Neil Gaiman's amazing A Calendar of Tales now available

Neil's Keep Moving Project is a wonderful collaboration of art, words, and heart.

By Michelle Haag on 23 May 2013 05:23 pm EDT

In February of 2013, Neil Gaiman teamed up with BlackBerry for his Keep Moving Project. It was a rather ambitious idea, to combine fan submitted story ideas and art work with Neil's unique story telling abilities into what he titled A Calendar of Tales. Over the course of a few weeks, Neil took to Twitter, asking his followers questions such as “What’s your happiest memory of April?” and "Tell me something you lost in September that meant a lot to you.” The replies became the basis for the stories, one for each month. Neil turned the stories into audio recordings, asking his fans to submit illustrations and videos to go along with the words.

The end result is amazing, humbling, and beautiful.

You can check out the finished project at the links below. The online version is interactive, and also contains the submissions that weren't chosen for the final cut. The pdf is great to view on your phone or tablet. What do you think of the Keep Moving Project now that it's completed? Would you like to see more collaborations like these in the future?

View Neil Gaiman's A Calendar of Tales online
Download A Calendar of Tales .PDF
More information on the Keep Moving Project

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Reader comments

Neil Gaiman's amazing A Calendar of Tales now available


Go for online or pdf?

Too bad they didn't wrap it up as an app and put it in BB World.
Sometimes seems like BBRY doesn't see the full potential of their ideas.

This is how you CB10, son!

Oh please. There are some things that just shouldn't be an app, and this is one of them. What Mr. Gaiman has given us here is content. Now it might seem like I am alone here in all the world but, and listen closely children, not every byte of content on the planet needs its own app.

Content needs great apps to display it, yes! But not a new app just to share a bit of content, or media, or thoughts, or wallpaper. It should be easy to find a decent music player and/or PDF reader on your platform of choice. Go get that app, then put the content in it, then enjoy.

/rant out.

Who are you calling children? Maybe get off your high horse?

Anyway, I actually agree that not everything should have been made an app, but this could have totally been one. Especially since the only version is interactive, why not have that on your phone? Proving that an app can deliver good content in a beautiful way.

If you've seen the site, it's very cool, multiple pictures and an audio book version. Or what about the videos? This whole project as about interaction between Neil Gaiman and fans, with beautiful results. It would have been cool to view all those things through an app on your phone. That's it, nothing more.

Btw Michelle, was it February 2012 or February of this year? The website says February 4th. 2013.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Common Blackberry! Make this into an App! After all this investment make Android and iOS users have something to be jealous of..

So very well done and such a brilliant stoke of marketing. Well done BlackBerry! Now that we're in we've got to figure out how to set the pace wrt conscientious and meaningful BlackBerry brand promotion. I've got full faith in Mr Heins' team to do just that.

-note: the word 'conscientious' was 100% spelled correctly by my Z10. Just sayin'.

Posted via CB10

This was a great idea by Blackberry. I read a lot, but had never read Gaiman before this. Now I'm in the process of reading all his stuff. Thanks, Neil.

Posted via CB10

I like Neil Gaiman. I loved the Wizard of Earthsea books when I was little and those are one of his inspirations. Awesome all around.

Posted via CB10

I've just changed my opinion of the Keep Moving projects. This is fantastic. I hope it gets promoted. What fantastic story telling.

Just read the January. Hooked. Step away from the Z, and go to bed. You have work tomorrow, Mister Self!

Posted via CB10

Can't get into the online version or download the pdf on the z10. :(

Posted via CB10 on the iPhone Killer

Is it not sort of a fail that it doesn't work on the Z10? "To see the interactive experience in all its glory, please visit on a desktop PC, laptop or tablet.". The page that says that doesn't even render very well on the z10...

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I agree. An app would have been nice, but they REALLY should have made sure the page could be viewed on BB10.

Great news, thank you very much. I'm listening to the first story right now. In my opinion, this is by far the best of the "Keep Moving" projects.