Need for Speed and Uno - Day 14 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts

Need for Speed and Uno - Day 14 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts
By DJ Reyes on 14 Dec 2013 06:12 am EST

We are now two weeks into BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts and today we are seeing two different games depending on what BlackBerry 10 device you have. We see this happen when apps or games aren't available on certain devices. As usual, you can check back on the original post for the full listing. But remember, previous free downloads will no longer be free.

Day 14 free downloads

Upon checking the forums, the 25 Days of Gifts banner does not seem to be showing up. I'm not sure if it's regional error as I can see the banner on all my devices here in the U.K. However, if you are not seeing the banner simply use the links above for your device and this will take you to the game which should show up as free. Refreshing BlackBerry World may fix the issue. You can hit up the forums for more discussion.

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Need for Speed and Uno - Day 14 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts


Ouch, would have liked both, UNO and NFS on either my Q10 and/or Z10...

Why NFS on both 10s?
And UNO on the cute Q5 and the phablet Z30?

I guess board game works well on phablet, and Q5 performance related due to low GHz dual core.

Posted via CB10

Need for speed!!! not bad,got the same game on my Playbook and it's pretty cool on my Z-10.


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I can't see the banner this morning but last nite it was there. For the first three days of the offer I could see the banner but couldn't open it: I was getting an error massage like many others. Anyway we're well used to BBRY messing something up whenever they attempt to do anything.

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I'm seeing the banner but it is coming up with the Day 15 giveaway which is obviously going to be the star tracker app. But when I try to download it, it says promotion not available yet...

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Nfs comes up unavailable for this device

On z10 in the Americas on att

Thou art posted from z10

Electronic Arts, you make me so mad!!! My Z30 deserves Need for Speed. Why? Why is this and many other games not available for the Z30?

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From what I recall, BlackBerry automatically made all Z10 apps compatible on the Z30. Devs had to specifically remove their app from the Z30 catalogue. I only assume EA wants to test the app on the Z30 before making it available.

On my Q10, Need for Speed comes up as "not available for your device". But Uno doesn't show as free either. So I guess I lose either way. :-(

Posted via my Q10. :-D

Had that on my Z10, just refresh BB World, confirm to download, let download finish, enter game.

When starting game, it dumped me back into BB World saying "not available" for my device, closed & restarted game and BB World, game booted up successfully. Just try again, vary your approach, restart app and refresh BB World. Or the other way round, it should load. Don't give up...

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Thanks Premwhatsapp. NFS is downloading now, after closing/re-opening BBW a couple of times. (Wish we'd been given a choice here, Uno is definitely more my style!)

Posted via my Q10. :-D

I guess phablet works well for board game. :-) Sorry for you. Would have liked UNO on my Q10.

Would have been better use case to show off awesome GPU power of Z30...

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Because the developer hasn't made Need for Speed available for the Z30, unfortunately

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Just pull down menu (swipe down for "Settings", go "General", then click "Refresh BB World") in BBW.

Close BBW, restart BBW. Otherwise try SIM card pull with phone reboot. Reboot twice and re-check w/ and w/out SIM inserted.

Worked for me on Q10 and Z10. Good luck. My geo region is down unda...

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Thank you BlackBerry.

Love the keyboard controls for braking/nitro/speedbreaker on my Q10...people of the metropolis---have no fear, these syndicate punks will be served.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Just see Sonic Racing in BlackBerry World...might have to add to my Sonic collection.

I hope Sega will bundle Genesis and Dreamcast games for BB10.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Because resistance is futile, and you will be assimilated....

(at least when 10.2.1 official hits, hehe, sorry, I know your pain, 10.1 users in the US)

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Re-assimilation of defected Android users will be initiated soon and is part of the war strategy.

As soon as technology to beam APKs directly on to devices is released, victory is inevitable....

(... or so we hope the story will go... ;-) )

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Is there a mistake in the reporting? BW says Need for Speed is not available for this device when trying to install it on my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Restarted my device. Now BBW says it is undergoing maintenance. Anyone getting this message?

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NFS is one of my favorite games on my PB. Looking forward to trying it on my Z10

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I am downloading NFS on my Z10 but I have ordered in a Z30.
1. If I transfer my device info to the Z30 will the game work on the Z30?
2. Will BlackBerry World keep a record that my BBID owns the game and alow me to download it again fro free if it subsequently becomes available for the Z30?

1. If you backup and restore or carry out a device transfer using BlackBerry Link, you will see NFS on your Z30. 
2. All downloads will be link to your BBID, so you can redownload any paid apps or games, provided they are available for the device. i.e. if you just searched for NFS on your Z30, you won't see it as it's not available for the Z30 but a restore from your Z10 will put it on  your Z30 even if you can see it in BlackBerry World. Make sense?

Too many games, only 2 useful apps for me so far.

Didn't download any of the other ones to save BB a few bucks, I assume they are paying for this instead of the devs taking a loss, and definitely can't see the movie studios giving any kind of discount

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Damned! I am running out of space on my Z10 and this is only halfway thru the 25 days of freebie

Downloading need for speed but lots of complaints in comments session regarding this people saying that it restarts their phone, blackberry already gave a free a racing game Asphalt7

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BBW for Dominican Republic shows nothing today.

I'd love Uno for my Z10, not NFS

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Finished playing my first game of UNO on the Z30. Works great, really cool too.
Thanks BlackBerry

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Mine says Unavailable for this device.

I got Z10STL100-4/

From Chicago, IL, USA

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Already Beat NFS on the PlayBook, not really interested :/

I have too many games now because of this promo. Really wish there were more apps

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Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't NFS a free download for those of us that bought the Z10?

Z10 with OS

I tried downloading NFS but all I get is a screen that reads as follows:

“There was a problem loading this page, please check your Radio/ Wi-Fi connection.”

Anybody else getting this message when attempting to download NFS on a Q10? I've tried downloading other free apps and haven't had any such screen appear. It only seems to happen when I try to download NFS.

Frustrated Q10 user (Telus, Official10.2.0.1791)

Loving the app for day 15!! Definitely one of my fav. It is so useful. It is so user friendly too. It has night vision option, automatically sense my location and direction.

Can't wait til when the weather is better so that I can try it out one night :))

Darn! IMO they Should have given the Need for Speed to the Z30 and Z10's and the UNO to the Q10 and 5.

Just my opinion