FREE: Clean and Fresh Neu Theme for 8900, 9000 and 83xx

By Bla1ze on 26 May 2009 08:34 am EDT
Neu: Clean And Fresh Free Theme for 8900, 9000 And 83xx Devices!

Looking for a nice and clean theme for your 8900, Bold or 83xx Series Curve? And you want it to be free? Ninja Please has just the theme you are looking for then. In what has got to be the most co-operative theme release I have ever seen between CrackBerry community members, Neu is available for download and I have to say the wait for the updates was well worth it.

From an idea lilhaloshaka had and designs and icons from Maxthemes, Ninja Please was able to take a concept image and make it a reality and bundle it all up in a number of theme variations for different devices. Be it a hidden today or just calendar and message options, Neu is a very nice theme over all that flows on the devices it was designed for. Be sure to check it out. The download is free but if you're in the giving spirit Ninja Please will take some donations to the SPCA.

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FREE: Clean and Fresh Neu Theme for 8900, 9000 and 83xx


...when I scroll across the icons on the home screen the left and right "ends" of the text are chopped off for me on the Bold. I have multiple email addresses and I can't tell which one I am looking at with the text being chopped off.

Nice theme in general, but that is a problem and forced me to uninstall the theme.

unfortunately that isn't a problem with the theme itself, but how the hardware renders it. people have told me that upgrading the os on your device will fix this problem, but before you take that measure you might want to try a battery pull and possibly uninstalling/reinstalling the theme.

I am also missing the front and end letters on all the icon titles. Could it be that this theme does not play well with .247?

this should be fixed with a firmware upgrade (os upgrade) - if you have a current OS installed, try pulling the battery and if that fails, uninstall/reinstall

also, I've noticed that most of the complaints of this issue stem from running that os.

It looks like this particular version is set to scroll vertically rather than horizontally. Other than that a simply beautiful theme.

scrolling will be fixed on Today version.

if you need a desktop install, send me an email at ninja at crackberry dot com and I will send you the files.

I have downloaded the 2 versions from the link however the problem os still there. Do i need to delete before re-installing?

I love this theme, but (of course) I have a question: Can I can the text size for my message menu, standby/popup text ect to 7 pt? My message text is, but top level menus are HUGE. Hope I'm clear in my description. :D


Awesome theme Ninja, looks fantastic and works great; but I'm definitely on board with cmilktoast on the giant font in the menus... if this minor detail could be remedied this would theme. ever.

Thanks very much!

I agree this theme rocks! Is there any way you can let us choose a size 7 fonts for the menu on the next update? That's the only thing holding me back from using this Awesome theme :(
This theme is one of the best one I've found minus the little detail I mentioned

Clean, functional, works will with different backgrounds. This theme is absolutely stellar, better than many of the paid ones out there, IMO.

This theme is really great, out of all the themes that are free and cost. This is my favorite!!! And cool icons!

The Today version of the Neu Theme is great! I have been frustrated with every today theme I have tried to this point. However, with 8 shortcut icons and access to the ringer profiles from the home screen, Neu is a functional and aesthetically pleasing theme. Running on the 8330 I see not cut-off of the icon titles mentioned in other comments. The only complaint I have (more of a minor annoyance than anything really) is that on my device you can only scroll horizontally, even when moving through the vertical listing of messages and appointments. Good job Ninja Please.

I love this theme. very clean and very high quality, nicely done ninja please! I don't think I have ever seen such a high quality theme that was free. You would be a fool not to use this!

Only theme I have liked besides the default preloaded stuff. Is there any way to make the picture I have set as my background also show up when I lock it?

Downloaded the Calender and Message version for my 8330 and it's great. It's already one of my favorite themes. Looks beautiful and works great.

I downloaded the Theme. it says its Complete. But when i got to theme nothing there Can anyone help me Please Thanks in advance

try a battery pull or hard reset and check again, I had to do it so that I could run it; as it wouldn't select the theme and change until after the pull. Hope this helps.

The feedback looks promising and it says it's for all 83xx Curves....except for the 8350i. Please add this compatibility.

yes, for all 83xx phones with 4.5. since the 8350i runs on a diff os, it has to be created from scratch. there are no immediate plans for the neu theme on the 8350, possibly in the near future though.

very quick unlike some others and great colors. only thing i would change is that when you lock the phone (which i do every time i place it in my pocket) is to make it so that your wallpaper for your home screen stays and doesn't become the default sorta field picture.

Downloade the update and it looks like some of the giant font issues were resolved, but I still have giant fonts in my email,pop-up menus and notifications and doesn't seem to change when I adjust my fonts down to 7pt.(tried a hard reset too to no avail) I don't want to sound like I'm complaining though because this theme is awesome... I just have a giant font pet peeve. :D

thanks again ninja please!

has anyone noticed a lag?
when i hit the symbol key while chatting on bbm there is a big lag from when i hit the button to when it appears on the screen. maybe its just me?

because when you theme the icons for any theme, the stock folders will not be there. if you change the stock icons at all, they will disappear and you only have one folder type to work with. and there is no way to theme more than one folder in plazmic. please have some knowledge of what you're talking about before you speak.

This is a nice theme so far. I can see a lot of attention to detail was put in. My only complaint are the blank folders.Other than that its a pleasure to look at and scroll through with ease.

@ creatures from above - i have some lag as well | 8330 | i was using a few different themes and it seems that when i create multiple folders it slows things down or that it's just a lagging theme...not sure but i really like this theme and will give it a few more days and play with it to see if it will be my default...

@ jamesvdm - why make a statement like that? have a little respect for someone offering a product for free... if you can do better and do it for free, post it and let the rest of the crackberry community be the judge of who's/what's dumb.

@jamesdvm - because when you theme the icons for any theme, the stock folders will not be there. if you change the stock icons at all, they will disappear and you only have one folder type to work with. and there is no way to theme more than one folder in plazmic. please have some knowledge of what you're talking about before you speak.

I recommend a battery pull after every theme installation, it generally solves any problems with lag or icons not changing.

i tried using quickpull as well,but it doesnt seem to get rid of the lag.

i also noticed that i generally get 3 out of 5 bars of service whenever i use this theme. are there any other options to fix these issues? i would really like this to be my default theme :)

service has nothing to do with themes, as it doesn't affect how well the radio is working. the only way it could affect it in any way is if the signal meter itself was messed up, in this case it isn't. I'm not sure why you are having the lag, as this theme is very small compared to others in KB. depending on how many programs are open, can affect the lag considerably.

I see. I tried re-downloading it.. the only improvement was the size of the text on the home screen aside from that im still having the same issues :( maybe its just my phone..
kudos on the theme though, def the best one ive seen.

How do you change the lock screen image. I put a different background picture and it changes on the home screen but when it locks it reverts back to the themes default image. When I unlock it it goes to the image I selected? Ideas?

This one is, by far, the best I've used (that includes ones I've paid for)! I absolutely love it! Very crisp and clean, flows effortlessly. Thank you so much for providing this at no charge! Awesome!

Very nice theme!
It's soooo hard to get used to using a new theme though, so I ended up going back to my dimension L....

Same problem as a poster on page 1.

Done over 10 downloads and resets (soft and hard, inc. battery pulls) and it just won't appear in the theme list - despite being on the installed Applications list.

Running v4.6.1.199

Your theme is very hot.

Im on a sprint curve runing: v4.5.0.131 I did a hard reset 4 times, sent the service books and re-provisioned the phone to the network and still i cant get the SMS/MMS icon. All my MMS/SMS & Emails comes under the Message Icon.

i cant find my media folder on my blackberry after installing and switchin to this theme, did they forget to put the icon?

I absolutely love this theme! After 6 months of ownership and trying various themes, I finally feel like my BB is complete! Awesome job and thank you!

I have paid 6-8 bucks for some crappy themes, this is by far the best theme I have seen, very clean, simple, and lets the wallpaper stand out! And it was free?? I would have gladly paid $8 for this one, thanks for making this theme.

Why can't all themes be this good? I swear only like 20% of Curve themes are worth looking at... theme developers/artists really need to step it up.

I really like this theme.. But I have one problem, the small notification icons for unread messages, missed calls, n IMs are missing..

Anyone else have this issue?

I love this theme. However, it doesn't show that it's being charged. I tried both my home and car charger and the plug icon never shows up - my low battery indicator started going off, along with the flashing green light. I switched back to the default theme and it showed right up. Doesn't make much sense...

Just downloaded this for my 8900. No issues, looks beautiful! Thanks for the hard work Ninja P... really appreciated! :o)

I downloaded this and whenever I scroll over Messages, I see SMS from 2 weeks back! My new messages will show up on the screen but once I check them, the new messages go away but the old ones remain... anybody else getting this problem?

I was running this on my Curve 8310 and loved it. When I hit the menu button to view all of my icons, there are 4 rows of icons which is great. Now on my new Bold, when I hit the menu button, there are only 2 rows. Is this an issue or by design? I would think I would at least be able to get the same number of rows of icons as on the lower resolution Curve?

Well, I did find one way to change this, under Advanced Options, Accessibility. Change Grid Layout from Default to 4x4, which is better, but now it forces only 4 icons across the screen. Better than before, but this was not a problem on my Curve.