Need for Speed Shift 3D Now Available for the BlackBerry Storm2

By Adam Zeis on 17 Mar 2010 03:15 pm EDT

If you remember back at Devcon, EA Mobile gave us a tease of the Open GL ES Support with the game Need for Speed Shift 3D. Well it looks like the time has finally come, and it is now available for purchase in BlackBerry App World. The game looked amazing when we first saw the demo, and I'm sure the full release won't disappoint. Highlights of Need for Speed Shift 3D include:

  • Take a Real Racer's Point of View - The dynamic camera angle gives you a hyper-realistic driving experience.
  • Get Precision Fingertip Control - Touch to break, swipe to activate boost, and activate drift with a quick tilt of your device. Finely tuned accelerometer steering and touch controls respond to you.
  • Choose Muscle or Performance or Both - Purchase, upgrade, and personalize cars in the Career Mode workshop.
  • Race to the Top - Get gold stars for winning events and bonus blue stars for driving with precision and aggression. Get enough, and unlock more thrilling and challenging events!

Check out the video about for a look at the version that was shown off at DevCon. Once we get it fired up we'll do a little video of our own. Also, as it stands it looks as if its currently only supported on the 9550. While the $9.99 price tag is a bit steep, if the game plays as good as it looks it may be well worth it. If you do purchase it, give it a ride and drop a comment with your thoughts.

More information and purchase of Need for Speed Shift 3D

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Reader comments

Need for Speed Shift 3D Now Available for the BlackBerry Storm2


whelp, it looks like i'm going to have to purchase this game, and see what my scrappy little storm2 can really do!

Is there a demo still available? I did not see anything to "try". I hate to pay $9.99 without trying it first.

what was demo'd. The tracks are practically barren, the clors are not too sharp, and the textures are pre-90's. Hoping EA will keep working on this. This is clearly a Passover game - - it left the oven before it had time to finish.

But accelerometer steering is mostly crisp.

Worth the $10. Very sweet game. Wish you could use your own music. The sound is lame. I don't mind paying more money if its a good game.

I know this is an old issue, but it's becoming a pressing one now with games like this. APPLICATION MEMORY!!! This thing is almost 3MB! I mean thats a huge chunk of the available memory on these devices. RIM really needs to find a way to open up to more app space if they are going to push games like this and expect people to play (and pay for) them with enough leftover memory for the phone to run and leak memory as it always does throughout the day. Priority needs to be given to taking a look at an OS overhaul and think more about what they are aiming for, who they are catering to, and what their end goals are going to be.

Yes, $10 is a little steep but I'm tired of my friends with iPhones bragging about their games. As more hit the market the prices may come down.

Graphics are nice, agree that the sound is lame and 3M is a lot of space. I'd guess 3D iPhone games aren't small by comparison though so everything is relative.

Accelerometer and touch controls work very well, nicer than other games I've tried that use those functions.

UI is different than the video so there was more work done since then.

Do you have a storm 9550? How much crap do you have on there if you can't spare 3mb's. I have thirty plus apps loaded and active on mine with over 100mb too spare. I can understand if you have a 9530 but this game won't work on it anyway. I don't see any problems with a 3mb game I hope they make them bigger. Who cares if ya have one or one thousand free mb's as long as the phone works fine. My phone barely leaks memory (9550) maybe five mb's a week since I got the new storm. The old storm is a whole different story.

PBA Bowling is like 5mb. This game should have been at least 5mb. The textures could have been much better. That nice city track on the demo would have been nice to play, not the empty virtually empty tracks they give you. A couple of Palm trees? Really? Add in 2mgs of textures, some billboards, nice backrounds... and you will have a really nice game.

There is already an update planned for this game that has more eye candy that people are complaining about. But lets be real, if game quality is what you want, go buy an iPhone. BBs are not toys, so to have something like this on a BB device is pretty cool. Mobile games are meant to pass the time and entertain for a few minutes, not hold your attention as some big production. So many users have complained about the lack of games or "pretty" games for their BBs. Now that one is availible, it gets complaints. Makes sense. (rolls eyes)

What is this crap? I just installed it and it is NOTHING like the demo from last year! The graphics and sound are terrible the UI is awful.

EA needs to release an update that at least just releases the beta version they had when that video was made. I don't care if the game runs at 14fps like they mentioned in the vid it looked so much nicer!

I've been waiting for this. The graphic is like iphone game. very responsive on 9550/ The music is lame. Lol. The price is just to high. Don't this ppl know economy is pretty slow. I guess a dollar to them is 3bucks.

i really cant stand the f***ing app world
it says its only compatible with blackberry 9550 and what about 9520? my storm can't even find it, and it's only available in 3 countries? and what about $9.99?

if they gonna come up with an app store or whatever the name they wanna call it, they should get it straight and make everything available for everyone, like the rest of BB users are not BB users duhh....

I dont understand, the 9550 and 9520 are pretty much identical, why dould the 9550 version not work on a 9520???

It doesn't work on the original Storms because of the OpenGL.

There is an article about it somewhere on Crackberry. Just search for it.

As for the game, it is ok. Not great. While I get the BB isn't for "gaming" it could really learn a thing from Apple on the appeal. Most of my friend don't use Berrys for work at all. I was able to play this game on a friends Storm2 because he was actively looking for a game (I only have a Storm1).

For the price, I actually paid the 9.99 for Streey Fighter IV on my iPod Touch and don't regret it one bit. Amazing, PSP-like experience. I am even debating on getting an iPhone for my personal line due to the gaming and entertainment capabilites.

I never realized how much I actually would play a game in my phone. I caught myself in a teleconference on Monday playing Street Fighter to pass the boredom.

the 9520 is a Storm 2, the 9500 is a storm 1.

So why doe sit not work on all Storm 2 devices, is it EA Game shave only realsed it to work on the US 9550 and not the European 9520?

My understanding of App world is you only see the apps that are compatiable fo ryour phone, so if you dont have a 9550 you wont see the download link.

If you do then its App World being rubbish.

cmon guys... where is the demo? I know it was demo'd a while back, but I never tried it then as at the time I had a S1. Now that I have had a S2 for a bit, I would love to TRY the game... but is there no demo? EA should know better. Its not like this is the 1st game they are releaseing. So I am with upstream.. if there is no demo start sharin the cod.. lol

Is awesome in my opinion very good accelerometor controls not to mention it looks pretty good the only thing I wish it had was the ability to paint the cars... You guys are expecting to much here I think for my bb this game works perfectly and can keep my attention for a bit!

Priority needs to be given to taking a look at an OS overhaul and think more about what they are aiming for, who they are catering to, and what their end goals are going to be I am even debating on getting an iPhone for my personal line due to the gaming and entertainment capabilities.
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