Some EMEA networks compensating BlackBerry users following outage

By DJ Reyes on 17 Oct 2011 04:44 pm EDT

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This time last week we saw the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Region lose service, with the outage lasting three days and spreading to North America. Lots of users complained, while others held strong and battled through. There were also a number of BlackBerry users calling for some sort of compensation for the three day loss of services. As you know the BlackBerry Internet Service is a paid service, most of the time included in the monthly bill and when you don't get use of service you pay for the natural thing is to expect compensation. Although, the BlackBerry outage was not the fault of any network, Qatar's Qtel and Vodafone networks have decided to compensate their BlackBerry users with three days credit.

Qtel has two types of BlackBerry customers, Hala and Shahry. Hala customers will have the three days credit automatically added to their account immediately, while Shahry customers will have the credit added to their next monthly bill. Vodafone Qatar BlackBerry users will have their credit added to their account by October 20 and will be notified by SMS once this has been completed.

We've already see RIM give some compensation in the form of free premium apps but would you like to see your network compensate you for your loss of service? Hit us up in the comments with your thoughts.

Source: Gulf News

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Some EMEA networks compensating BlackBerry users following outage


really like to have the compensation, however i don't think the greedy carriers here in France would follow that

Well, my Dutch Vodafone BIS account costs 5 euro / month.
So for 3 days outage, that's a whopping 50 cents... I'd rather have Vodafone keep their money, tbh! If they have ~200k customers, that's a whole lotta 50 cents for them, which they should invest in something better.

Those free App World offers are a better idea! Kudos to RIM.

Vodacom South Africa gave their customers 20 extra network minutes free and 20 sms free. Telefonica Spain compensated their customers. Telefonica that own o2 Uk stated its not our fault its the problem of RIM

Quentin: If that's the issue then you can get in contact with Blackberry and get a claim for that.
Quentin: As this was their issue and not o2 issue.

Nice cusomer service

Kelly: ok but we paid for data and this was not working
Quentin: I do agree to that.
Quentin: But it was the blackberry service that was not working.
Kelly: ok then why is vodaphone uk compensating alsong with other companies and not o2
Quentin: The o2 service even the data on other phone were working, so it was not a data issue with o2 also.
Kelly: that is strange as according to the news this is not the case and you are jointly responsible with Rim for data
Kelly: its on channel 4 now
Quentin: I'm sorry but it was a universal issue with the blackberry server.
Kelly: lackberry not working 0ct
Kelly: i will let you go but my partner is now going with vodaphone as they happily compensate their customers and the news say that rim will compensate vodaphone, so why not o2
Quentin: RIM are in charge of things like your BBM, email and web browsing. O2 manage your texts and calls, so you'll still be able to use those and this is why we won't be offering any compensation.
Kelly: so why sell a bolt on that did not work
Quentin: Please give me the link where it say's that RIM is going to compensate any network.
Kelly: wait please
Quentin: Ok.
Kelly: let me get you telefonicas website
Quentin: But this is not a official announcement made by RIM.
Kelly: The Spanish company said on its Web site that it, in line with Spanish law, it would compensate its customers, Reuters reported. The Spanish Consumer Association FACUA believes that clients will receive up to $2.62 for every 24 hours of lost service, the wire service reported. Read more:
Quentin: But is there any update in uk where it says that we have to compensate for the manufacturer issue.
Kelly: are you not telefonica based company
Quentin: If that's the issue then you can get in contact with Blackberry and get a claim for that.
Quentin: As this was their issue and not o2 issue.
Kelly: i will quote this As this was their issue and not o2 issue. thank you

Thought that it is only fair to add the whole comment. Those nice people at o2 Uk

Get over yourself. How long did you spend discussing this with the customer service rep? I am assuming more than a couple bucks in time. Your reperations from the service provider would only be a couple bucks.

None of these carriers should be giving any kind of pay backs. It's not their fault. Their networks were working just fine.

Also, just becasue one company is doing something, doesn't mean another needs too. IF everyone was jumping off cliffs, would you?? I assume you would since everyone else is doing it.

Well here is the update and it was well worth complaining. For the complaint oh and by the way am a business user with 26 berries in my own company i received a 50% reduction in my own account on monthly line rental, it is now £20 per month, free unlimited o2 to o2 calls, free unlimited land line calls, unlimited texts, free 500mb data and 600 cross network calls. Now who said it is not worth complaining.

Vodafone Egypt compensated clients with deducting 10% of the monthly bill , compensation is = $ 1.7 which is nothing compared to the loss on our beloved service, RIM did a better job of giving a $100 gift , its not a matter of compensation its a matter of standing beside your partners that made you happy a lot of days so you appreciate that by standing by them only for hours when they need too .

My BB Torch was affected by this outage for about one hour. After one hour everything was back to normal and I never actually "missed" anything. all my emails, BBM's and what ever else i got reached my phone as per normal and I believe RIM did a great job getting the issue resolved. Can we get on with the rest of our lives now?

I too would rather be compensated in fee adjustments and not free, premium apps. I'm not bothered in the loss of service; only bothered that I payed for something that I did not receive.

Maybe its just me but when our electric goes out due to bad weather and it has for longer than three days. The provider does not replace the fish that died,or the food that gets thrown away and if you have generator,they don't keep it fueled. Rim giving away something should be considered a great gesture that is not likely with other carriers or phone makers in this economy. Do you see any of them makers compensating the people that have been hacked and all over the tabloids? Nope just legal battles that hopefully we will never go through thanks to rim technology. It was nice for me to have a excuse for not responding for three days due to the outage and i'm glad its over and i'll take my free apps with a smile cause thats the way i look at it thank you

Ok people! quit being a bunch of greedy n00bs!

It is not the carriers fault or obligation to compensate you for anything! Their networks were working as intended. Are you really looking for compensation from someone who isn't responsible? AND that compensation is only a couple bucks? really people? get over yourselves.

$hit happens! get over it. You aren't perfect and nothing in this world is perfect, and to be asking for compensation from someone who had nothing to do with the sitiuation is greedy and dishonest.

at first i was thinking id rather the U.S. companies do this as well ...but if i get 2 premium apps; that would cover more than the cost of my monthly unlimited data plan with AT& good

RIM was down

Carriers were working as intended

SO to sum it up . . . RIM should be compensating, not the carriers. quit being greedy people.

here in Lebanon, the operator Alfa will give 3 free days of bb service next month for post paid users

well, in Oman, with Nawras as the carrier, we got our weekly plan payment given back to us with a tip on it, our subscription lasted for two more days and we got a tip up the MBs limit ..
just sayin .. =p

I got me a $25 credit. i called and complained that i pay for unlimitied so i need to be refunded for this month since i can't use it unlimitedly. they said it's blackberrys fault not ours. i said i pay you for the service tho. and bam got my credit.