Netflix: We don’t have any current plans to support BlackBerry devices, including PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 23 Feb 2012 09:53 pm EST

Those were the words spoken by the official @NetflixHelps account on Twitter earlier. While we've known for quite some time now that Netflix had nothing in the works this was one of the first times the information had come from a Netflix source outside of emails replied to where users had requested knowing if the service was coming. After that Tweet though, it managed to catch the attention of a lot of BlackBerry users who began their own personal boycotts of Netflix letting others know they would be cancelling the service.

Needless to say, if you search on Twitter now for @Netflixhelps you'll see a lot of comments from BlackBerry users. If you're upset about it as well, by all means send them a tweet and let them know or use their contact us page to reach out to their customer service department. Netflix seemingly needs to be reminded they provide a non-essential service. People use Netflix because they offer something they want, if Netflix refuses to offer what they want then Netflix becomes irrelevant and people will cancel their accounts. While you're at it -- let @Skypesupport know you want an app as well.

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Netflix: We don’t have any current plans to support BlackBerry devices, including PlayBook



Except I never paid for their pathetic service to begin with.
Waste of money for crap content, at least here in Canada.

Blackberry needs to standardize devices before expecting ANYONE to develop apps for their platform(s).

I have the new 9850 and find the apps do not scale well on my device - so its BB's fault mostly. People need to direct their angst in the right direction.

..maybe in future when they get to OS10 & fewer devices.

Your premise is wrong. Why is it that Kindle was supported on various devices but not the Playbook? This does not stop them and there is no technical reason the Playbook can't run this stuff.
It is the big U.S. corporations trying to kill a competitor in my view.

Also, note that Netflix funs on android devices and they have even more variations than BlackBerry.

Bottom line:
Screw Netflix.

Android is standardized in such a way that you only need minimum to no tweaks to ensure compatibility with the different versions (not like the multiple BB devices and version)

If you were a developer you would have a better appreciation for the amount of resources needed. I support the campaign to bring usefull apps like Skype & netflix to BB - but will not be cancelling either as my family uses them on other devices

Sad that people blame Americans for this. Don't know how people can link this with a nationality, but I guess ignorance can link anything negative with anyone. Sad.

I am with you there bud. I did the same thing. I can still stream Amazon Prime and fine with that. Netflix can go to H.E double hockey sticks for all I care.

Someone down below stated that to cancel due to this is nuts. How else are we going to stand up for what we want if it's not with our $$$$. That's all these companies understand, so let's hit them where it hurts.

It makes no sense for Netflix not to support the Playbook or any BB devices for that matter. Blackberry is the dominant smartphone in all of the markets that they are expanding to: Canada, Latin America, Great Britain. This is an unwise business decision, these companies have to stop being so U.S centric.

I'm sorry, but here in Brazil, one of the countries of Latin America, the Blackberry is far from being a dominant smartphone. And you know who is to blame: RIM. The only smartphone they sell cheap (the curve 8520) is a device from two years ago without future updates (and therefore no correction of bugs that may appear). The other devices? The cheapest, a Curve with OS 7, has the same price as the iPhone 4S 16GB. Bold? Torch? RIM sells them US$ 500 more expensive than devices like the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, RAZR, etc.

The only reason why they are expanding their presence here in Brazil because they are selling is a cheap unit from two years ago, and experience with it is not the best: I have a Curve 8520, I got from the carrier 4 months ago, and an iPod Touch from 2 years ago. Now at the end of March I'll change to an Android device because the BB OS 5 is too slow, the phone is too slow, the camera is too bad, and makes no sense to buy a Blackberry more expensive that performs worse that an iPhone does, and still pay a voice + data plan more expensive than a plan for a ordinary smartphone just because of BBM, something that I don't use, because all my friends have iPhones or Android phones and use WhatsApp.

Just cancelled my Netflix account when I saw the tweet. Don't see much of a future for the company any way.

Don't worry, I tweeted them and let them know when I cancelled.

If any PlayBook users here want a Netflix app, they should do the same and cancel their account tonight.

Canceling my account because they don't support one of my devices is way too extreme. Especially since I can watch it on my Android phone or my HP Touchpad running ICS. My wife and kids also wouldn't be happy if they fired up the GoogleTV and couldn't connect to Netflix LOL

I sent them a tweet though to let them know that that they SUCK for not supporting the Playbook.

Heck, I still watch netflix on my PlayBook. I simply use PlayOn. It's a service that let's me watch Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and a bunch of other services.

The web app actually works even better after the 2.0 browser updates.

But I don't get it, it's not like it's gonna hurt them to make a simple app for a platform. How ignorant...

Netflix is fast tracking itself to oblivion... never supported BlackBerry, and doesn't really seem to be supporting its customer base all that well anyway. My account has been suspended for months... now I can go ahead and formally cancel it.

I sent my complaint in. Again.

With BlackBerry Remote, I'd really like to use the PlayBook as a media center, and Netflix would be nice. Even if the selection is horrible in Canada compared to the USA...

If all movies worked from amazon, then you're right, no big deal. But a number of the movies have some sort of JS in there checking something, and even though they start playing, they stop claiming they can't play... they need to fix that.

i dropped netflix because of lack of blue ray movies and mainly lack of current streaming content. after i left them i found out their hbo series will go bye bye and warner brothers doubled their time before netflix gets videos so i believe its 56 days from release.

they doubled my price and gave me nothing in return, i dont miss them honestly.

I canceled my account months ago but it had nothing to do with my blackberry devices. Imo Netflix well..for lack of a better term, Sux. Seriously I don't understand the hype. They offer garbage. Not worth a 2$ a month subscription.

I agree with with what others said above. I cancelled NexFlix after the rate hike. They keep sending me "come back" e-mails. but they aren't offering anything in the way of a discount! Why would I come back with no incentive.

And like @luqman24 said; what will it hurt to create an app. As a company, wouldn't you want to have every possible point of revenue available to consumers? One mistake after the next for them.

Much like how other unnamed sites who constantly bash BB yet, can't keep RIM's name out of their mouths have BB ads everywhere.. funny how ads work.

I wonder if the ads are populated based on what is on the site? i.e. The more we talk about netflix, the more the ad software flags this as a site to push netflix ads.

I say we just dump netflix... Kind a sucks and has gone downhill anyway..Zinio better get their app out soon as well. Skype is another one that seems to be just BSing..

I see this as an even bigger slap in the face since they run an Android app that could be ported over to the Playbook pretty easily. Seems stupid for them to be bullheaded. Especially after the got it up the bum with the whole Qwickster thing or whatever that was and then decided to change it because everyone cried about it.

Though I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who would enjoy a BB app, I bet they're few enough that Netflix won't care to do it at this point.

People here apparently are angry with the attitude of Netflix on the customers that have the Playbook, and I agree with their opinion, but Netflix has a point: they would need to spend time and resources with a team to develop an app for the Playbook, plus an additional cost for support for this app and all this without knowing if there would be a substantial financial return.

Other than that, I don't doubt that if the RIM devices gain more marketshare with the Playbook OS 2.0 and Blackberry OS 10, Netflix probably will make a app for these systems.

Just an idea, if RIM wants the platform it is more attractive, they should get in touch with Netflix to make an app that came as standard on the system.

There is minmal loss of revenue in them supporting the PlayBook when you consider they could make use of the already existing apps easily. Have you ever used the Netflix iPad app? It's nothing more then webUI being called on the device. With WebWorks and HTML5, the majority of their dev work is already done. They can make a PSP Vita app but not make a PlayBook app?

When I called to cancel my account, the guy told me the reason it won't work is because Playbook doesn't support Silverlight

Don't forget the fact that they took the time out to block the PlayBook browser from interacting with Netflix so your point of them needing to spend time and resources is moot.

Creating a PlayBook app is one thing but going out of your way as a company to block a potential revenue generator (ie native PlayBook browser) is just plain stupid

Excellent point! If my memory serves me, the day the PB was released, netflix & hulu both worked and within a day or two both had blocked the playbook. Hulu, I get. They charge for HuluPlus to watch on devices other than computers. That's consistent. But netflix??? They might have picked up PB owners as new subscribers. Now they're losing PB owners who were subscribers. Makes no sense.

But no matter if they blocked or not Netflix, still needs Silverlight to play anything from Netflix, and there isn't a version compatible with the Playbook yet.

Blackberry is a sinking ship. Why people would expect Netflix to support a dying OS is beyond me. When a new gaming console comes out, developers can only support the old consoles for so long. Same concept. If you want a growing market place with support and the apps you want, buy a different device with android or iOs. You guys chose Blackberry knowing about the lack of a thriving market. Grow up and deal with it.

You do know Netflix lost 800,000 customers in 3Q 2011 ALONE, right? Netflix should be thankful a "dying OS" would even consider supporting their app. That chimpanzee CEO over there at Netflix better get his #$@& together.

In case you're wondering, I don't use Netflix. Prefer Prime.

Gotta love the names begining with 'i' telling people BB is a sinking ship. If I thought that I'd grow up and move on.

In other news, Activision announces it won't release any more games for Atari consoles. Warner Bros. says no more Laser Discs. Broderbund tells programmers to stop coding for the Amiga. Something something buggy whips.

How do they have the resources to make an app for the PS Vita, but not a platform with over 75 million users? This is just one of the many reasons I believe Netflix is heading downhill.

Netflix sucks....why pay for something you can get for free....Torrents people....torrents make the world go round. That is what we need, a torrent app for the PlayBook! It would stop me from having to download movies and TV shows and then transfer them to my PlayBook...

You dont even need torrents on the pb... I just stream the videos in my browser because it supports flash and mp4! I'm not even doing it illegally. Most channels post videos of their tv shows on their website the next day. Just proxy an ip address in the usa and stream away. Its way better quality than most stream and looks awesome on my flat screen...just like free tv :D

You dont even need torrents on the pb... I just stream the videos in my browser because it supports flash and mp4! I'm not even doing it illegally. Most channels post videos of their tv shows on their website the next day. Just proxy an ip address in the usa and stream away. Its way better quality than most stream and looks awesome on my flat screen...just like free tv :D

Netflix .. HA! The Playbook is slowly picking up big time. I had my PB for 2 weeks now and I showed it to about 15 people who owned ipads and I swear they all went out and bought one. QNX is a threat!!!

I agree. PB Qnx looks sexy. Blackberry doesn't have these security flaws but they also don't have the apps. Hopefully that will change. Also I would like to see them compete in the 10" LTE space. Keep bringing the hardware and security, the will be fine.

Depends on who you talk to. Some think Netflix support is needed, some thing Skype support is needed, and some thing Kindle support is needed. Its all subjective. :)


i just wish the blackberry could do hotspot tethering (or can it????) and not have to use a USB everytime

Congrats to everyone who canceled their account. I hope Netflix continues to lose subs and money. They don't deserve the business

Does Netflix actually work for anyone?

I signed up and experienced terrible performance and download speeds, so I didn't stay with them long.

Here's the thing though, it WOULD run through the browser, but NETFLIX is blocking it.
Same goes with Amazon, it DID run through the browser, but Amazon is blocking it and although it runs you get an error saying your Flash Player is out of date when you had just ran 27 seconds out it.

The browser version of Netflix uses Silverlight, not Flash, so Netflix isn't blocking it. Our devices just aren't compatible. The only way to view Netflix in the browser would be to port Silverlight to the PlayBook. It would make more sense to port the Android apps instead.

Hmm, thanks for clarifying that. I think I'm thinking of Hulu not Netflix, other than Amazon Prime its been a while since I used a paid subscription service to stream content to my PlayBook.

I call BS!!!

True PB does not support Silverlight, but then nore does iPad, & yet you still have it on there. They could easily make it work using HTML5...they just don't want to

HTML5 is not secure at all from pirating. It's VERY easy to rip a video off of an html5 site as opposed to a Silverlight site. You will NEVER see Netflix support HTML5, and I would imagine part of their deal with the studios is to not use HTML5.

I am an Amazon Prime member and I can still Amazon's streaming service on the PlayBook. I just bought some content this week as well and it works.

Well, I have waited long enough for NetFlix on the Playbook and with their latest 'We have no plans...' comments I have immediately cancelled my membership. The selection of movies was a lot smaller here in Canada anyway.

Lol wonder if someone will get fired now for losing them so many customers with one tweet. It would have been better for them if they kept pretending like they are waiting for there to be interest for the Playbook

I just called in and cancelled my account. Upon asking why they wouldn't support the playbook the guy told me "because it is a dying platform"

That's the media talking. RIM had better fix the perception in the marketplace quick. I know it's a cliché, but in this case perception really can become reality. RIM cannot let this idea that they are dying become ingrained in people's minds. Even businesses are believing it.

I love RIM, but their marketing sucks and they need an effective communications strategy pronto. Their current ad selection is terrible and they need to dump whatever media agency they're using now.

RIM, if you want to sell me #bebold, you had better demonstrate that you can at least show me what that looks like. Because regardless of what you might think or hope, it's just not happening. Look here at an objective analysis...

Netflix in canada is only good if you got kids, there is tons of kids stuff on their that they can occupy themselves with, with the micro hdmi and my a/v set up and my berry i could stream tv their favorite shows right into the backseat. What i don't understand if it really takes some minor tweaking of a existing android app, then why lose out on the bb customer base, i mean even if only 200k get sold this year that would make playbook users a million strong it does not make good business sense at all.

Just called and canceled my membership after being a member since 2008. Told them why and was told my comments are being forwarded to the big wigs, as well as marketing. Thank you Crackberry for making me aware of this.

Wonder if this will stop all those people in the forums complaining that RIM failed because they didn't add Netflix in 2.0.

Just got off the phone with a netflix rep who assisted me in canceling my account. I voiced my disappointment with them not supporting blackberry devices and he agreed with me that it would be great if netflix could offer an app. He said the reason they couldn't create an app is because rim's servers were located in Canada and that caused problems regarding copyright laws and streaming ect ect.

Sounds like BS to me! You're gonna tell us other companies aren't using servers located in other countries? Doesn't add up...

Actually, I am not sure but I don't think the PlayBook's Internet requests go through RIM's servers. Am I wrong here?

I think this is more about the Blackberry.
As for the playbook, it makes little sense. But let's be frank: the Playbook has not sold much, is not the same thing as making an app for Android or the iPhone, with many more tablets sold worldwide.

I'm speak here in Brazil, and I never saw anyone (besides me) using a Playbook, anywhere (airport, bars, etc.). With the iPad is different: all the places I go someone is using one.

Dead wrong. PlayBook data is not going through their servers. It's just regular Internet traffic from your ISP. #bogusanswer

I have created a group called "Create Netflix App for BlackBerry or we are Cancelling our Subscriptions".
Please guys, Like the page and comment, maybe even post on Netflix' wall. Together we can do this!

I can't wait to see their stock tomorrow! I personally don't care about Skype either cause they've been ignoring us for so long. I prefer OoVoO! We should do a petition for it rather than Skype Imo.

Like this idea, as its cross platform!! ...lets do that.
Stopped using any non cross platform apps years ago.

I'm sorry Netflix by the way how much is your stock at? How many customers are you going to lose before you WTFU!!

oh my, PB owners crack me you guys really think Netflix cares if it loses a few customers over not creating an app?!

Sent my tweet. However Amazon Prime works for me, I just watched episode 1 of "The Chappellee Sbow" on AP in the native browser.

Netflix jumped on SilverLight and from what I have heard, Microsoft is now ending development on SilverLight. Come on Netflix, just make it a HTML5 version and you would increase users.

Oh well, killed my membership last week. Nothing much on anyway. Rather pay $8 and watch one good movie.

Looks like Netflix has run out of money and can't afford to buy any relevant movies anymore. I sent my tweet and plan to cancel as well.

This doesn't have to be a bad thing. We don't need a dedicated app, at least not for the PlayBook. All we need is a web player that doesn't require ultra-crappy silverlight and problem solved. I'm sure they won't do this because the seem to make the most boneheaded decisions these days like they want customers to leave.

Wow. Didn't realize so many people cancelled their account. I did the same before reading this, so add me to the list of people who cancelled Netflix over this.

i live in Canada also and their selection really sucks and they hardly update anything, why the Hell don't they have full seasons of tv shows, some shows end mid-season, lol.

This is what they have to said after I cancel it.

We're sorry to say goodbye

Dear Rafael,

We're canceling your membership just as you asked, effective Friday, February 24, 2012.

We hope you enjoyed the service – and we'd love to have you back someday.

–Your friends at Netflix


If this doesnt happen, huge opportunity missed by NetFlix. Now with your BlackBerry acting as a remote, your Playbook can become an HD console for your movie watching on your TV. Anyway you slice it, the user experience will be awesome, and NetFlix is missing out on being apart of it.

So what's next: cancelling your Skype account because the app never arrived??? Amazon account is next I assume, as the Kindle app is too a no show...

What's next?

The point is that they have no intention of providing an app for the PB. Skype and Kindle are still to be heard from.

I'm with you. Why cancel when there is a work around to get everything that I want on my PB? Any company that doesn't currently support my platform (BB) will either support it when it gets the US back, or it will flounder when BB wins back its spot and those same users have found a better service.

Just exterminated Netflix from my expenses. Netflix get with the program BB Playbook is an amazing tool! You are missing out big time!

It's disappointing that so many companies don't develop apps for Blackberry, but it's understandable at this point where RIM is between operating systems. I hold out hope that once QNX phones are out and stable with the future looking bright, they will put forth the resources to support us. It would be nice to remote control my WD media streamer, play Netflix on my phone or deposit checks to my Citibank account, etc.

I use, amazon prime instant and No need for netflix on my playbook. Though I still use it at home.

damn you netflix!! ugh, guess i'll have to switch from my playbook/9810 combo to and iDevice.

haha jk.. gonna cancel netflix this weekend.

You can only put 1/2 the blame at Netflix and Hulu's doorsteps, it's the content providers that are all over the map! Some producers/rights owners will allow media on this device but not others, and streaming providers, both video and audio, are left to negotiate device by device.

As an example I love tune-in radio, but some stations will play on my IPhone but are blocked on my roku (making no sense as I can go to my laptop, use it's browser and stream anything there.) And as to why they pulled their playbook app shortly after they launced it (different device, different licence) yet I can get it on my 9900... nuts nuts nuts!

At this point I'm ready to dump Netflix, Amazon is looking like a better deal. Really it's the old BBC series on Netflix that kept me, but I think I've seen most of those now.

Netflix is spending so much money on getting new content that for their business model to work they have to virtually have 80% of U.S. housholds using their service.

Bad move to neglect the BlackBerry crowd.

I'm considering cancelling my subscription (actually I never use it but my wife does). With a small upgrade to Comcast and BlackBerry movies I think we can do without them.

Netflix and Kindle.

BB Movies, T.V. shows on websites, and traditional DVD's will take care of them.
The DVD portion of Netflix just sucks. How many times have we popped a DVD only to watch it stop and lock up. More often than not.
Kindly lied to us and I switched to Kobo and I love it. Goodbye Kindle liar.

There is a possibility Netflix was told be some large company to not support BlackBerry or they will find Netflix blocked on that companies devices. Just saying.

Ex Netflix user here. I'm with some other posters, left when the price went up and the streaming selection didn't improve any. Boo!

Happier with Hulu. 8 bucks for recent shows can't be beat. Sure, their movie selection SUX but so did Netflix's streaming selection.

Come on Hulu Berry!

Well I am not gonna say who my employer is but its a big media company and we got a new CEO few months back and when this guy came for the first meeting, I asked him you make apps for Ipad and androids why not the playbook. He gives some chuckles Then with his Iphone on his belt says Blackberry is dead you will not ever see a Blackberry app. I wanted to punch the shit out of him!

There is a real conflict, here, in that so many are screaming at RIM because Netflix is not available (like it's RIM's fault) and those who say Netflix is crap.

I have to admit that I have never had, nor wanted Netflix, but my son, who is much more into movies than I am, agrees with the latter sentiment.

I don"t quite get all the dissatisfaction. ok so you cant watch netflix on the playbook, maybe im in the minority but it really is not a problem for me. There are plenty of other things that you can do with your playbook. bashing Netflix cause you dont get an app seems silly, canceling really seems like something you would make fun of ipad users for doing. i love my blackberry and playbook but sometimes the Blackberry crowd makes me feel ashamed with all the bitching and half hearted useless threats.

i hope blackberry comes out with another video store but for tv showes and movies that come out on tv and have it all be free. cause i dont have a credit card and dont plan on getting one any time soon just to sign up to use the video store. and netflix sucks

Netflix is only useful for me in Canada because the kids are discovering some of the older movies. Otherwise selection for me is very lame. I've sent a few email asking about support for playbook. As soon as BB videostore is available in Canada, bye bye netshit.

I'm so angry and disappointed with Netflix !! I would've loved to be able to watch movies and shows. Looks like no more subscription for me then.

So disappointed and angry with Netflix. I would've loved to watched all my shows and movies on my Playbook. Blackberry has so many users I just don't see why they wouldn't support them.

Here is my useless two cents:

Netflix works on my daughter Nintendo 3DS. If that is not the biggest slap in the face. Its not like 3DS has a large footprint either. I am not a developer I just manage a very large mobility infrastructure. I believe apps should be agnostic no matter the OS, HTML5 etc.

I do not know what goes into making Netflix work on a device but if I can get it on a Nintendo 3DS why cant I have it on a BB or PB?

Word and is Comcast here in the states will be launching a Netflix like service. Maybe this is where RIM creates a partnership with Comcast and that will be the answer to Neftlix....

Not a large footprint on the 3DS? They just passed 5 million sold in less than 2 years.

Guys I love my Playbook, but lets get real. Ppl are saying we have 75 million users. Ok and about 60-65 of them use 2G devices that won't stream Netflix. The other 10-14 million use 2.45-2.85 inch screens. Not watching a movie on my 9900 I can tell you that.

There are what less than 1 million PB's sold, as per RIM's number. 500,000 shipped 2nd quarter, 200,000 3rd quarter and 100,000 last quarter. Lets say 10% have Netflix, doesn't make sense for them to invest in it.

I would love if they did since I use it and have a PB, but we do have to be realistic.

You have valid points. I have watched content on my 9930 and I am fine with it. Yes, I know I am an exception but I should have that choice. It is Netflix right to determine who they write apps for I get it, however to knock a whole OS compare which again is large in numbers is not one I like. Again, my opinion doesn't mean squat to Netflix. 5 Million 3DS to 75 Million potential customers? Okay lets call it 8-10 million in North America. I would want to capture that market if I am a person who want to make money.

Thanks for your comment. It sucks that they will not make an app for the Playbook (I would be one of the first to use if they did) but the people here needs to be more realistic. The playbook has sold poorly in the United States and Canada, outside of these countries is even worse. Here in Brazil, it sold very little (actually, I've never seen someone with a Playbook here in Brazil, and I live in one of the largest cities in the country).

Very disappointed, i use it on pc, and ps3, and would like it on PB as well. Seriously considering cancelling now!

It sucks that Netflix doesn't feel we're worth their time, but honestly there streaming selection has been getting worse and worse. I'd rather have hulu+ and while they aren't saying they're actively working on it they haven't told us to bugger off like Netflix did yet either. Let's hope.

The PlayBook does NOT support Microsoft's SilverLight plugin. Netflix uses Silverlight. The PlayBook does NOT support HDCP either, which Netflix, Sky Player, etc, all need.

Now stop crying about not having a Netflix app for the love of god. If you must waste your time, do it by complaining to RIM.

Netflix mobile app has nothing to do with silverlight..their mobile app is built in mobile OS supports Silverlight including microsoft's own. TI OMAP4 which is used in Playbook is the first to be Awarded Netflix HD DRM Certification. And there is no reason Netflix can't support...and the work involved in porting the HTML5 code could be few days if not hours

Netflix sucks!
who cares that they don't want to make an bb app, i wouldn't never download it anyways.
i cancelled my subscription before the trial was over, lame service, and way to slow at updating with new movies/tv shows

Strange how a company that has recently set up in the UK should deny its app to Blackberry. Especially considering Blackberries are the most popular smartphone in the UK! Talk about banging your head against a brick wall...............

I don't have netflix and the only reason I don't is because it isn't supported on PlayBook. If that changes I would likely sign up.

Want to stream movies to your Playbook?

AND its available in USA, Canada and UK.
I don't think Netflix will last anyway.

I can understand the lack of support in the beginning. I mean when the Playbook first came out, it's understandable that you wouldn't set aside resources to support Playbook until you thought there was enough demand.

But take a look at the trend, QNX isn't going anywhere Netflix. You're going to have to support it sooner or later, sooner better than later.

I just hung up with Netflix customer service they said they are talking to BB to create the app.
It should be running before the end of the year.