New 'Action Starts Here' commercial for BlackBerry India - Will you be singing along?

By James Richardson on 10 Aug 2012 01:49 pm EDT

We posted just the other day detailing how Research In Motion were kicking off a new campaign in India with the slogan 'Action Starts Here'. In conjunction they have published a new TV commercial which is clearly bound for the region and it is very different to the recent commercials we have had here in the UK over the past few months. Those took on a new format but this new one seems the more traditional type with people enjoying themselves and singing a quite a catchy song all about action.

So people of India - what do you think? Will this help drive BlackBerry forward over the coming months? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Reader comments

New 'Action Starts Here' commercial for BlackBerry India - Will you be singing along?


Blackberry needs no advertising in India. Every one from High-School kids to Bollywood stars sport a BB. Not to have one is sacrilegious out here. No phone model in India has ever lasted in the market for more than a year. The BB Curve 8520 has been selling like hot cakes since the last 3.5 years and still continues to fill RIM's coffers!!
Their service centre here in Mumbai, in a suburb called Dadar, is actually a small 10 x 10 feet dingy, stinking room without an Air-conditioner, or for that matter even without any ventilation, with make-shift broken chairs for probably 5 people max. Yet we adore RIM out here!
Seriously, BB doesn't need any advertising in India. (Though some ventilation and an air freshener in the Service Centres wouldn't harm) ;)

Look - I love BB and I have really enjoyed some great Bollywood movies with an ex GF (!), but that is some of the WORST SINGING I have ever heard outside of my own shower!!!

The print ads / promos "Action" are great though!

That's a reality of India social and political issues. Not BlackBerry's doing. Not so much different from the North America white versus colored folks that's been going on for centuries.

McDonalds has certainly succeeded with their 'I'm Lovin' It' campaign by shoving it down our throats, why can't BlackBerry be the same with this? Makes the BlackBerry appear as a 'Fun' device. Beats the cartoons *cringe and shudder*

Johnny C.

Although I can appreciate this sort of advertising, I think RIM is in a position where they need to start showing products and features in their commercials. Maybe not as much in India, but DEFINITELY in North America.

When BB10 comes out, in my opinion, they are going to need to cram as many feature shots into a commercial as possible, with maybe a hint of nostalgia to get the people who switched to iPhones or Android devices back,

This commercial does not show the real India. Looks like Europe or US. Must be a Bollywood production. Ridiculous ! :(

Am I the only person to have noticed that it's not in the Hindi language!!!!

If this IS an ad to be shown in India - then it HAS to be in HINDI!!!!

Soo... Indians only speak Hindi. Ads can't appeal to other demographics. Damn. In Canada I guess either the English or French is out of luck with ads. Which should I choose? I know. Frenglish! (You heard the term Frenglish by yours truly on CB first, folks.) I'll sue anyone who uses that word, Frenglish, without an agreement with me. Thanks.

Love the add absolutely. Though it's the same one as BlackBerry thailand add. For those who think it doesn't show the real india you need to understand that the add is targeted towards younger generation. And an add is supposed to fell good. I think this add does exactly that.
More over like some one pointed out, BLACKBERRY doesn't need adds toe sell in India. Though having them won't hurt.
Anyway, love the add.

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Typing this from a 3g powered bridged playbook.


I am not sure if viewers in India would like this.... Where is the rythum ? Adv quality in India is quite high.
I am posting a link to an adv in India done by an mobile service operator called Airtel, it's based on similar lines but the catch line is about friendship.. "What's yours is mine", it's of course in Hindi. But do check it out .. These are the kind of adds that we are used to seeing in India.

Stupid commercial.

Show us all the amazing things that the phone can do.

Don't waste a minute commercial on that.

Show us how this phone is also a lie detector just by putting it on the back of someones hand, and you will sell 5 BILLION of these things !!!!

Haven't aired here yet. BB is already popular in India and is received positively. It has done exceedingly well at the entry level smartphones which are popular with college kids and people buying their first smart phones. But they lose out at the premium to mid level market to Samsung and HTC.
I remember when I bought my 9900 (almost a year now) it was selling like hot cakes but now all around me i see galaxies.

Those complaining about the depiction of India - well it is an ad what do you expect it to show?

Good try from RIM. I'm sure that this ad in not going to sink in to the minds of young/old Indians (any humans for that matter). Not even close to impress people to attract towards BB. It would have been way better than this. Its a wait and watch situation for RIM.

I have a BB, am Indian, and have to agree with this statement. The commercial didn't work for me and it missed on several marks.