Never see the same maze twice with NeverMaze for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 10 Jul 2013 12:17 pm EDT

Available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 and PlayBook -  NeverMaze may be an Android port but it's a great little time killer that may be perfect for those commutes to work. In fact you can't even get it on Android believe it or not! The devs wanted to lean the Android frameworks but future apps from them should be native, including this one.

The concept is very straight forward - the app will auto generate a maze and you need to maneuver the orange icon to the purple one. The graphics are pretty basic but the colors complement each other well and although I'm not super excited about this one myself it is a little addictive.

The game play is smooth and although lacking any background music (which may have been nice) the game may also be a great one for the kids. The developer states that there are billions of mazes available so you will more than likely never see the same one twice which is a nice touch.

Unfortunately this one isn't free but it's cheap at only £0.75/$0.99 so it won't break the bank.

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Never see the same maze twice with NeverMaze for BlackBerry 10


Hey guys...this is the time to show the developer that bb10 platform is profitable.........only. 99cents and we can show BlackBerry is profitable........i will be downloading it and buying it.............its time us crackberry community takes a stand and.....makes the community proud....

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

Hi guys, I'm one of the developers. Hope you enjoy.

A couple of notes...

It's available on PlayBook as well, and you get all versions for one price. Sweet deal!

Second, it's an Android app, but it's not a port... it's only available on BlackBerry for now, not on Android. We used Android frameworks because we wanted to learn a bit about that developer experience. Rest assured we'll be making native apps as well.

Yes the game is fairly basic but it's mainly for kids. That said, difficulty increases and the higher level mazes are quite challenging to beat in good time.

Any feedback, let us know here or in the forums. Enjoy!

A couple more developer notes...

You can drag (and the touch control doesn't have to be exact), or you can also tap. If you make a wrong turn, you don't have to "rewind", you can take a new turn by "cutting" your path.

The time is important: the quicker you complete mazes, the more difficult they become; the slower you complete them, the difficulty backs off. This is one of the features that makes it suitable for children. The easy/normal/hard difficulty setting just controls how quickly this progress is.

The mazes are generated using a variety of parameterized algorithms. They can be more twisty, less twisty, more vertical or horizontal, and so on. You won't see the same maze twice, and the game tries to keep varying the style of maze to switch it up.

@mlepage: I am aMAZEd you did the Android app targeting BlackBerry first (and only BlackBerry from the beginning). This is just another proof of how easy it is to create apps for BlackBerry platform! Anyone could write apps and games, provided they have passion for creating nice apps, coding and sharing their work with BlackBerry users. Even simpler/"indy" style apps will do in the beginning, because the more one learns, the more sophisticated, challenging and attractive projects they create in progression.

Wish you the very best with the apps you create and "keep projects moving"!

Thank you for the kind words. We wrote the app over a weekend, learning Android as we went. The rest of the time was spent polishing the game, tuning it for various form factors, adding more maze generation algorithms, and working around some issues with the Android environment. We are already evaluating native frameworks for our upcoming projects.

Now if only we can get a sudoku game that generates them and allows the use of the keyboard to input numbers... I might be downloading this. Not really a huge fan of mazes, but if it has unlimited mazes I guess it'll last a while, lol.

@James Richardson,

Could you update this post to let the world know that this is available on PlayBook as well? PlayBook is not dead, despite all the recent bad news..

This is actually a BlackBerry exclusive, not a port.

It seems to play best if you press and hold your finger on the screen rather than tap repeatedly.

Thanks everyone for your support. Leave a review in BlackBerry World if you can (for PlayBook or BB10, I believe they are actually separate).

I should mention two more tangential tidbits:

1) I have another game completed, native, free, open source, great for kids... but it needs an update to make start up time faster. Keep an eye out for it, best way is to...
2) Follow me on twitter @marc_lepage

Hi everyone, NeverMaze has been updated, featuring:
- improved touch control
- Chinese translation
Enjoy! (and try to find an easter egg...)

Hey everyone, we've made NeverMaze free for the time being on BlackBerry, use promo code C00423973 and enjoy!

Love, Team Krungie