Need For Speed: Undercover now available for BlackBerry 10

Electronic Arts adds another title to their expanding BlackBerry 10 lineup

By Bla1ze on 19 Mar 2013 09:09 pm EDT

Although I don't fancy a lot of games, I do have a sweet spot for racing and driving simulators. Need For Speed: Undercover is probably the game I play the most on my BlackBerry PlayBook and its absence from the BlackBerry Z10 was a bit disappointing for me.

No matter now though as EA has finally got around to making the game available for BlackBerry 10 and available to most countries that BlackBerry World supports according to the online storefront listing. That's not to say it's all good news though because along with making it available, EA saw fit to also add a $2.99 price tag to it rather then offering it for free but alas, it's a damn fine game so I paid up and got it.

  • All new quick race mode: Want to take a break from the story? Try Quick Race mode and race any of the 20 cars from the Tri City area before you unlock them. Step outside your career and instantly race any unlocked track.
  • 8 Challenging race modes: Power through Head-to-Head Action, Highway Battle, Cop Takeout, and more. Race undercover in 24 covert missions.
  • 3 Unique Environments: Push your car to the limit as you burn through exhilarating cityscapes, snaking countrysides, and gritty seaside docks.  
  • Customize your vehicle: Trick out your ride with aftermarket spoilers, multiple wheel options, body kits, and cool paint schemes.  
  • Incredible racing visuals: Sweeping camera angles and gnarly car crash sound effects heighten your driving experience.  
  • Earn performance upgrades: Punch it with extras like Boost, Speed, Acceleration, and Handling.

If you want a look at the game, you can check out our quick PlayBook review here otherwise, you can hit the link below to grab Need For Speed: Undercover from BlackBerry World directly.

Purchase Need For Speed: Undercover from BlackBerry World

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Need For Speed: Undercover now available for BlackBerry 10


Sorry Diego, it's a separate listing "... for BlackBerry 10" so need to buy for your Z10 if you want it.

Posted via CB10

I could, but why would I? I fork over a small fortune for the phone, and then another small fortune for apps on the phone that I would use on my phone. If there's an app/game that I don't already have I will gladly fork over the money to support it. I've already spent well over $100 for apps that I use and support. But I don't see the point of paying for an app I already have on another blackberry device that I usually carry with me. Especially when that app is free on that device.

The link took me to "Unavailable for your Device" but if I search for it manually in BlackBerry World a compatible version popped up and installed.

Posted via CB10

If it's showing up as unavailable, clear your cache. In BlackBerry World, swipe down from the top, tap Settings. At the bottom of the page, find the version number (mine is Version and tap the version number. When you go back, it will reload the page and it should now be available to download on your device. I'm with Telus in Eastern Canada and I was able to download it.

No original link was not for N.A. users. EA has themselves set up with few different vendor accounts for some reason. Link in article works now.

Posted via CB10

I followed the link and got the same thing. When I went in and searched for it, I was able to download it no longer. Try searching instead of the link.

Posted via CB10

I was excited for a new nfs game and I see the same game released 2 years ago for my PlayBook wtf.

Posted via CB10

I bought it, but that was my exact thoughts, I think they just worked the PlayBook version and this is a test to see how many people will get the app so I bought it anyway.

Posted via CB10

This game is really fun on the PlayBook. Hopefully EA brings Real Racing 3 and some of the other newer Need For Speed titles too.

y is it not free if you already bought on the playbook? i am not going to buy twice sort this out blackberry i am bored of there being no ties between the PB and the Z10, the excuse for years was that BB10 was built around the PB OS so why is there no links together whatsoever? yeah buy all your games twice great, sort it out!

Timmsy, It was FREE and pre-installed on your playbook... you DIDN't buy it.

meh.. if you can't justify 3$ on an app, i'm surprised you bought the phone ;)

Even if it was free and pre-installed on the playbook, I don't see myself paying to have it on bb10, I don't mind purchasing new games... like Asphalt 7 for example.

Gosh people, IT'S ONLY THREE DOLLARS!! That's the price of two LARGE/MEDIUM COFFEE's. Depending on where you get them from.

Give it a break already.