New: Ultra Podcast Player for BlackBerry

Ultra Podcast Player for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Apr 2009 09:26 am EDT

* Note - Appears to be working well for some, not well for others. Check out the full post and comments before trying. *

Good news for BlackBerry owners + Podcast listeners... there's a new podcast app to try! Developed by quotronics, the Ultra Podcast Player for BlackBerry puts thousands of podcasts and millions of episodes right at your fingertips.

Ultra Podcast Player for BlackBerry features include:

  • Ability to search from a library of thousands of podcasts
  • Automatic downloading using WiFi
  • Ability to download podcasts in the background.
  • One click playback using the Blackberry Media Player.
  • Changeable Colour Scheme UI.
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Easy to install & upgrade
  • Support for touch screen navigation

One of the ironic issues with our CrackBerry Podcast is that because Craig and I always ramble on for an hour or more that the episode files tend to have a big file size (~35 - 45 megs), making them a pain in the butt to download and listen to directly on the BlackBerry. However, I just installed the Ultra Podcast Player on my 8900, searched for "CrackBerry", subscribed to the Podcast channel and downloaded our latest episode over WiFi. Within literally three minutes I was listening to a show. I haven't tried it on my Storm yet, but the features state support for touch screen navigation. If only RIM would build this functionality into the native Media Player I'd be so happy. [Update: Trying to use this app without WiFi is not nearly as painless - trying to download CB podcast and others on Storm produces errors - when oh when will those download limits get lifted?! And why can't WiFi just be on every single BlackBerry?! ]. 

Note: OS 4.3+ is required and it's still early days for this app, so there *could* be bugs. If you give Ultra Podcast Player a go, be sure to drop your feedback in the comments. 

** Pricing - The developer has us a little confused on this one for the time being - I downloaded it directly from the developer's site thinking it was free app but now it also appears the developer has put Ultra Podcast Player up for sale @ $4.99.  Likely the free version I downloaded is a trial and will expire, but I'll look to get clarification on that from the dev. As a free app you can never go wrong even if it's not *perfect*, but if you're shelling out $$ you should definitely try PodTrapper first too before buying either. You can read our PodTrapper review here.

** Pricing Update - The free version is available for download from their website. It's got full functionality but is limited to two podcast subscriptions at a time. The paid version has no limits. *

For more information, visit To download on your BlackBerry, visit from your device browser.  

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Reader comments

New: Ultra Podcast Player for BlackBerry


I could'nt get it too work, still can't for that matter..APN is correct etc..etc. I was only able successfully download one thing and that was CBC news and that was after having tried a lot of other things.

When it first came out a couple of weeks ago I couldn't get it to work either, but they just updated it and this latest version seems ok. At least so far on my Curve 8900 on Rogers.

Just installing onto a Telus Storm right now.... will see what happens sans Wi-Fi.

so i guess there is a pro version too the app seems ok - little jumpy with the track ball

Podtrapper is definitely solid though and worth checking out for $9.99. Craig reviewed it here:

I haven't downloaded Ultra PodCast, so I can't compare, but I've been using Podtrapper for a couple of months and have been very pleased. The developer has released a steady stream of updates and is very responsive to customer questions on his forum. He just released a 2.0 version with a much-improved look & feel. It has very flexible downloading options & podcast management tools, support for video podcasts (at least on the Bold) -- all around a very polished and useful app that's well worth the $10 if you're a reasonably-frequent podcast listener.

very Story unfriendly. I could get it to search for a podcast, but it found no "headlines," as they call it, for Windows Weekly, a twit podcast. Also isn't built for Storm screen: the keyboard stays on all the time to mask the half screen display for the non touchscreen Blackberries. Wait for Storm version.

compatability mode turn it off >options>advanced options> highlight application> disable compatability mode = BAM works!

VZW needs to enter the 21st century and allow wi-fi. Let's see how this great app works on the Storm. Even if it IS able to get the downloads properly, which I doubt it will, How much use do you think someone will get out of this program with the 5G "unlimited" data plan? Just another program that VZW customers (like myself) won't be able to take advantage of. Yeah, I like VZW service, and I love my Storm...but this stuff gets to the best of us after a while.

there is no data cap on smartphones i.e. blackberry. there is however one on the evdo network adapter for a computer / laptop.

I've already subscribed to a couple channels and am downloading a podcast as I type. I didn't change any of the settings and it works great on my storm. Nothing is wrong with the keyboard or touchscreen...definitely compatible with the storm. A great app!

you can only subscribe to two channels at a time. Have to upgrade (pay) for more i guess.

I tried it with my Bold on ATT 3G and got a 413 Error. I will try it when I get home where I have WiFi. I hope it works. I want my Cracberry podcasts on my CRACKBERRY!

Is your Browser Identification set to BlackBerry? In your Browser menu Options -> Browser Configuration change the Browser Identification to BlackBerry.

I'm getting the same message on my 8900 when I try the website through my WiFi connection. My browser identification is set to BlackBerry...

Sorry, but this application is pretty much nigh on useless. It doesn't show you the progress of downloads, and plays podcasts via the media player invoked from the web browser, which means you can't surf the web at all whilst a podcast is running.

I found this out when I couldn't find a process in the task switcher to switch back to the media player to stop the podcast - but the browser appeared in the task list instead.

And since it plays via the media player, then you can't pump the audio through the Bluetooth stack on the Bold (at least not with 4.6) and that's a real deal-breaker for me, as I use Podtrapper to send podcasts to my Jabra headset while I'm driving.

So yes, I know it's a free app, but to be honest I'd rather stick with Podtrapper. The chasm between them is enormous.

It does give a download status in the download manager as the app calls it.

But you're right about the rest, and PodTrapper is my app!

Podtrapper is a phenomenal podcast listening program. Its constantly being updated largely on user-feedback. The developer is really accessible and works pretty hard. I'd wholeheartedly recommend giving podtrapper a try first.

Hi there, generally when you're getting 'no coverage' it means you haven't turned on cell downloading yet. (It's not enabled by default so I can show a warning when you turn it on). If you go to Settings -> Download Settings -> Enable downloads over cellular you should be all set. If you still have issues definitely hit the 'Email Developer' menu item and it'll ask if you want to send your logs over to me. Hope this helps,


So I got it to start downloading after I forced it to "Resume download" and then it died halfway through and said connection timeout.. I assure you I did not go out of coverage area. This app needs some help on the Storm.

Not working won't download the podcast.. lots of errors in the app. Needs major work but a good attempt.

First thank you for keeping us in the loop on apps and releases; I'm an avid reader. This app works well on my OS .247 Bold, but there was an issue with searching that hadn't yielded any results. Once I entered a direct link to a known podcast it was very responsive. WRT the cost, when I downloaded it I didn't get the usual msg about a trial or a requirement for registration at all, I have even searched through the menu options and yeah I am scratching my head too.

I am addicted to Versatile Monkey's app for my podcast and have been since its release. How does this rival? It does video podcast VERY WELL!!!! and that makes a HUGE difference in regards to capability. Now, PodTrapper may offer video, but I haven't seen this feature or tried to use this feature and probably wouldn't have tried if were not for the fact that UPP offered a "most popular" section and listed was Game Trailers and I was excited for the video option.

I am running a podcast now and it is clean and clear and works well with the BBPlayer. So give it a spin and I think you might like it. Now to decide which will maintain a residence on my BB....hmmmm!

It didn't have a free trial up on the CB store, so I just put down the $4.99. Honestly, this app is not ready to be paid. It's really glitchy. When I first installed, it sat on a "downloading" screen for forever, and every time I tried to do something with it. Did a battery pull, and that worked better, but it's been hit and miss working with podcasts. A few, it insists there are no headlines for (and when I check the feed, that's not true). Others it works fine with. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this - I have BBC podcasts that work fine, and ones from the same company it won't see. Having to manually tell it to update and which files to download is a pain, too. I had been hoping for something automated. I guess it's time for me to drop the money on podtrapper.

I know that we all hate to spend money, but PodTrapper is on my short list of vital apps, and its design and usability is outstanding.

so will this allow me to get video podcasts working on my storm? thats one thing i really miss now that my ipod classic died (replaced under warranty 4 times now its out of warranty, screw that!).

I wish there was a way to sync podcasts from my itunes to my storm! (bb media sync dont do my video podcasts)

Podtrapper will do video podcasts, and has a desktop application that will download and sync podcasts if you don't want to download them over the air or via wifi.

Ok so UPP has a problem downloading WHOLE Episodes. I gotta say that PT has my attention and my loyalty for such a solid app

I just dl on my Tmobile runnin the 5.0 OS and it works fine. This "free" version only allows subscriptions to two channels. It seems like the paid version is unlimited to channel subscription.

Seems to work fine on my Storm. Found a 7.92MB podcast (BS Report) and it dl'd in around 3 minutes.

Free if you only want access to two channels. To me you would need to purchase otherwise it isn't worth the trouble unless you only listen to two feeds.

bought it installed it, still cant install more then
2 channels it LOCKS UP THE HANDSET ON adding the 3rd
waste of 5 bucks.

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I have a BB curve and use Podtrapper from, It is very stable and easy to use. The developer Marcus quickly responds to questions and suggestions. He also updates the player with excellent features. Highly recommended

I have a 8900 and its work pretty good. the only issue i have is that for some reason it will only dowload about 5mb and then tells me the file is bigger than the alocated space. Well i have it to go to the sd and i have a 16gb card, so space is not the issue?

Trouble shutting down Ultra Podcast Player

I was listening to a podcast and switched screens to check messages. The podcast continued to play. I wanted to pause it. Problems is that I couldn't find my way back to the specific podcast I was listening to unless I remembered its name, which I didn't. I checked the open app screen and it didn't show the player app even though it was still playing. I had to turn off the phone to shut it up. Makes me wonder if there are apps running in the background that don't show up on the switch application screen. I used to have long battery life. Now it depletes in less than a day with very little use.