Need a lightweight Bluetooth headset with clear sound - Try the Jabra WAVE

By Alicia Erlich on 1 Jun 2012 03:15 pm EDT

After only a few short years, Bluetooth headsets have gone from being a luxury item reserved for only those who could afford it to being an accessory you cannot live without. Whether you're driving and looking to avoid tickets, carrying on an important business conversation, or trying not to get makeup all over your device's screen (guilty as charged) hands free technology is the way to go. Now I've always been a fan of Jabra and how their products are always reliable, functional, and stylish. So it was a no brainer that I decided to trade up my old Jabra Stone to the Jabra WAVE+ which combines crystal clear sound and wind noise technology into a small package that fits in your hand.


Pairing on the Jabra WAVE+ is pretty simple. Upon turning it on for the first time it's automatically in pairing mode and all that's required is having your BlackBerry search for and find the device. If you choose to pair later on, just press and hold the answer/end button until the indicator flashes blue and then remember to input the pin code of 0000 on your device. One of these days I think they'll change that code.

Key Features

  • Behind the ear wearing style offers great comfort and discreet look
  • 3 layer wind noise protection ensures quality sound on the go
  • Voice Guidance informs you about connection status and low battery when convenient
  • Stream multimedia - GPS, music & podcasts from your device with A2DP
  • HD Voice for better sound experience
  • Crystal clear sound via Digital Signal Processing
  • Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 8 days standby time

The Jabra Wave is extremely easy to use and one of the things I especially like is the power on/off button on the top. That's just a personal preference of mine as holding down a button to power cycle would ultimately either redial my last call or shut it off and back on again. Also, at first glance you might think this headset does not come with an answer/end button. However, it's actually located at the tip of the boom mic. 

Design and comfort

First and foremost let me just say that headsets and I don't go together well. They either fall out because of my long hair and glasses or cause discomfort in my ear canals where I could only wear them for short periods of time. At just 0.46 ounces (13g), the WAVE may seem heavy, but because of its design and materials it feels extremely lightweight.

The Jabra WAVE employs a classic behind-the-ear style which not only allows for a comfortable fit but by simply twisting the eargel (it comes in two sizes) it fits in the left and right ear. To tell you the truth, there were times I forgot I was wearing it even with the boom mic resting on my cheek. The flexible plastic body conforms to your ear and the gels are so soft that I wore it for a few hours with no discomfort, irritation or ear canal pain whatsoever. I could wear this with my glasses or let my hair fall where it wanted and still it would not budge and stayed discreetly hidden from view.

Sound and performance

Now that we've established how easy it is to use how does it perform? The Jabra WAVE+ is a refresh of the Jabra WAVE, which speaking from experience, possessed poor sound quality. However, all this was rectified with the release of this headset with HD Voice sound and A2DP for music streaming. The difference is like night and day. Whereas voices were muffled or had low volume in busy areas, they now come in loud and clear to the point where I have to lower the volume while listening to calls or playing music. Don't worry, ShopCrackBerry carries the latest version of the WAVE.

Now while walking through some of the wind tunnels in Manhattan you would think all those gusts and howls would affect calls but even though the other party could hear the street noises they said my voice was crystal clear. As a matter of fact, it did not sound digitized or unnatural at all but rather as if I was standing in the room with them. The WAVE also comes with a wind sock for the microphone to increase wind reduction even more though this does lower audio quality on calls.

Overall, this is great headset for the value and it's become my go to accessory when I leave the house. Once you get used to the boom style it's comfortable to wear, offers good bluetooth range, and works perfectly. I only wish they would have included a carrying case as it's prone to collecting dust and lint while carrying in my bag with other items.


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Reader comments

Need a lightweight Bluetooth headset with clear sound - Try the Jabra WAVE


The Jabra wave headsets are great. Bought them on Black Friday 2011 and lost them on Easter Sunday. I am getting them again. Mine were exactly like the ones shown above but I don't recall them saying "+" after Jabra wave. Mine didn't support A2DP (couldn't even get my custom ringtone on it when I received a call) but, it wasn't a deal breaker. They did adjust the incoming volume in accordance to the ambient noise ( inbound voice got louder if the environment I was in was loud and vice versa )

My particular favorite is the Plantronics Voyager Pro series. The Pro has no A2DP, the Pro+ does, and the Pro HD is supposed to be an enhanced Pro+. Like the Wave+, the Voyager Pro series has good battery life, great audio, and very comfortable to wear. I've sometimes forgotten I have mine on. I'd really like to see a head to head comparison of the Wave+ and the Pro+ or Pro HD.

If you want a Bluetooth headset with the best quality sound, you should try the Jabra SUPREME. The active noise cancellation is a world's first on a mono headset, and the clarity is superb. By far the best Bluetooth headset i have tried.

I purchased one of those a month ago. Unfortunately, it kept falling off my ear rendering it a PITA. It was returned before the end of the day.

Plantronics Voyager Pro+ has all the features of the Jabra and background noise is almost non-existent. Easy choice.

Looks like crackberry is trying to go the way of Engadget another tech sites. Gone are the days of RIM specific info only. Almost as if Kevin himself has realized that his cash cow is losing steam and starting to advertise for other products is a way to keep the money rolling. Lame.

If you're doing a blog &/or forum on anything that has accessories, most of those are unlikely to be made by the original item's manufacturer. So, according to your thinking, if Jabra, Plantronics, Logitech, etc. make accessories that work with Blackberries, Kevin et al should ignore those accessories because they're not made by RIM? Since when did manufacturers take precedence over the readers, members and subscribers of a site or magazine? I don't care if it's made by RIM; if it's something that might make my Blackberry even better, I want to know how well it does that. And, if RIM makes a lousy phone, I want to know that, too. Without sugar coating.