Never miss your stop again with Bus Alarm for BlackBerry - 50 free copies to win!

By Michael Hepples on 11 Aug 2010 11:27 am EDT
bus alarm

I have been driving my own vehicle for many years, but I still remember the days when I was going to school, or even when I was working graveyard shift, and used to take the bus everywhere I need to go. I can't count the number of times I fell asleep or got distracted reading and missed my stop completely, making my trip even longer. This app would have been quite handy back then, allowing me to set reminders based on location or time so I wouldn't end up three stops past my destination. The app is pretty straightforward, allowing users to set a designated stop via their GPS location, or to program in their bus stop schedule and receive a notification when they are nearing their destination or transfer point. If you need a quick update on where exactly you are at any time, you can easily display your current location, heading and speed on a map. Available in the CB store for $4.99, it's an extremely useful tool for those taking the bus on their daily commute.

Contest: We have 50 copies of Bus Alarm to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.  

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Never miss your stop again with Bus Alarm for BlackBerry - 50 free copies to win!


OMG i have been waiting for something like this! LOL, i never know when the buses come :(, i either miss them or have to get a ride with someone. I can definitely put this app to good use.

It would be very helpful for me. Because of terrible traffic in Krakow (Poland) I often go by bus and take naps. Waking up is always with fear: have I missed my stop?!

Thanks for another great giveaway!

I use the bus all the damn time here in Chicago. I could totally use this multiple times a day, and I have never won anything on the site. Please, oh, please for all that is good in the universe...and Dan Rather...let me win this.

i ride the bus subway and light rail every day for work. i am on it all hours of the day cause i have 2 jobs and some times fall asleep i could really use this app! !!!1

I'd love to check this app out, but I'm curious if some day they'll come up with a subway one as well. I guess first they need to make sure there's at least cellular coverage within the subways, then perhaps aGPS could be used :-D

Wow it would really be awesome to have... I am one of those graveyard shift workers and falling asleep on the train has happened to many times. :(

This app would be so useful since I take hour and a half bus ride to school everyday including weekends. I NEED IT

I commute all over town and try to gake a catnap when I'm on the bus but am always scared I will miss my stop.

Man this would help me as I just moved to chicago and am reliant on the transit system but don't know my way around.

I cannot remember where I heard that silly title, but it popped back into my brain when I opened the "Comment" link and it seemed appropriate...

So... silly post subject or not, pick me to win a copy of this app. You are on your own for the chicken dinner!

This app will be really helpful for me. My school is 2hours away from my home, and I have to tranport mutiple times...
Please give me :)

I have been looking for this app forever. I never know how to read the bus schedules on paper because it's way too confusing. This app would be my savior. PICK ME!!!

I take the bus everywhere and this would be really handy for those long nights where I fall asleep on my way home. Does anyone know if you need the VZW Navigation stuff in order to use it properly?

i generally work on the bus and sometimes nearly miss my stop. a gps notification would be great for me. Hope I win...

Because I'm so tired of everyday looking on the internet for the bus routes. And I thought to my self "SELF!" why hasn't blackberry made an app for that??? And then I wake up this morning bummed out because I had to check the schedule but before I did that and to my surprise look what I found!!! This would be the greatest app for me right now!!! I need this thing and I really really hope I get it to help my life become a little less stressful lol.

With the semester starting soon, I've got classes in a different location that I'm not totally familiar with yet, and having an app like this would definitely help ensure that I don't miss my stop, even when I'm confused by the as-of-yet unfamiliar surroundings -- especially for those early classes when I'm not fully awake yet!

i hate showing up way to early for the bus or even miss the bus by a minute or so. i know if the bus is two stops away i can leave my place and be at the bus stop when its 5 blocks away. this would be so helpful.

Since I don't have my own car, I always use buses to go somewhere. This app will be useful to ppl like me!

i take an hour long commute on the bus to work everyday...and if i miss my 1st 2 buses, my day is screwed for getting to work on time.

This would be so handy for the bus ride downtown to work everyday. I would definitely use this app often.

Very Thankful with the excelleration of technology, and how it makes things better sometimes!
would like to get a free copy of this app...comes in very handy in the New York City area.

I do not try to win every application that Crackberry gives away, but this is one I need. I fall asleep within moments in any moving vehicle which makes it hard not to miss my stops. You don't want to see me in the drivers seat!

I love the idea of this app makes so much sense, I would love to have it for my commute to school everyday where I take 3 buses!

come on, you know you want to. dont worry, i wont tell :P no seriously, i could use this, i take the bus pretty damn car you see :(

I think this is a fantastic idea & wonder why no one has already thought of it. Coming from someone who buese to & from work 5 days a week... THANK YOU! lol
This is also great for those famous Quebec winters!!!
Well done.

Since I work for a public transit agency and I sometimes catch the bus to work and have fallen asleep quite a few times only to awaken wondering where the (bleep) I'm at; this app may very well come in handy for me. Please throw my name in the hat!!!

OMG! This would be a godsend! Trying to be enviromentally friendly by taking public transit DEF. has its downfalls! Life would be so much easier with this app!

This application would have been exceptionally useful when I rode the metro bus on a daily basis either to university or work. These days, as I age, it would be even more beneficial to remind me or wake me up in time to disembark.

Now this is for me,I start work at 6am and 99% of the time get off a stop too late because I've dozed off again.
Good luck to everyone who entered.

Very interesting app. I would really like to see more transit related apps, they could boost the ridership by making it more convenient to use for sure.

this would be a great help on my daily train commute from NYC bc my trains rarely get me home on time and one can never get enough sleep!

I just started riding the bus to save up on these ridiculous gas prices and this would DEFINITELY be useful!

Total SUCK!
This would save my a$$ from the verbal beating from my wife after driving an hour to pick me up!

I would usually set my alarm but if this can do it by location, in case there is a delay in transit that is great!

Good luck to all.

Story --

Just the other day, I was enjoying "Mort" by Terry Pratchett on my daily bus ride to work. It is a good book -- and I found it to be delightful and entertaining. Amused by the intense little pageturner, I did not get off the bus at my stop, as it sailed past the window unnoticed.

Nor did I notice the next one.

Or the next.

By the time I DID notice, I was three stops away, or about 1.5 miles. Since this is Pittsburgh, of course it was uphill. My boss is very particular about the time we arrive to work, so that if we are going to be 10 minutes late, we have to call so she can guilt us (I'm salaried). Rather than go through it, I ran. That's right, 1.5 miles up hill in a dead run. I just made it.

But I sure would love to have a tool that would buzz my hip when it's time to look up!

I live in NYC and take public transportation daily. This would be helpful. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

This would be amazing to have. I travel from Mississauga to Oakville, and other cities all the time using the local transit. This would be amazing.

This app would let me not worry as much when riding the subway...I tend to become sleepy since there's nothing to watch except the tunnel lights flying by.

This app would be so useful for me as a total newb in Vancouver. It would definitely help in getting around town. :)

Would be great if the schedule already built-in, otherweise I will take the job to entry all the bus/train stops in my town.

I could actually make a lot of use of this app. I am on the bus all the time, and after not getting much sleep, on the way to work, this could scream at me that my stop is coming up and I'd wake up in time to get off. :D

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