New 3al6ayer app for BlackBerry users in the Middle East

By James Richardson on 7 Nov 2012 05:29 am EST

We just got some news in hot of the press from RIM in the Middle East which makes a nice change, but we are making an effort here at CrackBerry to cover as many continents as possible.

Since television content is not the best in the region, many people have taken to YouTube to launch their own Arabic shows. These have become huge hits with the population especially because of the satirical twist they take on things! Popular YouTube show 3al6ayer (AlTayer) today launched an app for BlackBerry® smartphone users which will allow his audience to engage with him and send in live-on-air requests.

3al6ayer, which means ‘On the Fly', has soared in popularity across the Middle East with each episode watched by over a million viewers on YouTube. Available for download via BlackBerry® App WorldTM , the 3al6ayer app creates an exciting way for fans to watch episodes of their favourite Arabic comedy show and engage with the cast and crew. Features of the app include:

  • Stream: current or previous episodes, with access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content
  • Share: episodes via BBMTM, Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Post: questions for the 3al6ayer crew. These questions can also be tagged to 3al6ayer's Facebook and Twitter pages via social connectivity\

The first episode of 3al6ayer Season 3 will air on 07 November 2012. BlackBerry users can watch the episode live using their 3al6ayer BlackBerry app, and have their questions answered by Omar Hussein during a special segment titled 7arobNaro. Fans can also join in Twitter conversations from their BlackBerry smartphone by posting updates with the hashtag: #حاروبنارو

More information/Download the 4al6ayer app from BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

New 3al6ayer app for BlackBerry users in the Middle East


Great job guys.

While I was reading the twitter feed, I felt like it had to be something Arabic related from the name.

I'll definitely download the app.

Few more explanations about the name the post already mention the meaning but some might not know why there is a 3 and 6 in the name

3al6ayer =
3 is a hard a somethimes we write it with double aa ( ع arabic letter resemble a 3)

6 is the arabic letter like T but that comes from the throat ( ط arabic letter resemble a 6)

al (on) tayer (the fly)

I am Lebanese actually, the reason why I didn't assume it was Arabic because I didn't think CrackBerry would post about it.

I've been reading here for awhile, it is not often you find a review for an app built for a specific audience.