Netflix CEO hasn't touched a BlackBerry 10 device

Maybe he should before ruling out an app. 

By Simon Sage on 20 May 2013 03:45 pm EDT

In a recent interview, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings commented on his smartphone usage, and particularly on BlackBerry 10

CP: You've been quoted as saying that you're always trying out a new smartphone or tablet to keep up on new technology. Have you tried one of the new BlackBerry 10 devices yet?
Hastings: No. Like many people I was a BlackBerry addict from 1997 or 1998 through to the iPhone but I haven't tried it. We don't currently support streaming on the BlackBerry, it's a unique operating system you have to target, and unfortunately there's just not enough volume for entertainment (apps). It's a great device for getting work done but people don't interact with it as an entertainment device the same way they do with say an iPhone or Android phone.

CP: How are you seeing mobile behaviors change among Netflix users?
Hastings: One of the biggest growth categories we have is tablet-based viewing and phone-based viewing. On a year-over-year basis it's up quite a lot, as more and more tablets are sold and people experience the convenience and the satisfaction of it. But big-screen viewing is still the majority."

Now that we've got Skype, Netflix and Instagram are the last major hold-outs for the BlackBerry 10 app ecosystem. It's easy to understand that developers need to know that they'll get a return on their investment of time and resources, and that's best forecasted by how many people are currently using a platform. That doesn't tell the whole picture, though; when you're as big as Netflix, you can create an experience compelling enough to get people to buy devices. The presence of Netflix would accelerate the growth of BlackBerry 10 as a whole, which would mean more customers for both Netflix and BlackBerry beyond what you could extrapolate from current trends. Of course, it's much harder to tell just how many more people would get a BlackBerry with Netflix on board, versus how many would pick one up regardless. Right now the only bottleneck I can see is the lack of a BB10 tablet, which is a form factor better-suited for watching streaming movies and TV.

Hastings himself said that mobile is seeing tremendous growth, so wouldn't it behoove them to cast a wide net and support as many platforms as possible? Hell, Windows Phone has a Netflix client, and they have comparable market share to BlackBerry. As for the rest of the competition, the assertion that BlackBerry users don't consume media on BlackBerry 10 in the same way as they do on iPhone or Android is absolutely ridiculous. Just look at all of the movies, music, TV shows, and apps that are in BlackBerry World - it is very much a similar (and in many ways identical) experience.

So what do you say, guys - should we send Reed a Z10 so he can see how great Netflix could be on BB10? We'll even sideload the older Android client on there for him. Or does BlackBerry just need to drive a dumptruck full of money to the front door of Netflix HQ to get them to make an app? Hey, maybe we can pitch in with a Kickstarter... Or should we let BB10 get the momentum it needs to convince Netflix this platform has legs? 

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Netflix CEO hasn't touched a BlackBerry 10 device



Data from BlackBerry came out stating that 20% of revenue is coming from Music downloads from BlackBerry World. Also, BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and PlayBook all support HDMI while iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S and note don't either. Yet this clown is telling us BlackBerry is not an entertainment device. He needs to wake up.

How much did Microsoft pay to get Netflix on their phone? Think BlackBerry is up for that kind of arrangement?

I don't think they had to pay necessarily. It was fairly easy for Netflix to make an app as it was powered by Silverlight.

BlackBerry's marketing team is to blame. They need to change the Netflix CEO's perception. After all, he's wrong on many levels and is clearly not up to speed with BB10.

In other words, Frank Boulben needs to arrange a sit-down with Netflix ASAP. He needs to have a Don Draper-esque performance.

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Exactly! People need to bombard this ignorant SOB about how great BlackBerry 10 is for media consumption. A big time CEO should not make comments about things he clearly knows nothing about!!

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? It has since 10.0. DLNA works great with newer TV's. I was streaming 720p over my wifi to my TV. It does kill the battery, but it works great otherwise.

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I use video and music dlna all the time on my ps3 and X box and I have 10.0.

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THREW: past tense of throw (Verb)
1.Propel (something) with force through the air by a movement of the arm and hand.
2.Push or force (someone or something) violently and suddenly into a particular physical position or state.

THROUGH, pronounced - THro͞o
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Spelling nazi.

Sometimes that kind of misuse of the English language drives me plain bonkers! Don't be so fucking lazy and brush up on your grammar, people! >:O

Because those platforms can do it wirelessly, does that substantiate them being better? Because in order for them to accomplish a wireless connection, it has to be a smart tv, right? What if the tv is only a flat screen and not a smart tv, but HDMI is present? Then what? You have an android and ios that cannot send wireless signals to the television, or rather a tv that cannot receive their wireless signals...and a BlackBerry that CAN connect thru HDMI!

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If you go to the music/video/pictures app, select an item, and press 'play on' you'll find the DLNA support there

This interview smacks of arrogance. As soon as there is an alternative to Netflix ....dump this clown and his circus.

Do you serious think they haven't reached out to Netflix? And why would they reach out to the CEO when I'm sure there is some VP of Mobile Platforms that Alec Saunders has been working with?

Coach! I missed you! Where have you been?

There is not an ounce of proof that BlackBerry has approached Netflix. Nothing in written or spoken word.

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An ounce of proof? Do they (BBRY execs) routinely publish conversations they have with other companies about business deals? Didn't think so......

Alex Saunders publicly stated they would code a Netflix app for free.

Search Alex Saunders' twitter history and you'll find your proof.

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Every dollar I've spent downloading movies from BlackBerry World is a dollar Netflix didn't get. If they don't want my business, the heck with them. There's more content on BlackBerry World anyway.

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Something fishy is going on. Netflix said they aren't on Blackberry because they won't get enough new consumers by doing that, but yet Netflix is on the Nintendo 3DS which is a video game console and has a small no HD screen and on PlayStation Vita, another video game console with under 3 million sold I believe. Compared to the millions and millions of Blackberry users.

Actually, the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note 2, and quite a few other Android phones do support HDMI output with an MHL cable. I'm almost certain you can get an HDMI adapter for the new iPads as well.

The BlackBerry Z10 & Q10 does indeed support HDMI out of the box without a special adapter or custom cable.

Apple Tv? I stream what's on my I touch screen, from music, apps, games, and even when I want to play a YouTube video I just touch one button and it displays on my Tv via wireless. I have a z10 and love it but media wise I use my itouch.

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Netflix can go to hell!!! I prefer HULU anyways... which also seem to have the same opinion about BlackBerry... sigh..

He is the same bonehead that created a new subsidiary of Netflix, split off the streaming and mail-order dvd business, raised prices, and eventually pi$$ed off a lot of customers... If you want, you can watch his apology on Youtube.....proof that CEOs should balance what is best for their customers versus what is best for their bottom line before they make a decision *cough* don't ignore BB10 *cough*

I almost forgot about that!! The general public had they a$$'s scrambling back quick to get that mess together. Seems as though Netflix is oblivious to money BlackBerry owners command. Perhaps Redbox, Hulu or Amazon will fill that void??

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

I find it hard to believe that the intrinsic value (goodwill if you will) wouldn't outweigh the cost of developing a native BB10 app.. or at least optimizing an Android app for BB10 at bare minimum.

lol. Not as many trolls as this time last year, but they're still around... like toilet paper hanging around Uranus looking for clingons.

Flickr , pinterest , line, path , tango, speedtest, google + , amazon, donwload videos from youtube and more games !

Haven't tried the device? Exactly my reaction. Tells you a lot about their business and why they had been having such a hard time. A good business will learn to know their market. And try to predict the trends

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This just shows that the "Blackberry world" is a very very small "world" for ordinary people. Nobody cares but the fan-boys living in the "BB bubble"!

This just tells me that Marty Mallick and his team are not doing a good job. If they were successful in reaching out to him then he would at least know about BB10. BlackBerry shoul be doing everything in their power to draw the big Apps to BB10. That means flying to Los Gatos and putting a Z10 in the CEO's hands so at least he knows that the new OS is nothing like the old one...

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Bull isht. If you want to know about a product that has has worldwide launch your would have tried it out. The guy clearly doesn't give a rat's ass about seeing BlackBerry as a competitor in the mobile device market.

My guess is that BBRY Alec Saunders and company, are dealing with directors and VPs over at Netflix....not their CEO....just sayin'

Well then they haven't done a good job bringing the message across. A the proof is in the results..

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But how do you get a company to develop an app if they have no interest in your platform......unless you want BBRY to make a foolish deal and give Netflix millions to do it. Personally, I think Netflix sucks anyways.... I watch movies from Amazon Prime in my PlayBook browser if I want mobile entertainment. If I'm not mistaken, Alec Saunders even offered to develop a Netflix app internally for them....and I believe they shot him down.

Sounds like Thor or Frank (or maybe Alicia would work better :) ) should make a call and give a little demo.

So far all the BB10 phones have 2GB of RAM, PlayBook only has 1GB of RAM. Likely BB10 wouldn't run as nice on the PlayBook due to the lack of memory.

I would like to see them make the PlayBook OS BB10-like though.

Please stop making these invalid statements. If hardware is the problem then BBRY should have stated it clearly long time ago! It would be cruel for BBRY to do this injustice to the PB. A lot of loyal BB users bought the PB trusting BBRY will support it. If BBRY is not supporting PB then I will be worried about the fate of Z10 next year!

Not sure if you meant "They can't" but the Playbook is based on QNX. That is where BB10 originated from. Look at all of the old BB10 Dev videos; essentially what they started with was the Playbook OS on a phone. As stated in either another article, or in a forum post, BB10 can't run on Playbook smoothly because of the extra GB of RAM needed to run the HUB continuously. However, if they provide a toggle for the HUB to be active or inactive, or just turn it into an app, then that extra GB wouldn't be as essential.

sorry but I will pay a guy on the streets to hold my spot... first in line*

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < stocks*C0004ABC9

Haha a few weeks ago my phone unlocked going into my pocket at work. Not allowed to have phones so didn't notice it. It BBM'd several people. Added some stuff to my calendar. Made 3 phone calls. Made a skype call. Opened the browser and went to a Japanese wiki page. Shared said page with a random bbm contact and sent an email to a that said:


Sent from my awesome BlackBerry Z10

Was pretty funny

Auto Corrected by my Z10 via CB10

I don't think Thor was understood. Media consumption devices for mobile viewing isn't dead. Only that they will run from software loaded on your phone.
Netflix will be running on a Z10 handset, pushing the video output to the viewing screen in your hand

That is great! So instead of having to charge one device I'll have to make sure both my phone and my "viewscreen" are powered and ready to go if I want to watch a movie...

It is a great idea, and is something for the future. But for people with cash in their pockets today, I guess they will just have to joining either the iOS or Amazon ecosystems from which they will never be released!

So, at present you don't charge your phone and tablet?

If the viewscreen doesn't have to be running the lion's share of the processing then the battery is going to last a whole lot longer.

Posted via CB10

Yes I charge both. But if I want to watch a show or maybe play a game... I'm more worried about draining a my phone unnecessarily than how long my "viewscreen" will last.

Just don't think a "viewscreen" is going to be much cheaper than a full tablet. You will still need most of the hardware that the PlayBook has to allow a device to receive wireless singles, draw images on the screen, register taps and gestures and transmit them back to the phone. Will need a camera for video conferencing, which will also take more processor power....

you need to realise that the next big breakthough will be in the development of mobile batteries, and the ability to charge incredibly fast. The days of worrying about a dying phone, or device will be behind us soon enough. It's a a huge downside to the products we use today that will hopefully be gone very soon. There will be a day when having to worry about your device losing charge is no longer a worry.

One day maybe that will happen.

But we are still a LONG way from having a small powerful cell that can be quickly recharged.

There was a new article about some young girl that won a prize for creating a energy storage device.... From everything I read, she just made a capacitor and used it to power a little LED for a second. Great for a kid in a science fair, but it's done everyday in labs all over the world. And it isn't anywhere near ready to power electronic devices.

Thor DID say in 5 years. That's 2018.

Consider the state of phone tech in 2008 compared to now.

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Your viewscreen will run for many days on end since it won't be doing any processing.

It will also be very lightweight, maybe even foldable.

No vision. Sad.

Posted via CB10

Just living in today's world, not the future.

Screen are what use most of the power.
Screen and Battery are most of the weight
Processor will be required along with a basic OS - device will have to send and receive signals, redraw the signal sent, register and transmit gestures and taps on the screen. And what would a larger screen be without a camera for BBM Video - which means more processor power.

It is a GREAT IDEA if you could buy a 7" screen fo $100, but I don't see the hardware from BBRY being anywhere near that price range - more like $300. And for $300 MOST people are going to buy a stand alone device.

Some good points!

Hopefully the fact it needs only a very simple processor and very little RAM, and little to no SSD will allow it to hold a massive battery.

Also, a lot can happen in screen and battery tech in 5 years.

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Also, the lack of a powerful cpu, SSD, and ram will enable the price to be greatly reduced versus a full featured tablet.

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I'm sure MS had some sort of backdoor deal with Netflix to provide an app at launch (ie: a boat load of cash). I mean just look at their promotion to get devs to create WP apps. They begged with cash to get people to develop for them. Don't get me wrong I love WP but am going to retire my HTC Titan for a Q10 once it hits AT&T. Don't forget, he is a CEO of a company. All he wants to talk about is how it will benefit him and his bank account and right now, BB doesn't have the cash flow to entice him, even if they have more market share.

This is fairly accurate. A friend works for a company that was approached by MS to make a Windows Phone version of their app.

Posted via CB10

They need to get on this developer bandwagon for BB10 and build an app already. This is just ridiculous.

You think they didn't do it? They are doing all they can. If Netflix agrees, BB developers will be at netflix door within 24 hrs to develop app (Alec Saunders said so).

Thor said he didn't want to produce another tablet that would be the same and offer nothing new. I wish my z10 could bridge with my PlayBook again, and the PlayBook does turn any large screen into a computer so to speak. Anyhow, the idea of a screen is to have all your apps, computing power in one place and that device is a simple extension. That would be fine with me.

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Maybe Thor's idea is to make apps for the popular tablet platforms which bring BB10 to them - like Bridge for iOS (made up. obv)

This would allow people to use BB10 feature through their tablet, whilst reducing risk/costs to BlackBerry. Win-Win!

Thor was misquoted. He never said the tablet was on its way out. He said the tablet in its current form was on the way out.

He said he believes that in 5 years, the tablet will simply be a portable display device that will use a smartphone for computation, rather than a stand-alone computing device.

Posted via CB10

I doubt it. You can't connect your Asus phone to any tablet, you need to connect to a proprietary Asus-brand tablet. Also, the video interaction would likely be wireless.

And is it netflix fault or bbry for not making the z10 so enticing where the ceo of a company who's future is mobile streaming won't even pick up a z10 to try it. Bbry has put itself in a position where it has to win people and companies over. It can't sit back and expect anything

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As the ceo of a company that has a large number of customers using wireless devices to access his service he does not get to choose if a phone is "enticing" enough or not. It's his job to know about ALL different devices so he can make an informed decision about whether or not to support them. Market share clearly isn't the problem, wp and bb are basically the same in that regard and wp has it. Glad I'm not a Netflix shareholder and anyone who is should be chagrined to hear this attitude coming from the CEO

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Exactly! He isn't just some average phone user, he's the CEO of a tech company that has a huge mobile presence!

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I say allow him to try the device without Netflix on it then side load it so he can see what changes must be made to accommodate the z10


Who gives a shit about Netflix on smart phones. It's just stupid, I don't want to watch stuff on my phone. +1000

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I tried the 1 month trial and found nothing worth subscribing for. Not much of a loss. Can stream more recent things for free on other sites.

Posted via CB10

Rather use red box honestly pay for the stuff I want to see and if I can't find anything then I move on simple as that

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I dumped Netflix. Feel bad since I live in their home town (Los Gatos), but Amazon Prime streaming is much more compelling for me. And if there is something not available for free, I shell out a few bucks to buy or rent it and stream it. Would love to see an Amazon Instant Video client for BB10. Or my Android tablet for that matter....

I tend to agree that I don't watch movies or TV shows on my phone, but BlackBerry's about more than phones. Tablets and cars aren't that far off, and those are both spaces where Netflix would get a lot of mileage.

Plus if you add in the fact that the top of the line BB10 phones and the PlayBook all have an HDMI out then I can see myself using it to connect to a larger screen when I'm away from home or something.

There are those of us who regularly watch Netflix on a mobile device during travel (or in bed so as not to disturb the wife while she sleeps). I can't imagine I am alone here. Have been rocking the side-loaded app since it was available, but find I'm regularly reaching for my Nexus due to performance.

Just because some people don't see a need, does not mean they speak for everyone!

The problem is the Netflix CEO obviously doesn't have enough common sense to figure out is that Cars, and Tablets is what BlackBerry through QNX is what they specialize in...

I'm all for sending the CEO a Z10 with Netflix side loaded BUT I say wait until Android Runtime 4.2.2 this summer.. would definitely assist with the experience no?

Thought I was the only person. I dont want it I use BB to be productive if I wanted a toy device i would own a IPHONE or Android!

I strongly agree. Why would you want to use your phone as a to? I see using hdmi to hook it to the tv, but i don't want to drain my precious battery when I could be using my phone for its designated purpose.

Posted via CB10

Typical CB response, "Who gives a shit? Who does this? I don't, and I don't want to, so it's stupid if anyone does." There might be people who do, but there are also a number of other ways to use Netflix 'on the phone' without watching it 'on the phone'

This kind of comment ranks right up there with Netflix CEO's comments.

Am I wrong in taking the common sense approach of: 1. Build a BB10 app, 2. support a broader array of users, 3. get more revenue. Netflix is rather "not smart" for not coming aboard.

BlackBerry doesn't have the market share to command a Netflix app. Netflix CEO is admitting most people use large screen for streaming, so creating an application for a BlackBerry phone is not a very big priority.

If BB10 reach critical mass (enough customers)... then Netflix will come aboard.

As it stands, Netflix's does not see devices that are locked down by corporations or that are popular in developing markets where people are worried about data usage already, or where Netflix isn't even available - worth the expenses of developing and SUPPORTING BB. Who would get the blame when 10.3 breaks their app and customer that are use to getting service don't. Just not worth their time or energy right now.

Either not a single person he has come Into contact with at work or social events has a z10 which does not bode well. Or he really doesn't even care to say hey let me try that out. Or he's full of it

Posted via CB10

i havent used the sideload of netflix once even know ive had it since day 1. So atleast in my case I dont care.

I just say Boycott Netflix, they obviously don't understand Mobile Computing with the car market along with some of the other idiots on this post.

I guess I'm confused on what you're saying. However, it makes more sense to sync a phone to a car than a 10" iPad if I feel you are saying Thorsten doesn't understand Mobile Computing.

I definitely don't agree with paying Netflix anything, at least not from CrackBerry users. If BlackBerry wants and has the means to, then go for it. But when I hear statements like this from companies, who *should* be trying to gain as many customers as they can, I see ignorance and unnecessary stubbornness to actually listen to customers.

Even with those shady reports of BB10 sales, it's clear that BlackBerry is selling phones and has a strong position to stay relevant for years to come, so this statement right here tells me that this guy just doesn't WANT to try to put Netflix on BB10. I wish the interviewer had told him that users have already sideloaded the Android version and have it rubbing on their so-called non-entertainment devices.

Glad I canceled my subscription with them back with the whole PlayBook fiasco. This guy's not giving me any reason to come back (lol at those "we miss you!" emails they keep sending me) and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Lol he is talking to him will make things worse. Mobile computing mentioned 100 times won't change his mind

Posted via CB10

Mobile computing is not a thing it's just a buzzword thor throws around. We have been "mobile computing " for over 6 years now.

Posted via CB10

Netflix is terrible. I have it side loaded on my Z10 with a friends login. I also have it on my Wii. How many movie have I watched? Zero! As if I want to see some old release from 3 years ago.

I've lost count the number of times I've rented new releases using BlackBerry World via my z10 and PlayBook. Netflix is no good here in Canada. So I couldn't careless if it ever makes it way to bb10.

Posted via CB10

currently I browse new realases in blackberry world and pay for it on xbox video because my shit TV only has one hdmi input lol and im a lazy fuck. I think I should make an effort to pay for it through blackberry, prices are the same after all. But its true, netflix is garbage. Ive used friends login since netflix came out, I think we got like 10 people sharing one right now. Fun to see what your friends are watching but theres hardly anything worth watching. Science documentaries are decent but there all old, youtube is more current.

Yup, been there, done that twice with Netflix. You would thought I would have learned the first time. BB world is the way to go unless you are obsessed with watching old movies.

Having said that, we shouldn't get too angry with a CEO who is making a rational business decision based on current adoption rates. Over time, this will change. One must also be mindful of the fact that Netflix's profit margins are razor thin. Not alot of room for them to maneuver.

I say let set up a petition target for one million signatures who has Netflix account. When we reach the target, set up the date so that we all can cancel the account at the same time. Let see how are investors react to the one million accounts cancel at the same time. I really want to watch the stock nose dive like Apollo 13 coming back to earth.

That would make me very happy! :)

I would sign up with Netflix again just so I could cancel my subscription :)

Posted via CB10

I'd like to have Netflix. However, if i could stream it to my TV remotely from my phone that would also be awesome. Thus making the mobile phone the only computing device needed... thor's prophecy.

That being said, the fact that I can pull my torrented movies and TV from my computer to my phone remotely, and then play it on my TV is already mind blowing for me. Being at a friends house and pulling a movie through link, from home, to his TV... people are becoming jealous.

Posted via CB10

I have both American and Canadian netflix. And aside from when I first got my subscription I only watch it on my ps3. But for business clients hdmi out to hotel TV would be nice. But u could do the same with a laptop or tablet anyways.

Posted via CB10

Wow... would it really cost him SO much money to make the app available on bb10? He hasn't even tried a Z10? Then he's not someone who likes to try out new smartphones, he's just following the android and iphone packs. I've never seen my BlackBerry as an entertainment device... until the Z10.

Posted via CB10

His comments suggest to me that, not only has he not touched a BlackBerry 10 device yet, he doesn't even know what BlackBerry 10 is or what it's capable of. He's talking about BlackBerry 10 as if it's the same OS he used back in 1998 or even BlackBerry 7.

He would've been better off just leaving it at "We have no plans for a BlackBerry 10 app at the present time." At least, then, he would've preserved some credibility. It's harmful to judge a product you haven't yet even touched.

Screw Netflix. I'd rather have a Sky Now TV client. Bigger selection than Netflix and movies are released first on it. Netflix costs too much for what it is

Posted via Vader10

Couldn't agree more.
Sky Go (and the rest of the Sky sites) is second to none for the UK.
What's really weird is that Blackberry sponsors a whole Sky channel (Sky Atlantic), but Sky doen't seem to be developing for BlackBerry ^^


Posted via CB10

BlackBerry users don't consume media on BlackBerry 10 in the same way as they do on iPhone or Android is absolutely ridiculous. Just look at all of the movies, music, TV shows, and apps that are in BlackBerry World - it is very much a similar (and in many ways identical) experience.

It's not ridiculous as simply having lots of videos and music in the app store doesn't mean anything without knowing the actual sales figures.

Posted via CB10

Something tells me the CEO of Netflix hasn't a clue what the sales of video's and music are in BlackBerry World. So his position is completely based on ignorance and as such, for a CEO, is rediculous.

There's something else going on here: BB would do the development if Netflix would provide the codec information and allow the software to run. I bet they could develop the software based solely on reverse engineering of the Android app... so there's something else going on her. Maybe the Netflix CEO douche has the same problem as Geller: he was so let down by BlackBerry at some point (maybe he was laughed at by the cool kids) and now he has a pathological hate on for BlackBerry: it's beyond any business-case arguments, because sideloading works... whatever it is, I just wish he wouldn't be a cowardly liar about it.

I think everyone is just trying to get BlackBerry to open up for everyone...not just those that cry tools not toys...much like BlackBerry themselves have proclaimed...

Keep yapping and eventually you get bit in the butt.

Posted via CB10

Sounds like he's thinking about BlackBerrys from when he was a self-proclaimed addict, with his assumption that people don't interact with BlackBerrys like Androids and iPhones.

I now interact with my Z10 more than my iPod touch and PlayBook, and it's a lot more "fun" to interact with than iOS, that's for sure (can't comment on Android, because each one I've played with was different).

My iPod touch now sits in my glove box connected to my car stereo. Its a great music player...but now I have the Z10!

Posted via CB10

Netflix is available on the Nintendo ds so I dont know what market share he needs to see before he commits. I think he's being arrogant and is deliberately not building for blackberry.

I say blackberry should keep open talks but concentrate on getting the platform as awesome and stable as possible. Once that is done and everybody else is on-board Netflix would be the one calling Blackberry.

DS is actually a very popular handheld. I would think there are more Nintendo DS' out there than BB10s.

What is this guy's twitter handle. He needs to be bombarded by Cracker nation. I am serious.

He needs to be fired not because he didn't put Netflix on BB10 but because he hasn't even looked at it.

Posted via CB10

What an ignorant comment. He clearly is lacking any sense if he has not touched a BB10 device. It shows the scarce reality that Apple needs to actually do something intuitive, not just repackage technology, upgrade their camera, and "redesign" the charging port. Hastings is clearly an iPhone supporter trying to show some personal loyalty!! It's ridiculous that Netflix is holding out!!!

Posted via CB10

His decision is my reason not to subscribe to Netflix; we don't support bullies and shortsighted individuals in our house.

Posted via CB10

With his comment about usage, it's obvious he's never seen or touched a BB10 device.

Posted via CB10

It's funny... CEO's usually aren't in that position because they're the best person for the job. Netflix thinks that content creation is the way forward and has lost focus on the benefits that content distribution can provide. The only problem is that shows like House of Cards are useless as customer draws. I can watch the series within a month and then there's nothing left in terms of studio content to keep me interested. I left Netflix a while ago and am not missing it.

Do you think its a matter of pride. I know many people who have written off Blackberry, and they will not change their minds no matter what.
That and Mr. Hastings is probably waiting until a truckload of money is dropped off at his headquarters. Why do something for free when you can get it paid for.

I Don't use Netflix but as soon as BlackBerry gets it I will be signing up. I am probably not the only one with the same outlook.

Posted via CB10

Personally I use to have Netflix for my house tv and after a few months I really couldn't find anything to watch, so I canceled it. I wouldn't want to watch a movie on the Z10. PlayBook maybe different story. I'm happy enough if I want to watch something, I go to cbs or abc and watch shows on my phone.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should send a Z10 and a Q10 free. To that cheap ass. With a letter saying. "Try it, and let's see if you can put it down ". I'll get Netflix if they make an app. But for now I really don't care. Of course it will be better if they have it.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry as a company is in a position where it's tied up so bad, they are being forced into making bad decisions. BBM is the number one

How can he make any sort of comment without using the new devices first? And he is the CEO? Huh?

Posted via CB10

Netflix didn't release a BB app for the Playbook - in fact they (along with Amazon and its Kindle app) seemed to go out of their way to make sure that it wasn't supported. I don't see them changing their minds until the BB is an unqualified success - or unless BlackBerry pays them some cash to port it over.

Way to know your customer base .. moron!

I already put my rant on Yahoo:

"Hmmm... never tried the new BB's... unique operating system (difficult to develop for I presume) ...not for entertainment but used for getting the job done...WAY TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER BASE MORON?!?!? You guys at Netflix know that many BB users are begging to get Netflix on their PBs and latest z/q10's. And you've lost business from it. Hmmm the BB unit handles 720p, has a standard HDMI port... Business/Consumers use them and last time I looked they'd like the occasional entertainment once and a while ..and it has an Android emulator which would take them no time to throw an official app out there... now I don't use Netflix because how they've stiffed BB .. but others have easily sideloaded the Android version and have it working on their z10's.. now how can a bunch of non-developers/consumers figure this one out but Netflix with all its development teams can't... smells of Apple and Google collusion here.. Geez, you even make Netflix for those silly little media boxes... BTW, by making this statement, the Netflix CEO is an idiot. Glad there's alternative like Amazon Prime and others... so shortsighted ..."

Sideloading Netflix plays right into the idiots hand. You pay for Netflix and they do nothing. You get a degraded experience and have no recourse. I wonder if a sideloaded apps shows up in thier stats as an android device. I say dump the sideload and don't give them any money untill they release a proper BB native app.

Totally agree, ideally all Blackberry users should boycott Netflix. For me, it has become a question of self respect and I am not getting Netflix until it come on BB10, no matter how good it becomes.

Like, OK we understand that some of you don't need/use or care for Netflix. I just don't understand how you guys don't see that having this app native (not just via browser) is important. There are features in luxury cars that no1 ever uses, but if they are not offered (when other cars do offer) at the time of purchase it makes the car somehow look inferior. Whether you care, believe it, or don't believe it- Netflix & Instagram ARE needed and should be there. Unfortunately for BBRY ppl look for reason not to get it before they look at the benefits of having one. We need to even the playing field w/the major apps.

What is truly disappointing is how an app as silly as instagram seems to have so much control over the bigger picture.
Not that the functionality isn't sound, but there are other camera apps that do the same thing ... just one gets picked as the popular kid in town and if you're not using the cool one.... well... [insert bad press here] .

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It absolutely sucks- but unfortunately it's like that in many businesses. I'm 28 yrs old, I had 2 pairs of GrantHill Filas in 5th grade I think it was, then a pair of Jerry Stackhouse's. Somehow within a year, it was never again cool to wear Fila sneakers again. Like you said, the fact that a silly app like Instagram has so much power (that they might not even care about having) is ridiculous.

Another example is Beats headphones, like seriously? Ppl swear by those headphones but couldn't name ONE true competitor outside of Bose.

It's just a phenomenon in this world that always happens. You have the right name, exposure etc at the right time- you will be king. I agree with you though. I can't wait to get my Z10.

They should even do a beta version. And release it. So they can see how many downloads and activation they will have

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Blackberry 10 has an android player for easier integration. With very little coding they could have a working BB10 app. Heck people have side loaded it with minimal tweaking.
His lack of foresight in a growing ecosystem is staggering.

Someone called the ceo a bully. And the solution is to "bomb" his twitter account. Lol. Cb fans are living up to our rep as freaks

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I am not an armchair CEO by any means but it doesn't make sense for them not to at least Give it a try... There must be something else at play...

I have Netflix and Pandora side loaded but it's just not the same...

Wish these companies would get over themselves...

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I honestly don't see how any company could write off BlackBerry as irrelevant, since this new OS is so smooth and so well thought out. Even the apps(native) run as smooth as(if not smoother) than iOS and Android.

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If Netflix can't be bothered to make a dedicated app, perhaps they could QUIT BLOCKING BROWSER ACCESS! Both the Z10 and Playbook run html5 and flash so there's really no excuse. Come on Netflix, at least stop being hostile.

There's no way that he has not already been offered a phone to try. He is probably not interested...

I wish those who really cared about seeing the service come over and actually get together to cancel the service just to show them that they can't ignore their users regardless of what platform their CEO prefers. Even if it is just for a month.

I'm a paying customer and actually like their service and think the content they offer for the price is reasonable. For those who don't, that's your opinion.

Yes, it use it on my phone (sideload), tablet, TV PS3 PC, but I can't always carry the last 3 with me when I'm at someone's house that I don't want to sign in at or a hotel. There's something that is always with me-my phone and an HDMI anywhere I go.

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Sounds like the CEO is making his judgment based on a bias that the new BlackBerry us just like the old BlackBerry. Need to change bid mind.

Some privately conveyed sale a numbers, market segment, new user demographics would get through to him. Assuming those facts support increased sales to Netflix.

Some hands on time with the Z10 would help.

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The reason I think this is crap is because we don't need a Netflix app. The browser is sufficient enough. They just have to stop blocking BlackBerry. Remember when the PlayBook first came out and there was all of this hype because Netflix was working fine from the native browser, then Netflix blocked it? Certainly, if the PlayBook's browser could handle Netflix, so can the BB10 phones. Just unblock BlackBerry and all will be fine. No resources needed for an app.

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Net Fix just download your content and move it to Your Mobile.

Some told to send these guys some Z10. I say hell NO. BB already talk to them I'm for sure but they care less.

:) i just also think about to put Z10 and Q10 in one logo, but that looks like i have two phone's. The idea was scrabble game which people play here on there mobile.

What we need is a Netflix competitor willing to create an app for BB10. Money talks, you can't expect charity in business world. If people like BB10 and have an alternative to something they like in other ecosystems, they will still be willing to try BB10. If some other company can come up with a similar product, I think they have an easy way to make money on BB10. Actually, this whole ecosystem issue is a good thing for small developers. Remember, all this well known apps were from small developers as well before they got popular. May be Blackberry should partner with other small developers or businesses in the areas where they lack these critical apps. Netflix will come on BB10 once they see others eating their lunch. Remember, how stringent guidelines Blackberry had for developers before iPhone came along and now Blackberry is the most user platform and company.

The problem is a lot of people still see BlackBerry as it was with bb7 and as much as in love the Q10 it's not going to change kinda in that regard as much as the Z10. Bb10 is a completely new OS and is fully capable of being an entertainment device as much as any from apple or Google. If jot more so with that beautiful micro hdmi port.

I hope someone from BlackBerry gives the Netflix ceo a Z10 sometime soon. It should change his mind if the numbers from the next quarter don't.

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I almost exclusively watch Netflix on my PS3. If I was constantly on the go in hotel rooms I can see the need. That HDMI out is so nice. Then it's not Netflix on your phone, it's back to the big screen experience.

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Someone at blackberry's PR department needs to be fired - today! If they can afford to seed thousands of Dev Alphas to us Devs how come they have not sent some Z10's to the CEO's of some of the apps they are trying to get onto blackberry world??

Send the man a Z10 with the rubbish android app on it so he can see what he is missing!

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There no need!!! Cause! POPCORNFLIX! App! Is awesome so many movies with no
Monthly fee!! #TEAMBLACKBERRYZ10 #keepmoving #classy #unique

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It is a smooth running app. Charge me a monthly fee and get some movies I've heard of - then it'll get some rave reviews.

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"should we send Reed a Z10 so he can see how great Netflix could be on BB10?"

hell no,,, what for??? sounds like his mind is made up,,, he's not going to go native on a platform that, maybe, has 1/2 a million people, (i'm being generous), on it,,,

"Hell, Windows Phone has a Netflix client, and they have comparable market penetration to BlackBerry"

Windows Phone does not have comparable market penetration to BlackBerry. Don't tell me CrackBerry can't read research properly either?

More devices shipped with Windows Phone than a BlackBerry OS between January 1st (when no devices were available running BB10 but the world knew they were coming) and March 31st (when the Z10 was beginning to become available but not in all countries; nor was the Q10 available). True! This is a victory for Windows Phone.

However ...

If Nokia has shipped 19.9 million Windows Phones since they started selling them, and Nokia makes up 83% of the Windows Phones in use, how is their market penetration greater than 76 million BlackBerry devices?

You're right of course. I meant to say market share, not penetration. There is absolutely a bigger installed base of BBOS devices than Windows Phones, but I somehow doubt Netflix is going to up and make a Netflix client for 7.1. In that light, one can see why Netflix might hold out to see how BB10 fares before jumping on board - at very least until there are some numbers in to show BlackBerry 10, completely separate from BBOS, is doing just as well or better than WP.

"Or does BlackBerry just need to drive a dumptruck full of money to the front door of Netflix HQ to get them to make an app?"

probably,,, that's the way the world works,,, the 1st thing they're going to ask themselves, before building a BB10 app, or any BB app, is, "what's in it for us???"

BlackBerry is for "Getting things done" that is why I own one not for entertainment. He is missing out though, should at least try one out and he will get hooked.

In order for Netflix to support Blackberry, the dump truck of money will have to be bigger than the one delivered by the "other guys", not to support Blackberry.

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