Neil Gaiman pens latest Doctor Who episode - Nightmare In Silver!

By Bla1ze on 11 May 2013 02:01 pm EDT

If you've been following along with the BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects the name Neil Gaiman should be familiar, though he's more notably known for his series of books The Sandman and novels Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book. Aside from all of that though, he's also additionally known for his fantastic work on the TV series Doctor Who.

Having written, arguably, one of the best episodes of Doctor Who ever (The Doctor's Wife) for which he won a Hugo award, he has once again lent his talents to the show and has written the latest episode of Doctor Who dubbed 'Nightmare In Silver'. If you're interested in Neil Gaiman's work, you can catch Doctor Who on BBC One at 7PM BST, BBC America at 8PM EST and in Canada on Space at 8PM EST Saturday.

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Neil Gaiman pens latest Doctor Who episode - Nightmare In Silver!


The Doctor's Wife was an excellent episode, one of the best of the "new" series.

Anyone else have a bit of a crush on River Song?? ;)

That's how I ended up watching it. Having done a marathon of almost seven seasons, I don't know what to do with myself now that I haven't wait for it weekly lol

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I love Doctor Who series, never missed a episode ! I was expecting to see some news on CrackBerry site regarding Z10 10.1 official release... CrackBerry and Doctor Who? wow! Pleasantly surprised!

Z10 or Q10? That is the question!

Eerie... just yesterday, I was on a Dr Who kick on YouTube and I changed my z10 wallpaper to a pic of the TARDIS.

It's as if this thing reads my mind!

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My 9930's ringtone has been the TARDIS sound for quite some time. I can't imagine ever changing it. Sometimes I let it ring for a second longer than necessary when in public, to see if I can spot any looks of recognition. :)

maybe so ... and I'm happy for the new shows in the last 7yrs because the older shows from the late 70's to the early 80's with the older Doctar (lol) gave me nightmares - its NOT a joke!

'Exterminate .... Exterminate .... ExxxteeeeerminaAAAATTEEE!!'

Year I survived each week with less than 9hrs of sleep, fighting off sleeping pills!! I'm NOT kidding, nor exaggerating! I was 7 and almost submitted into Brock here in Toronto (it's NOT just for druggies you know). When I was 5 the movie "The Thing" with Tom Skirret (I think) on Lazer Disc was the first time I had sleeping & nightmare issues. You'd never catch me within 100 feet of a large dog! I got chased home once for 400 meters on a bike and I tell you ... imagine if Usain Bolt where to peddle a speed bike (yeah that was me). Ran right through a red into rush hour traffic (caused a 7 car pileup accident, nobody hurt). Pissed my bed for 1 yr almost because of that movie.

So Dr. Who ... the old shows ... screw that crap! IF the The Thing prequel commercial from 2012 can have me sweating within 10 seconds of the trailer (for 5mths) ... I'm not ever watching the oldschool Dr. Who ever again.

It was too much like the Star Trek TNG episodes "The Best of Both Worlds, part 1" and "The Best of Both Worlds, part 2".
Not Neil's best work and a passable Doctor Who.

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Spoilers! Those of us in North America haven't seen it yet!

Clara should rock a TARDIS blue BlackBerry. BlackBerry should get in touch with the BBC and make that happen for next season.

Is this on Netflix?
By the way, I just finished first season of Continuum. I believe this series produced by a Canadian company. It's good I like it.

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Yeah, it's on Netflix and yes.. CBC and BBC have long standing agreements for Doctor Who. The BBC gets funding from the CBC to produce the show as well, Torchwood. Plus, one of the creators was Canadian.

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I think the CBC stopped co-producing at the end of season 3 or 4, month idea why but BBC Wales seems to be flying solo with it these days. It's one of the reasons CBC list the broadcast rights to Space, even for reruns.

Here's an interesting factoid not too many people know, Doctor Who was first conceived at the CBC in the early 60's. It was envisioned to be a kids' educational show about science. The CBC didn't reject it outright but never put it into production, either. In the mean time the person who's idea it was was transfered on loan to the BBC where he presented the idea and was given permission to develop the idea which formed into Doctor Who.

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Sorry, but I think your facts are slightly out. Doctor Who is currently in series 33 (26 for the original series and 7 since the re-launch), and the CBC was only co-producing with BBC Wales during the first set of recent seasons; since the BBC re-launched the series with Christopher Eccleston.
Also, the series has always been a BBC idea, although the original head of drama at the time of first broadcast on the BBC was a Canadian. Having a blue British police box (which was inherited from the series Dixon of Dock Green to save money) doesn't really make sense if it was a Canadian idea to start with.

I did say they only produced the first three or four seasons of the new batch, they stopped after government cuts backs meant they didn't have the budget to continue. But the basis of what I said is true, the original idea came from a Canadian on loan from the CBC for a Children's show based on a time traveller teaching them about science. That idea eventually grew into Doctor Who. I'll see if I can find the link relating to this, I'm pretty sure it's buried somewhere on the BBC site from around the Christopher Eccleston era.

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Doctor Who is great, watched it since the beginning. However it's not the best, that honour goes to Red Dwarf. You can't beat Lister and the gang.

Sadley Doctor Who has rapidly gone downhill since Steven Moffet and the new team took over. Please bring back Russell T. Davis and the old team. I still watch but it has certainly slipped from an A to B-.

Dr who. My fave series ever. I tried even to do a BBM group. But failed. Lol too many silent users.
So here's the call
If anyone would like to join a group. Just pin me.

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No way, I love Steven Moffat 's new episodes. Blink was awesome. Love neil Gailman mm this must be my favourite page ever... bb, Gailman, dw all together

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