Nemory Studios offers up Ober, a native Uber client for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 10 Jun 2014 12:11 pm EDT

If you've fired up the BlackBerry Beta Zone today, you may have already spotted the latest app from Nemory Studios. It goes by the name Ober and serves as a hybrid native and web app for the Uber taxi service. Sadly, (or perhaps thankfully?) I don't live in an area which Uber is available so I wasn't able to fully give it a go but if you happen to frequent using Uber, maybe this is the app you've been waiting for on BlackBerry 10.

The app is free to download and use but it does have an ad running in it which once the app moves further along in beta, will be able to be be removed for $0.99. It's live in the BlackBerry Beta Zone right now so there's no waiting to download it. Just be sure if you use it, to offer up some feedback on how it can be further improved and no, asking for the ad to be removed isn't good feedback. Just saying.

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Nemory Studios offers up Ober, a native Uber client for BlackBerry 10


I wonder where Gasperixx and Knobviker went.

Those 3 devs should be in the talks and taking turns and hammering all the big apps :P

Great job - here's Hailo is what is used so perhaps next project Hailo?

Also he's bringing Tinder to BB10. It's in the beta zone too: Tmber

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Awesome, Oliver!!!! Thanks so much for this - the Android version always seems to crash as soon as I've had enough beers to need it! ;-)

Loads fast and looks just like the Android app. Can't wait to fully test it this weekend. :-)

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I am a huge fan of the developer. But I have to ask. Why not concentrate on apps we don't have. Uber supplied us BlackBerry users with a mobile site that works flawlessly.

Build us apps we need. I buy apps all the time. I am a paying customer.


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It doesn't always. It's dependent on Google maps and we had to patch it. The mobile site loads faster than the app does.

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The APK can be installed, but will not work because the Android app requires Google Authentication Services, which are not available in BB10.

This is the case where a native app or a mobile website are mandatory.

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I'm happy the app is here (like I need to be abusing Uber more than I already do) but I see your point as well.

Either way I appreciate the effort.

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That's weird. I just followed your link and received the message that it failed to get info or something.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Going back to kevins article about devs not making money this is how you make money, you make the apps people want to buy, you fill a need

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Yes I agree, you pick a popular app and you immediately have a following. $$$$, especially with cb doing the advertising for you. It's a sure win, win, unless you get sued.. some developers create apps out of passion, but for financial gain I agree that the best way is to copy what already works on the other platforms and duplicate it over to the bb10 platform.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

Mmm no. I believe the top developers making income on adverts for BlackBerry net something stupid low like 1,500 for all their hundreds of apps.

This one will probably bring him 50/m if lucky once in-app is added.

There isn't a magic bucket of gold beside every app ;)

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I was referring to selling an app i.e snap2chat, which as I understand sold plenty of copies. I have yet to hear of any developer making any money from in app adverts, I thing the only money can really come from people who find the adverts an annoyance and wush to pay for a no advert version.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

Do you remember the game "Flappy Bird"? When it was released for iOS/Android, it had ads in it. The total income for the Dev, adding both iOS users and Android users was around 50'000 USD each day.

Of course it was a very specific game, but it gives you a max.

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I think Nemory is saving the platform one great app at a time. God speed Nemory!

Yes I've been SQUIRCLEFIED! ™

What happened to the Mobile Nations news room to get quicker news... this is old already!

Fat Mexican with a Z10 in CB10

Great app and goodonya, mate, for bringing it to BB10, but Taxis are way overpriced here, I hardly ever use them.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Ok, maybe he's a great dev, but wrapping the web link
Into an "app" is a joke; i'm not a dev but seems like a child should be able to do that. This thing lingers in beta just so he can bolt on adverts for our viewing pleasure. And is BlackBerry asleep at the switch or what? They pre-install a web-linkk app for youTube; at least make the Web link for uber available on app world so all these folks aren't under the impression Uber is not available on BB10. All Blackberry needs to do is hire a few interns to make this kind of complaint go away!