140% More Power! Seidio's Extended 2600mAh Extended Battery for the BlackBerry Curve Packs More Punch.

Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery for the BlackBerry Curve
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Oct 2007 04:07 am EDT

I've patiently been waiting for this to arrive in the ShopCrackBerry.com store, and it's finally here! Seidio's new 2600mAh Extended Battery will keep your Curve rocking all day and night and day and night and day and night and hopefully another day or two or three.... :-)

The required (and included) battery door extends your BlackBerry's casing around the battery enclosure by about 4mm and is made of a hard plastic with a smooth rubber finish that is scratch resistant and provides a nice grip! The extended battery kit sells for $49.95. Look for an indepth review in the near future. If you're looking to extend your Curve's battery life, but don't want to extend the casing, Seidio also offers a 1300mAh OEM-sized Extended Battery that is a longer-lasting direct replacement for the 1000mAh battery the 8300 Curve ships with (1100 mAh in the 8310 & 8320).

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The reason why I got the 8320 because it is thinner than my 8700g. So if I get this extended battery, this will make it exactly the same thickness as my 8700g (beat the purpose of why I was getting the Curve) since without the extended battery for the 8700g, it is 19.5mm.

Ohh, the standard battery that comes with your Curve is 1100mAh :)

Kevin Michaluk

The 8300 shipped with a 1000mAh battery. The 8310 and 8320 ship with an 1100mAh battery.

UPS man just delivered my extended battery..it's on the charger now getting primed (instructions say the initial charge should be 8 hours). I actually like the look of the extended casing. I use Seidio's holster which has an open back on it, so the extended casing with that holster fit and go together really well. I'm from the opposite boat - the thing I loved about my 8700r was it's solid mass...this brings some of that back to the Curve.

I was using Seidio's 1300mAh extended battery before, this basically is two of those stacked together.

I'm excited to get it off the charger and see how many days i can go for.


Kevin keep us posted on the results of your seidio extended battery.


It works great, no complaints. Now is there a case for my Curve that will work with the extended back?