBerry Live as a sponsor.[/QUOTE] ... their a sponsor, hence the reason for last minute notice of their BB app being presented.

direct link:
Also description is a bit vague:

"Download it free of charge and after the free trial period expires, you will be offered weekly, monthly or annual subscription options. Annual subscriptions are just $99 USD per year for unlimited usage. '


"Use the IT Manager app to perform all your server Monitoring for FREE. In order to perform any administration tasks, you must purchase a subscription. A 7 day subscription is provided for FREE to all new users."

I don't believe an application like this should have a subscription model - I think I'll be avoiding this and wait for something from Rove.

Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it. I'm the co-founder of Rove and the creator of this new IT Manager product. I created IT Manager because I wanted to make a better product that was easier to install (no server side) and also cheaper ($99/year instead of $495/server+maintenance). You should try IT Manager I'm sure you'll like it.

Thank you for the speedy reply. I will give this application a try on my Z10. This is VERY welcome application to BB10 and should be very successful as the demand for it is growing daily). Please thank your development team! Not trying to be tough or a pain, just expressing my opinion - I'm no coder and I don't own my own business, yet. I wish you success.

Would be even better if your device didn't have to be connected to the BES. I lock my people down from 3rd party apps. But its nice to see someone thought to make one.

That a nice app (as we have 5 bes at work), but wont be keeping it as its under a subscription basis...

BlackBerry provide this functionality for free in the Work space Browser on your BES activated phone. Just go to the URL of your BAS consoles or BlackBerry Management Studio console and you can manage every aspect of your BES and all the devices just as you would from your desktop.

Sorry but this app isn't worth such a high annual subscription and even with the extra functionality coming it still seems very expensive.

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Awesome app. Sure you can manage with browser but this is clean and slick. $99 per year is peanuts for a quality app like this.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10.