Quick Review: Need for Speed Undercover on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 20 Apr 2011 02:01 pm EDT

One of the first games we knew was coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook was Need for Speed Undercover. RIM has packed it in totally free and it's by far the best game on the PlayBook. It has multiple modes so it will keep you busy for quite a while and the graphics look amazing. The story mode has some live motion video mixed in and it's sure to draw you in for hours at a time. It was built especially for the PlayBook and I can only hope that other games/apps follow in the same footsteps. The PlayBook native SDK should allow devs to come up with greatness and truly make the PlayBook stand out. This just shows what can be done as far software on the PlayBook - very cool stuff. Check out the video above for a quick look at the gameplay, then get to racing!

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Quick Review: Need for Speed Undercover on the BlackBerry PlayBook


i would like to take this opportunity to suggest a NEED FOR SPEED meet up in the GTA for a fierce competition. anyone?

I tried it on a PlayBook and I wasn't THAT impressed. Graphical equivalent of the Wii version. But for a BlackBerry device it kicks butt!

You twerp!

The graphics are perfectly lush, they look gorgeous on the screen, did you even see the video clips? And you get the accelerometer function by tilting the Playbook. Not even comparable.

And it's totally free!

Still, I suppose some people will try and score points where they can :-/

It was good to put it one the playbook, it shows the underlying capability of the machine. When you compare to angry birds LOL!!!

game looks nice,they should allow you to hook your ps3 controller up to it via usb or bluetooth,so when your not feeling motion controly,you can just pop out your dualshock3 six axis controller

I want to see Grand Theft Auto, Company of Heroes, Call of duty, Madden NFL, MLB 2011, FIFA 2011. Some serious games not these crappy games like Angry birds.

Not a fan of accelerometer games, at least its a better size to do it compare to larger tablets but I can't help but feel that more complex games need tactile buttons but would love to see down the road, compatibility with bluetooth or usb connected game controllers that would complement touch enabled screens - no more fingers getting in the way