Never miss your favorite TV show again with What's On? for BlackBerry 10

By Michelle Haag on 25 May 2013 10:54 pm EDT

I'm going to go ahead and admit that I watch entirely too much TV. Since I don't always watch TV shows when they air, I tend to forget what time I need to tune in. I was super happy to see that an app is available for us TV junkies to not only keep us up-to-date on all the latest TV related news, but also help remind us when shows air.

Available for both the BlackBerry Q10 and Z10, What's On? is a multi-function app geared towards keeping you organized and never missing your favorite show. Featuring a 5-day TV schedule with the ability to set Calendar Reminders from the schedule, you can search the TV database and add your favorite shows to a list for quick and easy access. For each show you can see detailed series information with show and episode summaries and air dates. Currently supported countries are the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia with the possibility of more being added in the future.

For just a buck, you can get What's On? for your BlackBerry and never miss an episode (or GetGlue sticker!) ever again. You can find it in BlackBerry World at the link below, and to leave your feed back for the developer as well as see what he has planned for future updates, you can head over to his thread in the forums.

More information/purchase What's On? for BlackBerry 10
Discuss What's On? with the developer in the forums

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Never miss your favorite TV show again with What's On? for BlackBerry 10


it is cool cuz you would never have to turn on the tv to find out whats on, instead you look at the app and go like eww this show sucks

Posted via CB10

This sounds cool, would get it if it was free... I'm pretty cheap. Wish I could test drive it, then I might buy it if it's worth it.

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Yep, as of OS 10.1.
I've actually totally forgotten to use them, so thanks for the reminder!

This is how you CB10, son!

They should mention in the article that it's a paid app. I didn't notice it mentioned anywhere and was disappointed when I found out in BlackBerry World.

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Article says towards the end:

'For just a buck, you can get What's On? for your BlackBerry...

... More information/purchase What's On? for BlackBerry 10...'

So 2 mentions of price or purchase.

This is how you CB10, son!

Good, except it's nothing new. My new htc one with sense 5.0 has the TV app which does all of the above, and with an included ir blaster in the phone I'm able to control my T, cable box, and surround system all in one. If this was an actual android app it would be great, but it's limited to since 5 phones and possibly new galaxy s4 who also has an ir blaster

Ya that's pretty cool actually. I wish the Z10 had that. Too bad your HTC is running android though, what waste of such nice hardware.

HTC now there is a company that is truly going to be gone soon enough :) Long before BB, 6 top execs jump ship, financials are horrible?

Not getting a full listing here in Canada. Just show times after 5pm and no choice of choosing cable provider or detail listing of channels.

Posted from my ZED10

Try viewing the US schedule, since most TV stations here in Canada are actually from the US you'll get a better schedule ;)

I went and bought it as soon as I saw the article. I'm an avid GetGluer so this is a perfect accompaniment. Well done dev! As far as the Canadian content, that really only applies to Canadian shows. Since most of what we watch is a US simulcast anyway, I just set the app to US. If the option is brought in to auto add reminders for premieres to the calendar for shows saved in My Shows, the app would be perfect.

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Have to agree with Stwutter. It's not really a fully detailed schedule at all. Just edited highlights you might say. I'm from the UK but the app doesn't allow you to fine tune what service provider you are using. For example, Free view or Sky.
Also I had assumed the reminder would be sent to the calendar app. But it isn't.
Also, you can't swipe to the right on the left corner tab button. You have to tap it instead.
Disappointed to say the least. How do I get my money back?
Be warned. Should be renamed TV selected highlights guide.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, and it's a new Blackberry!

Permissions are allowed for this app in settings ,thank you, but not appearing in the calendar.

And no, I'm not a moron.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, and it's a new Blackberry!

Are you on a BES? If so try switching to your personal space, some BES admins block 3rd party apps from accessing the calendar...

I like SeriesFinale more. Does not have a TV guide or TV news but you can save your favorite TV shows and see when the next episodes will be aired. Looks much better on the Q10 than What's On and hopefully will integrate with the calender in a future update, too.

And it's free ;)

sent from my Q10

If your just looking for a app to track your fav TV shows for dates that they start again, when the next episode is on, if you missed a show then a good app is series guide. It's free and keeps all TV shows up to date. Been using it for over a year now. It can be a little laggy but it's free.

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Come on guys this is TV your talking about ! It's either a movie, business show, all news channels, sports event, and an episode of 2 to 3 shows per week if that ! Maybe we need an App for APP !
Folks our brains are mush, try to use the brain via memory, search, and trial & error . This will be healthy for brain synapses ! Shish, Got to go, have to find out when Monoco Grand Prix starts on Speed Channel i believe it's 7:30AM !

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works fine, just doesn't show all the channels in Australia.
A channel selection in settings would be nice, hint hint.

There is a free app called Series Finale that you can add shows to and it shows all the episodes including upcoming shows. You can then mark as watched and/or delete older seasons. Works perfectly for a number of shows I watch and it's free. Does not have a full TV schedule but works if you know the shows you want to track.

Posted via CB10 with my white Z10

Agreed... Series Finale app is great and free. If "what's on" gets automatic calendar updates and other features to really differentiate it from free apps I'll give it a try, but for now Series Finale fits my needs!

Who watches TV in 2013 apart from live sports? Just record shows and watch them during your workouts instead of getting fat on your couch.

Sent from a Q10 with a crappy OLED screen

Doesn't have all free to air channels nor does it have consistent times and dates, and doesn't seem to show details for a full day... essentially if it had a proper accurate schedule it would be fantastic... quietly disappointed...

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Nice. I was just wondering if there was something like this. We were out at a concert last night (not normal for a Sunday night) and I missed a bunch of GetGlue stickers. Thanks for the info Michelle!!

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