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New AOL mail icon showing on BIS for BlackBerry users

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jul 2010 12:51 pm EDT
AOL BlackBerry BIS icon

Just like the Hotmail icon that started showing up for BIS users about a month ago, it appears as if AOL mail is now showing a new icon of its own. Adrian let us know that this AOL icon is now showing on the device replacing the standard globe icon. So far just Hotmail and AOL are showing off, while a few users have reported seeing this for Yahoo! as well. We're pretty sure this is an after-effect of the updated BIS rollout but haven't been able to verify it. No love on the Gmail front however, but if things keep up we may see that change in the near future as well. Thanks Adrian!


Midnight Barbecue

I didn't know they were still in business...


True!! Only spam goes to that email account.


I swear a little while ago I registered for AOL Mail to try it out and I was very impressed with the clean user interface (switched to Accessible version for even more kicks). What I didn't like however was its inability to function! Tried to compose an e-mail to numerous different contacts and it always comes back with an "unknown error". So much for an @aol.com...

Could you help me out? I dislike Gmail for the reason it uses labels instead of folders and it is currently a nightmare to keep my inbox organized with Gmail. I would like to have something with little ads and preferably free service. Must have a clean webmail interface. Ideas? Thanks!


Actually all you have to do is archive things to the label, and the move out of the inbox. I have 3 rules running that will apply a label depending on incoming email domain, archive them, and mark them read...if you just skip the "mark read" part, then it sounds like that is exactly what you want...just remember when you build the rule to apply it to all emails in the inbox it finds that matches it, then bam! Sparkly clean inbox


I've used AOL mail for almost 15 years and would never switch. It works great for me and I haven't had to change my e-mail address and likely never will. It's better using the actual AOL program and not using it through the web. It's the one thing I've never had problems with on my BB. I have two other e-mail accounts (that I have to have for work) but that e-mail gets forwarded to my AOL account. My 18 year old son would ask, "Does anybody still use e-mail?" He only communicates via FaceBook and text.


The icon I have is different then the one displayed. I have had the aol icon on my mail for about 4 months. now. My envelope is green and has the aol logo with it.


You mean this one? I have this for my Netscape email (which is now AOL): http://twitpic.com/29hgxb

I've had this one for about as long as I can remember.


Same here--I've had the green envelope for a while now with my AOL account.


My wife's 9630 on Sprint (running latest os) has the orange Hotmail Icon but mine doesn't. I deleted my e-mail accounts and re-added/verified them again but it did not work.

These subtle indicators on the email folders are nice because I dont want to scroll over each icon to find the one I am looking for. Thanks


You may have to re-send your service books, or just do a re boot. (Not a battery pull)


The custom icons will just disappear if you do a battery pull.


They reappear as soon as service books are sent.


I can't believe people still continue to use AOL email. With so many better options available its almost strange for me to even hear the BB would even spend time even promoting AOL anything. Well I guess us techie's and nerds have our own domains with or personal email solutions.


Its easier to tell people @aol.com then carrier.blackberry.net. Lol
And we all need a place for our porn to go. Lol


I guess that's a valid point. Porn is very important to some and studies show even more women are downloading it. I guess if you can't beat them, join them...LOL


I thought it was join one or beat it. Lol


Yahoo also has a new icon. I sent you guys an email about it about 3 weeks ago....


I don't see an icon when using my theme though.


The icon for Yahoo mail showed up for a few days on my device (Storm 2) a few weeks ago, but then it just as quickly disappeared again. What's up?


I don't see the new icon when using my theme though.


I'm curious about the folders you have there. The one with the football and the globe with people in front of it. Is it from a theme your running? I have a Bold 9650 on the officail OS and I don't have them. Still have the same folders that I have always had with 4.7 and 5.0. Just checked and they arent't offered if I want to create or edit a folder either.


The yahoo icon shows up on mine.

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How long before the forums get flooded with threads like "omg, a new icon, wth do I do?!?"


Had this since I got my storm 1, almost 2 years


The globe on the @blackberry.net folder is a different color as well.


i've had a special icon for yahoo since i got my blackberry back in february of '09


yahoo had 1 icon it used until about a month ago, and then it was redesigned.


Yes, the AOL Icon does appear on mail folder if you upgrade or downgrade to a new OS. Then, upon REBOOT, the icon saying "AOL" DISAPPEARS. That's how it's been working on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 and on my friends 9700's also. :(


Yes, the AOL Icon does appear on mail folder if you upgrade or downgrade to a new OS. Then, upon REBOOT, the icon saying "AOL" DISAPPEARS. That's how it's been working on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 and on my friends 9700's also. :(


I still use AOL email as I "worked" for them for 8 years, so I find other forms of email not to my liking and quite frankly a bit inferior. I never have any problems sending email from my BlackBerry, AOL or not, lol. :)


Yes..this is stupidly frustrating...everytime I battery pull, the AOL and YAHOO icons go away......
Can't someone fix this?????
I have 8-email accts on my 9700----all logo-less. Why ???????


They reappear once you send service books either from your computer or the BB.


You did a battery pull. Try resending your service books


i use a hotmail account and iv just got a new icon similiar to that but the AOL is replaced by a small envelope with a ribbon going through it.


This really make me wanna keep my bb


thanks for the help on service books......
even after over 10 years on 6-bb's...you learn something new all the time!!!!!!

again, thanks!!


Every time I do a battery pull or a quick pull it goes away again, the AOL icon for email. I don't want to keep resending service books, as it only goes away with a reboot again!


I use Cellular South & I can't get any AOL Icon or AOL Folder, Action, etc., functions in my Blackberry account or N#######@aol.com "integrated" email account. Cellular South's browser also won't let me Sign-In to my Webmail on any AOL site (aol.com, m.aol.com, mobile.aol.com). After I hit Sign-In it gives HTTP Error 420 Unused message. What gives with Cellular South. I get my AOL messages on the regular email list on BB Pearl 8230 and it says it is my AOL addy, but it is no different that the BIS list and doesn't show all my emails...only the ones since I signed up 3 days ago. I can Sign-In on my hubby's BB using Cingular just fine & see all 800+ emails in Webmail.

Any Cellular South users out there having this problem? It can't be an AOL mobile thing cause it works okay on my hubby's BB on different service provider.

Any ideas why this happens. I read the 420 message has something to do with SIP protocols or something like that...greek to me!