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Need a new do? Try VirtualHair for BlackBerry smartphones!

By Ryan Blundell on 29 Oct 2011 06:50 pm EDT

Some people are just born with an amazing head of hair. There are those have a great natural colour and others that will never know the horror of a receding hairline. I talk of the ones that have picture perfect hair; the ones who must have an army of stylists consistently making sure every single strand is in the right place. I’m sure you know someone whose locks look like a helmet and must be placed on their head like Darth Vader’s helmet. Others are not so lucky and have yet to find the perfect style.

Toysoft Development Inc came up with an entertaining (and funny) way to see which style is best for you through their app called VirtualHair for BlackBerry smartphones. All you need is a headshot of yourself (preferably from head on) in order to do some hair shopping. Browse through over 30 different hairstyles for both women and men. VirtualHair also lets you change the size and colour of the hair until you find a suitable match. When you are finished, you add a frame (optional), then save it, email it or update your BBM avatar.


  • BBM Connected application requires BBM version 6.0.120 and higher. Send the picture to anyone in your BBM Contact list
  • Includes both women and men hair styles
  • Load saved picture to use as the model
  • Take a picture of the Model with the camera
  • Freehand placement with the hair on Touch screens
  • Adjust the width and length of the hair
  • Flip hair horizontally
  • Change the color of the hair
  • Add frame to the finished make over
  • Save or email the finished make over
  • All touch screen support
  • Keyboard shortcuts for all the features
  • Supports BlackBerry OS5 and higher

If anything else, it’s great for a laugh. Though I think my new best friend in the image above might like my new style, what do you think? You can pick up VirtualHair for $0.99 from BlackBerry App World.

More information/download VirtualHair for Blackberry smartphones



This is 1 step up from a fart app...


I'll just get rogaine and get Mike's hair!


Blackberry is really inproving on app quality


Someone would use this app? And pay for it?


ahahahA i was thinkong the same thing. can't you do this for free on Facebook?


You know, I've been a BlackBerry user for several years. It has always been a business tool for me - and the best business smartphone there was.

But I am now convinced that RIM has been overtaken by a bunch of juveniles! That's their problem right there. They have given in to this pathetic infantile nonsense.

So sad to see RIM end up like this.

EDIT: And its equally sad to see CrackBerry endorsing it!


Geez sir, you sound like a bitter old man holding on to the past. Your comment added nothing to the discussion. Use your phone for biz and ignore the stuff you want to see.


...And your problem, like everyone else who cries about EVERYTHING, is that you cry about EVERYTHING. Never content.
If all that was ever noted, was 'business' this and 'professional' that, then you'd all be on the other side of the fence crying about that! Dying to get out of the 'office', wanting to stop 'working' and asking, "Where's all the fun stuff? I want to play!"
...Oh, what do ya know! Here's a toy, by ToySoft Development Inc. Its called VirtualHair and its for Your BlackBerry Smartphone. Yay!


Watch out for the Blackberry Fanboy Troll-Patrol ^_^


You're absolutely right!

Along with the "infantile nonsense" comes the "Blackberry Fanboy Troll-Patrol".

Plazmic Flame

You can't knock the platform for having an app like this and you definitely can't knock RIM, they didn't even make the app. The sad part is that people have great ideas for apps they want to make for Blackberry devices but the phones are not powerful enough. This app is just embarrassing to the platform. Has nothing to do with "business users".


That funny I might buy it


WOw,Very nice..LOL Virtual hair..great program to see what new hairstlyle i should get next!


A must have app for your business! :))


Stupid but funny, I'll get my 99 cents worth of fun out of it. :)


Agree with all those that posted ahead of me. This is right up there with a fart app.


rim isnt going in the wrong direction. if you dont like it dont download it. its that easy. you like your berry for work and business things then stop complaining and go back to work.

just because you dont like a meaningless app that will probably be fun when your out drinking with friends doesnt mean everyone else doesnt have to like it as well.

get over yourselves

Mark Flynn

This might be okay if you could draw on it and it worked fast enough during appointments. if I had this app with a SAmsung Galaxy Note 2, for example, I'd write notes, show it to the client and if I had 4G speed (LTE, not hSpa), say with AT&T 'cuz that's what we have in NYC, i'd consider it. interesting idea, anyway.