Netflix on the BlackBerry PlayBook? - Sign the petition

By Bla1ze on 28 Feb 2012 03:24 pm EST

We've heard plenty about Netflix on the BlackBerry PlayBook already with Netflix having already confirmed they have no plans to offer the services to the device. PlayBook fans spoke out, took to Twitter and posted plenty on the CrackBerry forums aplenty and Netflix eventually noted that while they don’t support Blackberry today, their plans can change.

That seemingly wasn't good enough and now there is a petition posted up started by @PCWHITTLE. Will it help bring Netflix to PlayBook for those that want? Maybe -- but in order for it to work people need to sign it. So if you want it, hit the link below and sign the petition. 

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Netflix on the BlackBerry PlayBook? - Sign the petition


RIM, PDF to Go for PB, please, Adobe Reader is just lame.

But as long as I had canceled my NF account way before getting the PB, It would be irresponsible not to sign asnot getting the service in would hurt the platform in the long run...


Also, how about stating in the petition that you're cancelling your Netflix service instead of saying you really really really want them to care about you? Don't you get it? They don't need to develop it for PB because they might lose what, 5 subscribers? But if 800 cancel today, it's a different story. There goes $6000/month in revenue.

True they basically stated they don't care about us, how about we fight back and put the word out to boycott Netflix! Screw trying to be polite with those SOBs


It makes absolutely no sense that RIM made it possible to have Flash functionality on the PB, yet only have the most basic pdf reader's not like it's a different company you'd have to deal with. Sheesh.

not gonna happen, at least no time soon. they waited android out for over 2 years before the built an app for it, and with their profits shrinking, losing contracts with starz etc, they're clearly trimming the fat. they would be developing an app for a device that less than a million people own, and especially considering netflix is only available in usa and just doesn't make sense for them to have an app for the playbook.

Not sure I understand your logic. In their situation they cannot afford to lose any more subscribers. It does not cost millions or even thousands to create an app. As a matter of fact - they are available on devices like PS Vita or TVs that have not sold more than a handful of units

Umm, actually it does cost thousands to write an app. You have to hire a coder who understands this new SDK, have him/her port the existing code and codec, optimize it, test it, bug-fix it, write the documentation, write the tech-support info for it, train the tech-support people (and possibly hire more), publish the app, maintain it and update it when RIM changes their SDK (which, on the phones, has been quite regularly). I would estimate the salary cost of just initial development at $20k, with probably the remainder of the process coming in at another $40-50k, with some overruns possibly pushing it to $100k total. This also assumes that you're not crowding out other work for these people (which would create an additional opportunity cost). Then the real question for Netflix is, how long would it take for the investment of $70-100k to be paid back? Many PB owners are already subscribers, and don't care that they can only watch it on their TV. If they clear $6/month per subscriber (and that's probably high), you're looking at 10k-15k *additional* subscriber months needed just to break even on the venture. Feasible? Maybe. That's for them to decide. But you can bet that they're doing exactly this analysis on their end already.


seriously, where would you want to use netflix. Do you sit somewhere and watch full length movies on the playbook. Can someone enlighten me to why it is so important. Maybe Im missing something

Uhh... I already subscribe instead of cable. Plus HDMI out with my blackberry as a remote means I have streaming TV and movies everywhere I go. I can literally unplug my playbook from my main TV and then go to the kitchen and keep watching while I make myself lunch.

For anyone who may be on the go or have limited living space to have a TV (thinking students who may live in dorms etc, people who travel frequently and stay in hotels, etc). Even people who don't have a console which supports netflix could HDMI out to their tv. It seriously takes a lot less to sign it than to complain about it.

My bedroom doesn't have a TV. Sometimes it'd be nice to lay in my bed and watch movies.

I would honestly resubscribe if Netflix was available on the PlayBook.

I would watch Dr Who, Torchwood and Wallander on my PB in airports betweeen flights. Any series is a great short break while waiting for yet another plane!

This company has some really smart moves, smart enough to drive their stock down 60% in less then a few months. Market your goods, and people will come. If you don't offer it, then they will go somewhere else. I swear Blockbuster will come out with the same service if not better, since there now owned by direct TV "solid funding" and will force netflix to go out of business. Only reason why its even still around is because there is no other competitor in the market of streamed movies. Dont mess up netflix AGAIN, lol

I cancelled my account today because of this, funnily enough when they ask why you are cancelling there isn't an option for "lack of device support" or even an "other" option you can fill out. Hopefully netflix knows that cancellations right now may be because of this. Petitions are one thing but companies listen more to your wallets, especially a company that's already shaky for revenue.

Funny you say that about the canceling options. I signed the petition and in my reason for signing I wrote: Former Netflix user. Canceled my account about 6 months ago specifically because there wasn't an app for my Playbook. Also noticed there wasn't a; "Netflix does not work with my device" option when I canceled. If there was, you'd probably have an idea of how many people did the same. Also, please stop sending me the "Now is a great time to come back to Netflix" emails. I laugh every time considering I know when the right time to come back is. And now I think you know too.

That said, I doubt those fools will even read it.

I'm sure Netflix doesn't want to bother with Blackberry products. They have better platforms to develop for.

Unlike you, that has nothing better to do than sit on a blog for a platform you don't use, or hate to use, and post negative comments all day? Do something with your life.

Other than the two they've already developed for? Do tell! Netflix is still too busy trying to recover from a 70% drop in their stock and nearly a million lost customers in Q3 2010 alone.

I'll more likely cancel my Netflix subscription than bother petitioning them to do something they've already categorically stated they have no intention of doing.

I'll sign for the benefit of the community, but I'll never sign back up with Netflix. Their leadership has repeatedly exuded total incompetence. (Even moreso than RIM.) I'm certain Netflix is run by the chimpanzees from the commercials.

I have Netflix for home, mostly just for the Kids but frankly their movie selection for Adults is abysmal. I would prefer to see a different movie service than Netflix, maybe Redbox or Hulu. Hey if Netflix doesn't want to make money then that is their perogative, why petition? Who cares.

I suggest everybody signs the petiton, hopefully we will get a playbook app, then start another campaign for nobody to download it or subcribe to netfix as a massive F YOU to them.

Playbook is a great device, if you dont want us, we dont want you...........

If Netflix is so important that people are cancelling their accounts and signing petitions, wouldn't it have been easier to simply purchase a tablet that supports it from the get go?

Because we (Netflix customers) are already spending $10+ a month on the service, we don't want to have to drop another $200-$500 for a device that will take advantage of that service when we already have a better device in the PlayBook.

I'd rather save the $10+ a month than spend another $200-$500 for a service that isn't all that great anyways.

I will sign with a vengeance. Netflix to me is the must-have app on the PlayBook and there's no good reason why it isn't available. Hell, it should be available for BB7 phones too given that they're more than capable of streaming good-quality video.

Netflix has shown a willingness to amend decisions based on customer feedback. Look how quickly they canned the whole Qwikster thing. I'm hoping the push from BB users (many of whom appear to be actually cancelling their accounts in protest) ignites such a change.

Agree. I think we should give them to March 15th to state they will eventually get it there. That is not much to ask at all.
If they don't even do this by March 15th, please cancel.

it's a shame that Playbook owners have to sign petition after petition just to get real apps developed for them.


Not really interested, but many are. Article, today, said that they are about to lose 1000 movies and shows Maybe it is not so desirable after all.


Personally, don't give a monkey's if Netflix is on the Playbook or not, but I do respect my fellow Playbook owners enough to sign the petition to help out those that do want it.


I'm sympathetic to the cause but I dropped Netflix during the Twitter/Playbook protest and haven't missed it. Dissatisfied with Netflix overall and just stick with Hulu and Amazon Prime now

I canceled netflix because of no playbook support... if they make it available, i will resubscribe.

would be cool to see this much enthusiasm for hulu plus and amazon video...

Does anyone get reasonable performance from Netflix?

I subscribed but could never watch anything without problems. Every other service I use is just fine.

We'd be better off dropping Netflx and focussing on expanding the Rovi product.

Everyone cries that no one supports RIM and their products.... WHY not support the RIM offerings as it is just available in the states right now, but within the year, it will be world wide. Support RIM and get the best portable entertainment instead of supporting a sagging company and a company that is obviously anti RIM

Will sign the petition when the PB is DLNA complient. Why harass other companies when RIM still cant provide some basic functions for the PB.

Can we target SlingMedia next? Purty please? Someone set it up and post on the forums what to do, I've sent enough e-mails lol.

You're all sounding like whinners. I love my PB and would love a service like Netflix but they said no you PB people suck so, do you really want to bother? Like I said if you want to do a petition, do one for one of Netflix's competitors! Hit'em where it hurts.


Looking forward to having the option of watching Netflix on my PlayBook. Now we need to follow through with a concurrent petition aimed at Microsoft's Silverlight team, as not having such plugin supported on the PlayBook is the main rationale given by Netflix for not supporting RIM's awesome tablet.

Personally I'm not in the habit of begging for crappy applications especially Netflix and all those other I-phone ,Android mondane brainwashed companies that feel blackberry is not worth their time. I mean really F#*k them.

Instead of giving away free apps and games, maybe rim should be dangling some money in front some of these sought after services like netflix, Skype,.. That would draw more people to playbook

I'm not a NF user so I can't sign the petition. I can think of at least 27 other software packages or apps I would want before NF. Getting video onto PB has not been a problem for me. Hopefully sheer numbers of PBs will bring us all the apps we want!

Why would I want to watch a movie on a tablet? I have a 64 inch TV .... what ... you think I want to soon go back in time, and view black and white movies as well.

Netflix has some pretty steep competition just around the corner. They want a payout from RM first so that Netfix can avoid Chapter 11.

Some might use the PB to run Netflix while connected to a large TV in a hotel room using a BB as the remote. Not me personally but I still believe these companies shouldn't be ignoring a company with a base of >75 million customers. It just doesn't make sense.

Tried to sign, but apparently my name and email address aren't good enough. Need to enter my physical address.. No thanks.

What is with the hate on RIM? It's everywhere everyday. Did rim piss everyone off with there phones or something. I don't get it. It's like a conspiracy.

Honestly, most of these petition signers want this crappy crap just because ipad and android tablet users have it.

Quality over quantity people. This tablet is for adults, not teenage girls. Amazon Prime is just fine if you must have this sort of thing.

At this point, I could care less. Netflix cannot have that much power. I just showed Netflix MY power by putting my membership on hold. No monthly payments for 90 days. If they don't allow Netflix on PB then, then I cancel. Hit them where it hurts. Stop begging for something they could care less about.

PB Rules

I only voted because netflix would be a start. I rather BlackBerry get a streaming that is high definition. I would rather it be hulu or really I rather BlackBerry do it themselves. This video store ducks. Too pricey. Give me a monthly charge like bbmusic and I'm all for it.

I want Netflix on my Playbook. If they don't give it to me, I will find an alternative. One thing history has taught us is that when an alternative is wanted, someone will provide it.

Redbox, Amazon Prime, Blockbuster App...PLEASEEEE....screw Netflix, they don't care about us, so why should we care...lets boycott those bastards!

In these times of a tight economy I would think Netflix would cater to it's customers. Netflix fees rose, they are in financial trouble and they ignore an avenue for additional business? Maybe it is too late for Netflix? I wish there was a BB app for Netflix just the same.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you able to stream most of these shows from the websites of the TV chanels that have them? What's the big deal with netflix?

I know i've watched shows on the CTV website.

Come on people, sign the petition. It doesn't harm to do it and won't cost you a dime.

If I were to present a case to a party than hard figures like 5,000 signatories within 24 hrs would really make the point. It's a lot more powerful than "a lot of" people would like to have an app. I won't hurt in any event.

Be proactive citizens ;)

Sorry for being off-topic but could someone please remove the spam advertising comments in this thread? Thank you.

To fellow Crackberrians who have no use for Netflix, please remember that this "movement" is also about helping the Playbook to be able to COMPETE in a hostile tablet market. Whether you like Netflix or not, many people would NOT buy the Playbook when they find out that certain "no brainer" apps aren't available to the device. It's about using brand names to mutually promote each other.