Never forget a thing with Home Screen Notes for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 14 Feb 2011 02:44 pm EST

Home Screen Notes BlackBerry

If you're looking to be more organzied and your BlackBerry Tasks app isn't quite doing the trick, maybe it's time for something new. Home Screen Notes for BlackBerry aims to help you out. Essentially a Post-It note for your homescreen, the app lets you easily add reminders or quick notes and stick them right on your BlackBerry homescreen. There are loads of options ranging from automated notes to custom fonts and colors. I can see this helping me out as I'm not a huge fan of using Tasks and love the idea of having notes right in front of me. You can grab Home Screen Notes on sale for just $0.99 through Tuesday.

More information/download of Home Screen Notes

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Never forget a thing with Home Screen Notes for BlackBerry


Bummer, it conflicts with wallpaper rotation apps. The screen shots look good and useful. You would have to really ignore these notes!

Does the notice about a conflict with BerryWeather mean that it won't function any device that is running BerryWeather, or just if the BerryWeather app is running as wallpaper on the device?

I just installed this app, with BerryWeather already installed (but I don't use the BerryWeather home screen option), and it would not work. So, I uninstalled BerryWeather, and still no success. I simply could not get it to show the note on the home screen. Btw, I'm on a Verizon Bold 9650 running 6.0. I emailed the developer, and am hoping for an answer soon.

When I run the app, and go into setting and configuration, clicking on "change wallpaper" does nothing. That is, I select change wallpaper, and the screen stays the same. Further, when I create a note, it does not show on the home screen. I uninstalled BerryWeather completely, reinstalled this app, and I still got the same results as described above.

Same result even after installed the update (v 1.3 for the app). BerryWeahter uninstalled did not make a difference--the app simply does not work on my device.

It won't function because they both super impose images over the wall paper and have no way to tell if either of the apps made changes to the wallpaper so technically they would be fighting over the wallpaper.

I run the app on my Torch and so far it's pretty useful (I'm the type of guy that always uses sticky post-it note programs on my laptop.

Question: When not using the app, is there a way to not run it in the background? When I switch apps, I notice that it's always running.

That is a good question, the app actually needs to run in the background to keep track of time but other than that it is idle so it won't slow the phone down in any way or use any extra battery power.

Question #2: I just posted my first note. I have transparency enabled, but the note is not transparent. Instead, it deletes my wallpaper (makes a black screen as my wallpaper) and the note is displayed over that. What can I do so I can fix this issue?

I downloaded this application and it seems to work best without using an installed theme other than what came with the BB. I found a couple themes it works with but the wallpaper is removed once you start posting notes. My berryweather app goes away also. I have a BB Style.

Also, got a new theme today. The theme is from BerryGoodThemes and it's the todayplus. The Home Screen Notes application does not show up at all if you try to use it with this theme.

There may be some conflicts between some themes and the note application itself. Hopefully someone will get some kinks worked out and it could become a very decent note application. I do like it just not very functional with certain themes.