New and Updated Themes from Bplay

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Nov 2008 05:48 pm EST

iBerry New Zen Theme

Our pals at Bplay had a busy week, releasing an all-new theme as well as updating two of our existing favorites to now include BlackBerry Bold versions...

In the new column is iBerry Neo and iBerry Neo Zen. The icon version is available for all 8100, 8300, and 8800 series devices, and Zen is also available for the 8200 and 9000 series. It's a pretty cool theme, or as Bplay puts it, you can "Take the iBerry theme into the future with iBerry Neo. Futuristic icons and space wallpapers will have you feeling like you're heading to another world."

And BIG news for Bold owners... two of CrackBerry Nation's favorite themes, Crossbar and FlowBerry (click the links to see our past posts on these themes) have now been ported over to the BlackBerry Bold. FINALLY. I've been waiting since the Bold came out on Rogers for these!

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New and Updated Themes from Bplay


i've had the iBerry Neo Zen for a few days on my Bold and LOVE IT. it's the little things, like the popup menues and overall scheme that are so professional but arty that make me keep going back to it.

Be careful, the link didn't work for me and I had the same problem with the iBerry icon from Bplay and they are horrible about replying to your emails. Mostly i've had no problem with their themes and honeslty, i think their themes are the best available. However, their customer service just SUCKS!!!!!

No matter what I do I continue to get an error message within my BlacBerry browser "HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error. Now what do I do? Does anybody check this stuff or does everybody rush it out to get a buck. Either somebody make the darn thing work or give me my money back. My software buying days at Crackberry are over.

Looks like I'm not alone in my problems with this theme.

I also get a HTTP 500 error when trying to follow their download link. I immediately submitted a support request, and am *really* unimpressed with the response time so far (in that there's been none.)

Further, the support auto-reply says to expect replies to take 2-4 business days? (Really?)

Like I said, their customer service just flat out sucks and it seems that everyone is having the same problem. I will never buy anything from them again.