Need a reason to workout this summer? Introducing the CrackBerry + Gym Technik 60 Day Fitness Challenge!

60 Day Fitness Challenge!
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jun 2010 03:18 pm EDT

The 60 Day Fitness Challenge Begins July 1st! Read all about it below!!!

Time for another CrackBerry contest.... but this one is a little bit (ok, a LOT) different!

Introducing the first-ever BlackBerry Fitness Challenge! CrackBerry has teamed up with Gym Technik and for 60 days we're going to focus on using your BlackBerry to help you get in shape and stay in shape. We've got different ways to win and tons of awesome prizes up for grabs, so just keep reading for all the details. The contest officially begins July 1st, so you have a couple days to think on it and get prepped. And while yours truly can't technically win any prizes, I'm really gunning to win the community vote for best before/after transformation, SO THIS THING IS ON!

Whether you're a fitness junkie, a health nut, or more like me and aspiring to drop a few pounds and get a little leaner (and need an excuse to make sure you don't eat/drink too much or get lazy on the workouts this summer), then this fitness challenge is for you. As long as you have a BlackBerry, you can take part. Keep reading for all the details. I hope to see LOTS of members of CrackBerry Nation get involved. BRING IT!

60 Day Fitness Challenge Contest Rules and Details

Transformation Summer Challenge - Enter the CrackBerry & Gym Technik fitness challenge and transform your body in 60 days 

Gym Technik and CrackBerry are teaming up to get BlackBerry owners to be the fittest group of Smartphone owners around. This first of it's kind 60 day fitness challenge is open to all BlackBerry owners, who want to push themselves to look their best this summer, and win or lose, we'll all win at the end. But to make it more exciting and competitive, we have some great prizes to give away at the end of the contest for those who really commit.

To be eligible, you need to have a Gym Technik account, and track your workouts and body weight on Gym Technik. Gym Technik is the Online and BlackBerry fitness app which we've covered many times in the past. The site allows you to setup workout routines for yourself, and follow and track the workouts when you hit the gym. You can track your workouts using their native BlackBerry app, or using their mobile website. To use the app, you'll need a Gym Technik premium account, which you get a 30 day free trial of when you register. And these guys believe ‘the more the merrier', and they'd like this contest getting competitive. So to help out they've announced that they will give 40% off their annual premium subscription for all who sign up and join the fun during this 60 day contest period. If you still don't want to pay for the app after your trial, you can still track for free and be a part of the contest by using their mobile website. The promo code you will need to use when you upgrade at their store is cbsummerchallenge. I can't say I've ever seen them give away their premium at this much of a discount, and at little more than 2 bucks a month, this is a great value (note: discount applicable for new premium sign ups only).

Here's how you get started

  • If you don't have an account, sign up free at
  • Setup your workouts Online by building your own, or by grabbing from their library
  • Schedule your workouts on the Gym Technik calendar
  • Link your Gym Technik account to your Twitter account (This one's important to be eligible for prizes)
    • Login to the Online site, and navigate to My Account > Share/Link
  • Download the app to your BlackBerry by pointing your BlackBerry browser to
  • Start working out! Track your workouts and body weight progress and follow the rules below to stay eligible. Contest officially begins on July 1st, 2010 and ends 60 days later on Sunday, August 29th at midnight PST.

Here's how you take part in the contest and the prizes

  • When you finish your workout, the app/site will ask you "How you feel". Type whatever you want, but it needs to start with the hashtag #blackberryfitchallenge. This will then automatically update your Twitter status. (Note: you need to link your Gym Technik account with Twitter for this to happen)
Contest Winner #1:
  • At the end of the 60 days, we'll query all the #blackberryfitchallenge tweets from Twitter, and randomly pick a winner
  • Prizes:

Contest Winner #2:

  • At the end of the 60 days, we'll query all the #blackberryfitchallenge tweets from Twitter and create a leader board. The winner will be person at spot #1, so the person who has the most tweets (ie. Most workouts)
  • Prizes:

Contest Winner #3:

  • Best before/after picture. To participate in this, take a picture of yourself on your "start day" and upload it to Gym Technik. In this before photo, you need to make sure you're holding your BlackBerry up so we can see the date on your BB home screen (or else a newspaper that shows the date of entry). And finally at the end of the contest, when we ask for photo submissions you can simply grab the photos from Gym Technik and submit to CB (we'll post details then). CB nation will vote on the most dramatic before/after. This one's optional... If you don't want to participate, just don't submit after your photo to CB. But you can still upload to GT for your own vanity.
  • Extra Instructions: You'll have until July 15th to submit your "before" photo to GymTechnik. Ideally you'll want to submit it on July 1st so you have the full 60 days to train hard.  After you have submitted it via the GymTechnik app, send an email to, with the subject "crackberry" and let them know your username. We'd like to keep close contact with those who are really taking this event seriously (maybe we'll get a little BBM support Group going!).
  • Option for non Gym Technik/Twitter users: If you want to participate in the event but are not on twitter and don't want to give Gym Technik a try, you can simply email your before / after photos in to, with a subject of crackberry. Be sure to attach your photo and make sure that date is clear.
  • Prizes:

Reader comments

Need a reason to workout this summer? Introducing the CrackBerry + Gym Technik 60 Day Fitness Challenge!


awesome.  no chickening out once you commit!  i'm pretty excited for it.  been working out a fair amount lately, but i never keep a clean enough diet. hoping i can lean out from 200lbs to 185lbs by the end of this contest.. back to my 'ole fighting weight :)

will snap my "before" photos on Thursday.  don't think i'll post those to the blogs though till i have my after photos to go beside it. lol.  shirtless accessory review coming to the CB blogs for September 1st! haha

I see that you're following me (finally) on twitter. ;)
I have about 30 lbs on you as it stands. The past two years have been rough, all but stopped cycling and, like you, my eating habits have never been the best. However, the past two weeks I have been doing some soul search and out of the blue on a slow Monday at work, you post this contest.

Heck, I even put on my running shoes yesterday just to reminisce.

Here's my challenge to you: I'll submit my before photo to you straight away if you'll post yours along side it.

What do you say?

So I'm a bit lost...

In the "Here's how you get started" section:

Link your Gym Technik account to your Facebook and Twitter account (This one's important to be eligible for prizes)

* Login to the Online site, and navigate to My Account > Share/Link


In the "Here's how you take part in the contest and the prizes" section:

* When you finish your workout, the app/site will ask you "How you feel". Type whatever you want, but it needs to start with the hashtag #blackberryfitchallenge. This will then automatically update your Twitter status. (Note: you need to link your Gym Technik account with Twitter for this to happen)

Does this mean one must have a Twitter account, and why was Facebook mentioned? Sorry.. I don't have a twitter account and don't plan on it either, so maybe it's a dumb question to those who have an account and understand how it works.

You're right. Facebook is not needed. You just need to link to Twitter for prize #1 and #2. But if you don't want to link to twitter or if you don't want to try gymtechnik, then you can participate in contest #3

You know, I would be WILLING to go with it, but seriously, because I don't use twitter, and seems like a shameless PR ad, screw it! Too difficult to bother with. Good luck everyone

"When you finish your workout, the app/site will ask you "How you feel". Type whatever you want, but it needs to start with the hashtag #blackberryfitchallenge. This will then automatically update your Twitter status. (Note: you need to link your Gym Technik account with Twitter for this to happen)"

Where does it ask you "How you feel"? I've been using the twitter integration a few days now and it just auto tweets your workout. I've never been able to enter anything.

Knockz - When you finish your workout, you'll need to click the BlackBerry menu button (to the left of the track pad/ball). And then you'll see an option for "End Workout", which you'll need to click. You'll be shown a summary of your workout stats, and on the top there will be a button that shows "Share you feel about this workout". Click on that, and you will be asked to type how you feel. Remember to use the hashtag so you get the credits!

Except I would need to register for both Twitter and Gym Technik, and for someone who lives out of hotels, Gym technik is rather useless, I would have enjoyed this app in University, but as a working man, it has no value.

Good luck to all that participate, maybe I'll just go for the best before and after then I never need to use the App, nor twitter...

What timing, I just bbm'd you earlier today about your running. I'm training for a half marathon in January and then my first Marathon in June. Don't think I'll be using Gym Technik for my training but it sounds like a fun contest. Good luck to everyone!

Sounds great! Is this contest open to anyone? Or do participants have to live in the states? I'm from europe and I'm really looking forward to participating :)

Can we start this contest today if we choose to, and end on Monday two months from now? I'll speak for a lot of gym members and say the majority follow a Monday thru Friday or Saturday routine and it would be nice to start today or tomorrow to show what can be accomplished in X number of weeks.

you can "start" today, but your "before" pictures can't be taken sooner than july 1st (they can be on any day between july 1st to 15th).  so if you want to wait till next monday to officially start you can... you would just lose a few days.  or you can start today, but do your photos on thursday... you'd just be a little skinnier i guess for your before pics then if you waited a few days.


What's to stop me from just submitting my before and after pics from P90X and just smoking the field? Good luck guys/girls.

Well, you're joking. And you'd have to photoshop a newspaper in.

Anyway, someone could just do INSANITY and smoke your results.

I will be about 120 days sober when this thing starts and I was planning my quit smoking date at the end of June. I am at 240 ish now and like to get back to my lean days before I started drinking. :)

Congratulations on being sober for 120 days and making the decision to quit smoking. These are great steps to help improve your health and it's great you are making strides to do that. Be proud!!

I think it would be good to promote healthy eating during the challenge so all that hard work isn't in vain. You do say not to eat or drink "too much" but there is much more to it than that. :D

I'm not badly out of shape, but since I broke my foot, I have used that as my excuse for not working out. Now I have a good motivator to get me back in the gym. Thanks guys, "shameless PR" or not. More Americans need this more than they care to admit.

I'm a Personal Trainer and I'll give you guys a few tips...and some quick comments.

1. Too much is TOO MUCH...whether it's food or exercise. Someone here said they work out twice a day! Too much..unless one is cardio and the other is resistance training (weight training).

2. There are three things that will make you fit and lean (by the way, thinner, is not leaner. Leaner is less body fat, more lean tissue. Don't confuse the two). Those three things are!!
Resistance Training 3 or 4 x a week. Never do same body parts on consecutive days
Cardio - Interval training is best. Less time, more calories burned. Look it up in google.
Diet - Nope, not ON a diet. A clean diet. Here's a link to a plain foods list on my site. If you want to lose weight, you have to know what, and how much to eat. Count those calories folks. Applebees Salads are as high as 2000 calories, so keep a check on it.
Plain foods list -

Here's a link to find out how many calories you need to consume to get to a target weight.

Good luck everyone! Its a journey worth taking. The idea, in my mind anyway, of Gymtech is to keep track of your fitness and diet and to help you keep consistent. Consistency and Persistence is key...ANYONE can get there if they really want to....


Is anyone associated with this contest going to answer the question about having to have a twitter account?

I won a year subscription to Gym Technik and haven't used it hardly because my suggestion that won me the account hasn't been implemented at all... it would be nice to track running information better and easier.

if you read through the post and comments, your answer is there...

for contest prizes 1 and 2, you need twitter, as the winners will be picked from the tweets.

for contest prize 3, the before and after, you do not need twitter at all.


A visitor to CB shouldn't have to read through the public comments to find an answer to a CB contest.

Also... it would be nice to note in your reply that the RULES CHANGED, instead of implying that a member of the community (myself) couldn't read the rules.

The original rules (quoted in my fist comment which was not responded to) indicated Facebook and Twitter, which was the basis of my question. But the contest results only referenced the sorting of Tweets. At least you could acknowledge the mistake which was made in the post... just sayin' don't disrespect community members.

I get that Gym Technik is trying to push the their new feature, but honestly... Twitter encompasses a small amount of population, and small amount of CB readers. It's their contest and they have the right to run it anyway they want, but I'm not going to sign up for Twitter to be in their contest.

Best of luck to all who enter, and better yet... to all of those who are trying to lead a more healthy lifestyle, congrats!

I am a little disappointed, I read the feed/short version of this and was excited, but I don't have twitter anymore and don't plan on it either. Should be a way for like fans of CB to fully participate.

I agree. I think CB members should be able to post to crackberry rather then twitter. I have a twitter account but it is linked to my business. I am not sure I want my customers following my workouts or lack of workouts, lol.

alright i'm in...we'll see how this goes lol i'm already at the gym 5 times a week, just need my diet to get in better shape, its been lacking since i got back from camp lol

websites not the most friendliest in setting up the exercises though considering what we do in our classes isn't listed lol

Which we don't list... you can create your own exercises in the "custom exercise" library. They are treated the exact same as our system exercises. Just login to the website, and navigate to the exercise library, and click the "Custom Exercise" tab

even though I will be a few days behind. I am going to start my gym workout on monday. I found a 4 day routine in gymtechnik I think will work. Thank you CB for doing this. I talked it over with my wife and she is going to let me join a gym for this contest. I hope when done I will be so used to going to the gym it will just be part of my routine. I like the idea of support groups you mentioned we could all use a little help and keep each other motivated.

I tried to link the gymtechnik account to my twitter account and it will not work.

When I click connect with twitter it says:

Invalid URL

The requested URL "/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=KOtfDOXa9sHGFEaIhdsLaTLLKZb13A3HyYaQnRv7JSI", is invalid.
Reference #9.342c0660.1277924765.3453bc7d

anyone know wants going on with this?

Totally need this, heart disease and diabetes are strong in my family and I'm playing right into it by being overweight and lazy!

Question: I've signed up for Gym Technik and linked to twitter and just uploaded (horrible) pics. Do I have to use my BB to enter workout data or can I just log on to my Gym Technik acct and enter the info? It does update to my twitter but am I getting credit?