Need a ride? You can now order a private car with Uber for BlackBerry 7 smartphones

By James Richardson on 26 Mar 2013 01:54 pm EDT

I hadn't heard of Uber before but it looks to be a pretty cool service if you need to get around town and don't mind spending a few bucks doing so - maybe a service for business men/women? Essentially the Uber app will pinpoint your location and send a private car to pick you up. The app will even let you know how long until the driver will be with you - clever stuff.

The service is restricted to the USA and Canada at the moment but it is also available in good old London Town. Prices are not cheap hence why I think this will be a business service rather than a alternative to public transport. But with so many business folk still rocking BlackBerry 7 devices I'm sure the service does pretty well.

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Need a ride? You can now order a private car with Uber for BlackBerry 7 smartphones


Hitting up the top comments for this, but if you're using Uber for the first time, use promo code: 'ubertdotpromo'
to get 10$ credit for the first ride.

This isn't even a real app. It's just the mobile site shortcut... This is BS This is one of the only apps I actually really want.

I created an account and used the app for the first time last night. It's a great service . . . not a great app, but it's at least something. I emailed them requesting a BB10 app, since my z10 arrives on the 28th, and the 9930 goes in my desk drawer :)

why would they make an app for a legacy OS? If their service was in developing countries I would understand, but most BB7 users in USA and Canada are itching to switch to BB10...

I also use Uber...finally! it's on my 9900...a shame that it's just a mobile site shortcut...I hope it comes out on BB10 as well....The Android port wouldnt be 100% compatible because the use of the map.

I love Uber, especially cuz its only like $10 more than a cab ride and more comfortable. Wish they came out with a BB10 app though. Their iOS one is really nice

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Ubersize works for a promo code, FYI. $10. Wish we could have a slick app like the google/iphone peeps. Get on it uber! mobile site is pretty functional tho.